Nov 16, 2017

provide education for refugee children in Lebanon

Dear friends,

As you know we were devoting during the past few months to occupy the children during their holidays. We entertained them with various non-scholars activities aiming to develop their personal skills.

But this year, the summer holidays were quite different than usual. We worked a lot with the families and with our school network to integrate the children in the national course.

We organized a lot of exams to prove that despite a long time out of school, our children’s abilities and level are better than necessary to integrate a public school.

Meanwhile, we also spent a lot of time to convince the parent (when considered appropriate) that the time as come for their children to leave Insan to integrate a Lebanese school.

Despite the reservations from most parents, they ended up agreeing with us. However, we are not breaking contact with them and their children and will continue to follow them during the next year to provide a psychosocial and homework support. We also helped the parents to find the best local school, according to their means and needs, case by case.

We managed to integrate 52 children in a local school in 2 months.

When the school started again (in September) we decided to use those 52 places to begin 2 new projects:

-          We opened a class for 32 kindergartens (between 5 and 6 years-old)

-          We opened a class for 22 illiterate youths (10 to 15 years-old)

So far those projects are a success, but it’s still the beginning and we need to remain vigilant.

Every year we’re able to help more and more people in needs, and this is only possible with your support.
On behalf of the entire team, we sincerely thank you for your generosity and for your solidarity with the children.

See you soon at Insan School!

Oct 24, 2017

An engaging new step

Dear friends,


With the summer holidays, we decided to slightly adapt our project for this period. 

During those three months, we spent more time on educative activities to prepare the children to go back to school. We also managed some basic learning activities for the youngest to help them to successfully integrate a Lebanese school.

We kept the usual formula, but we spent more attention to the educational activities (learning the alphabet, basic mathematics…) and worked with the families to provide a social and legal support to assist and advise them to enroll their children in a local school, as far as possible.

Meantime, we also develop the psychosocial support. We hired a new psychologist to face the demand and develop the psychological component. We’re aiming to develop this part during the next year, especially by increasing the number of group consultation with the children and the families.

We will also hire a new animator during the next week to develop the play activities. As mentioned in a previous report, we’re hoping to start a theatre workshop with the children.

On behalf of the whole Insan team, we wish to thank you wholeheartedly for providing us with the means of achieving our goals.

Warm regards,


Insan team.

Aug 18, 2017

Provide Education for Refugee Children in Lebanon

Dear friends,

A new scholastic year ended in June and the summer school started immediately after.

It was also the right moment to evaluate ourselves. As mentioned in the previous report, the last year was a giant step forward for the school. We got more student, a better equipment, a new program more adapted to the children and the psychosocial support gained in importance and shows amazing results, like the student’s success during the final exams.

Despite this great achievement, some parts still need to be improved. The main goal of Insan is to help the children to integrate another school, a public or private one, in Lebanon or abroad. Unfortunately the number of children who joined one of our partner schools decreased this year. It’s not a problem in itself, but it can impact the number of beneficiaries that we can reach each year. With an improvement of the general level at the school and the creation of more partnerships between Insan and other schools, we were expecting the opposite. 

This point will become our priority for the next year, with more focus on the family to convince and help them to find a place in a Lebanese school. 

On a different topic, the summer school started in June and will end in September. As usual, we organize different activities to help the children to stay busy during the holidays. That period of the year is quite important for the kids to reconcile with their (frequently violent) past and learn some life skills. We’re organizing sport competitions, music initiations, dance performances… 

 For the psychosocial team, it’s also a good opportunity to spend more time with the families and create a special bond with the children.

Every year we’re able to help more and more people in needs, and this is only possible with your support.

On behalf of the entire team, we sincerely thank you for your generosity and for your solidarity with the children.

See you soon at Insan School!

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