Dec 23, 2019

Tigoung Nonma's Report July - December 2019

Maisonette constructed, reorganisation of kitchen
Maisonette constructed, reorganisation of kitchen
  1. Activities

1.1.  Meetings

  • TN held 3 committee meetings as part of its activities.
  • The organisation attended the initial meetings between the Ministry of Social Action, National Solidarity & Humanitarian Action and Handi-Action as part of the International Day of People with Disabilities on the 3 December 2019.
  • TN members took part in the discussion held during the International Day of People with Disabilities.

1.2.  Mobilisation of Resources

1.2.1.    Subscriptions and New Memberships

  • TN did not gain any new members
  • TN re-registered 8 members who paid their subscriptions of 2000 cfa for the year (£2.60)

1.2.2.    Sales and craft orders

  • TN received an order of 2 toy animals made from calebasse (African bottle gourds. These are vegetables which can be eaten or harvested, dried and used practically).
  • TN received craft orders from its ex-Team Leader, Alice.
  • TN participated in a large craft exhibition organised by Handi-Action.
  • TN took part in the Christmas Market at the International School of Ouagadougou.

1.2.3.    Catering Service Orders

  • From the end of July until the start of December 2019, TN’s Catering Services received orders from Humanity and Inclusion and an order from SP/COMUD.

1.2.4.    Cereal Sale and Equipment Hire

  • There has been limited cereal sale due to the growing competition in the neighbourhood. TN aims to develop sales from its new location.
  • The greatest demand for equipment hire (tables and chairs, possibly speakers, too) is for christenings, funerals and other Christian celebrations.

1.2.5.    Fundraising on GlobalGiving

  • This was low during this period.
  1. Promotion and Advocacy
    • TN is promoting its products and services through meetings with State organisations and NGOs such as Humanity and Inclusion. The organisation distributed its pamphlets and offered its services and to these organisations.
  2. Organisational Development
    • TN received the support of Mode Ethique in Burkina to produce professional membership cards of the Burkina Faso Association of Craftsmen/women for 15 active members of the organisation.
    • TN has planned to award these cards during the ceremony for the presentation of the Peace Prize 2019 trophy, awarded to Zoénabou Savadogo, TN’s Director.
    • The ceremony will take place in TN’s new headquarters in the presence of TN’s members, representatives of the NGO Friends of Burkina Faso and other guests.
  3. Activities for and in the new headquarters
    • TN obtained the Permis Urbain d’Habité (PUH) which is a document definitively stating that the plot of land purchased is owned by Tigoung Nonma.
    • Construction of toilets and a large entrance gate.
    • Construction of a terrace.
    • Construction of a small building and reorganisation/modification of the kitchen.
  4. Projects
    • A project on access to reproductive healthcare for Tigoung Nonma’s female members was compiled and sent to CBM.
    • A project on “Improving the performance of policies and strategies of DSSR in Africa and West Africa and in Central Africa” was sent to AMPIFLY Change.
    • A project for the dressmakers and people specialising in knitting was drawn up and sent to LAFI Burkina
  5. Difficulties
    • Growing insecurity in Burkina Faso
    • Insufficient sale of products
    • TN has insufficient funding to financially help its members in vulnerable situations.
  6. Results
    • TN sold crafts, received and facilitated craft orders and catering service orders.
    • Some members were paid.
    • TN paid for some of its operations
    • The fundraising on Global Giving meant that TN was able to pay the taxes to get the PUH, to carry out certain renovations, to purchase materials (e.g. gate, doors, windows, sheets of corrugated metal for the roofs).
  7. Looking ahead
    • Obtain funds, food supplies, clothes, shoes and school kit to support members and their children
    • Acquire mobility equipment needed by some of the members (wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks)
    • Raise money in order to complete the building and modifications already underway on their property, including the installation of electricity and water.
    • Continue to work to promote Tigoung Nonma
  8. Conclusion

TN finally received the PUH which granted them full ownership of their plot of land and the building for their headquarters.

TN remains determined to work for the improvement of the socio-economic conditions of their members despite the difficult conditions throughout Burkina Faso; unfortunately, they have limited means with which to surmount all of these problems

Note from Alice:

A fundraising evening was held on the 2nd November 2019 in collaboration with UK charity LAFI Burkina, who partner with Tigoung Nonma. During the lead up to the event £1,350.14  was raised on GlobalGiving, which was thanks to the kindness of new and seasoned donors. I also completed 2 commissioned paintings during this time, 100% of the proceeds of which went to the project.  The evening was part of Reading International Festival and thanks to Melissa of LAFI Burkina we were able to screen a fascinating film about Art, Politics and Music in Burkina Faso called 'Burkinabé Rising'. There was also live music and a buffet. 

A further £255 has been transferred via Western Union to some of Tigoung Nonma's craftsmen and women for items sold at the fundraiser and at other fairs and £213.72 has recently been transferred to GlobalGiving from this event.

Finally, I have completed 3 commissioned pencil sketches, donations for which were put on GlobalGiving.


Construction of a terrace
Construction of a terrace
Construction of toilets, fixture of doors and gate
Construction of toilets, fixture of doors and gate
Members meeting about business cards
Members meeting about business cards
Permis Urbain D'habiter
Permis Urbain D'habiter
Jul 15, 2019

Tigoung Nonma: Report from the Field

2 reps from Ministry of Commerce and Craft Work
2 reps from Ministry of Commerce and Craft Work

Tigoung Nonma Report

April 2019 - July 2019



TN holds meetings every month. The organisation also attends meetings to which its members are invited. Some of TN’s female members and other women known to the co-operative have created an association solely for women: The Association for the Development of Disabled Women (L’Association pour le Développement des Femmes HandicapéesADFH). 

From 20-21 June 2019, the Minister for Women invited ADFH to join a panel which, over 48 hours, promoted business opportunities and investment opportunities for female entrepreneurs. This event was organised by the Ministry of Women, National Solidarity and Humanitarian Action (Le Ministère de la Femme, de la Solidarité et l’Action Humanitaire).

TN also invited the Director of Women’s Economic Independence (L’Autonomisation Economique de la Femme) to come to see the TN Catering Service in action; one of her representatives came to see them at work. 

Sales and Craft Orders

TN is currently collaborating with an organisation called CABES (Commerce et Artisanat pour le Bien-Etre Social) and received 3 orders for soft toys and various styles of hats, all made with an African-printed fabric called Danfani.

TN also received orders via WhatsApp for some key rings, puzzles etc. 

Catering Service Orders 

From April to July 2019, TN ‘s Catering Service received 10 orders, 9 of which were from Humanity et Inclusion (previously Handicap International) and 1 was from the Office of the Multisectoral Committee for People with Disabilities (Secrétariat Permanent du Comité Multisectoriel du Handicap) 

Promotion and Advocacy 

  • TN is promoting its products through meetings and discussions with public organisations and NGOs and has provided them with information and leaflets about TN crafts and services. 
  • TN met with the Ministry of Arts, Crafts and Business in order to raise awareness of TN and to take advantage of any support they might be able to provide.
  • A group of former TN volunteers, ‘Seed of Hope for Africa’, helped TN to reorganise its Art and Craft works and they helped to promote the organisation on social networks. 

Progress with the renovation and development of TN’s new premises – their Headquarters, Workshop and Shop

At the new headquarters, in order to provide security, work has been carried out to build up the walls around property and to install a gate.

Donation received from International Service (IS)

On 27 May, when International Service Burkina sadly closed, TN was given some of its equipment, listed below:

  • a small and a large display/shelving unit.
  • 2 chairs
  • 1 table
  • a small cupboard
  • a laptop

New Project

TN is in the process of drafting an updating proposal for its dressmakers and weavers which will be submitted to the charity LAFI Burkina.


  • Burkina Faso is becoming increasingly unsafe
  • Product sales remain insufficient
  • TN has inadequate financial means to support all the members of the cooperative to carry out activities alongside craftwork.

Results and Impact

  • TN received and fulfilled Catering Service orders and craft orders.
  • TN is now known at a national level.
  • TN will submit a request for Dafani cloth for the artisans who work with fabric
  • Computer work has now been facilitated at TN.

The results of all of these activities have enabled TN to remunerate some of its members and to pay for some of its basic running costs: water, electricity, fuel, telephone. 

Future Prospects and Needs

  • Acquire funding to support members with microprojects.
  • Acquire more mobility equipment (wheelchairs, walking sticks, crutches)
  • Gain funding to construct workshops and catering facilities in the headquarters
  • Continue to strive to promote TN’s work


We, at TN, remain dynamic, determined and courageous in our efforts to ensure the well-being of our members, despite the challenges that we face.  I would like to urge our members to remain resilient and to continue to persevere in everything they do.

We offer our sincere thanks to all our partners, to all those who have contributed and continue to supporter us via GlobalGiving, and to our customers. We send our very best wishes to you all.

Madame Sawadogo/Savadogo


Eva modelling the sunhats :)
Eva modelling the sunhats :)
With the Minister for Women
With the Minister for Women
A Director visiting Catering Service
A Director visiting Catering Service
Puzzles :)
Puzzles :)
Catering Service Ladies
Catering Service Ladies
Some Healthy Cuisine :)
Some Healthy Cuisine :)
Apr 10, 2019

Our ongoing fight to improve our living conditions

At the awards ceremony
At the awards ceremony

1. Meetings

Tigoung Nonma (TN) has held monthly meetings which included both the Executive and General Committees in order to plan and carry out activities and to report the results of these activities to members. TN also participated in meetings held by the government and other NGOs.

2. Official Honours

On Tuesday 8 January 2019, TN was invited by the Ministry of Women, Family and National Solidarity to receive official awards for the various actions it has taken to contribute towards the well-being of people living with disabilities in general and, in particular, that of its members.

3. Craft Sales and Orders 

  • Some members of the co-operative received orders for hand-stitched teddy bears.
  • TN received an order for various art and craft works from a French tourist.
  • TN received some revenue from craft sales in the UK (following the UK fundraiser in November.)

4. The Eléanore Couldiaty Commemorative Fund

In February, the NGO International Service (which used to partner with TN) set up a small fund of 90 000 CFA (about £120) in memory of International Service Burkina's late Director, Eléonore, who sadly passed away in July 2018. This fund will provide grants to help women and those living with physical disabilities to become more independent. 

TN applied for a grant for the purchase of equipment for the Catering Service which was approved. They were able to buy a double stove and a 12 KG bottle of gas in order to facilitate large orders.

5. Catering Service Orders

From January to March 2019, TN received 3 orders from the NGO Humanity and Inclusion and from the State. This enabled TN to make some profit and to provide income for those involved.

6. Permit for Urban Habitation (PUH) for TN’s Plot

Since TN’s land purchase, TN has completed the necessary procedures in order to obtain the PUH.

The last stage was to pay tax of 500 000 F CFA (roughly £660). After the payment, we were informed that it may take several months before the permit is processed.

7. The Difficulties We Face

The insecurity of the country has paralysed all of TN’s activities.

  • It has impacted craft sales 
  • Some members fear leaving their homes to participate in any activities in general, and in particular TN’s activities
  • The cooperative has not participated in FESPACO (This is a huge West African film festival, which used to be a great opportunity to sell).

8. Results and Impact

The profits from the Catering Service meant that TN was able to pay the members who participated and that TN was able to cover their expenditure (electricity, water, rent, wages etc).

9. Conclusion:

Despite the immense difficulty that the whole of Burkina Faso is now facing in terms of insecurity, on the ground, TN’s leaders are fighting relentlessly to improve the living conditions of its members and to maintain the sustainability of TN .

10. UK-based Fundraisers:

In November we organised a fundraising evening as was mentioned in the last report. £1,180 was raised towards the construction project and we sold £107 worth of Art and Craft objects. It was a fantastic night which was only made possible by friends and family being kind enough to volunteer their time, energy and expertise. A huge thank you to everyone who came to support the event.

The founder of LAFI (Lasting Action for Inclusion) and Alice are organising another fundraiser for this November. It will consist of a film-showing and will take place during Reading’s International Festival.



Les activités menées

1      Les rencontres et réunions 

TN a tenu des rencontres mensuelles de bureau exécutif et du comité pour planifier, exécuter des activités et rendre compte de ces activités menées aux membres.

Elle a également participé à des rencontres organisées par le gouvernement, des ONG, etc .

2       Décoration de TN

Le mardi 08 janvier 2019, Tigoung Nonma a été conviée au Ministère de la Femme et de la Solidarité Nationale et de la Famille(MFSNF) pour recevoir des honneurs à travers ses différentes actions pour le bien être des personnes vivant avec un handicap en général et en particulier celles de ses membres.

3     Vente et Commandes d’artisanat

Des membres de TN ont bénéficié de deux commandes des peluches (animaux cousus) ;

TN a reçu une commande des différentes œuvres d’une touriste venant de la France ;

TN a reçu de l’argent de la vente de ses œuvres en Angleterre ( par Alice) .

4      Le projet Fonds Commémoratif d’Eléonore Couldiaty (FCEC)

En février, International Service a lancé un projet de petite subvention de quatre-vingt-dix mille francs C FA ( 90 000)Pour L’Autonomisation des Femmes et des Personnes Handicapées, Burkina Faso , pour commémorer en la mémoire de Eléonore Couldiaty, ex directrice de IS Burkina , décédée en juillet 2018TN a participé avec un projet d’achat d’équipement pour son service traiteur son projet a été approuvé. Voir les photos ci-dessous(Le double foyer n°30 et une bouteille de gaz de 12 KG) pour pouvoir exécuter des grosses commandes.

5      Commandes de service traiteur

De janvier à mars 2019, TN a reçu trois commandes venant de l’ONG Humanité et Inclusion et de l’Etat. Cette activité a permis à TN de réaliser de bénéfice afin de pouvoir rémunérer les participantes.

6     Permis Urbain d’Habité (PUH) de la parcelle de TN

Depuis l’achat de la parcelle de TN, nous avons effectué des démarches auprès du guichet Unique pour l’obtention du PUH.

Nous avons effectué la dernière étape pour l’obtention du PUH qui était de payer une somme de taxe qui s’élève à cinq cent mille (500 000) F CFA. Après le payement, on nous a fait savoir que le processus peut prendre quelques mois après qu’on nous livre le PUH.

7     Les difficultés rencontrées

L’insécurité du pays a paralysé toutes les activités de TN :

  • Sur les ventes des œuvres ;
  • La peur de certains membres de sortir de chez eux pour participer aux activités de façon générale et en particulier celles de TN ;
  • Sur sa participation au FESPACO 2019 ;

8     Résultats et Impacts

Les bénéfices des différentes commandes de service traiteur ont permis de rémunérer les membres qui ont participé et de prendre en charge les dépenses (l’électricité, l’eau, le loyer, salaires, etc.) de TN.

9     Conclusion

Malgré les difficultés que rencontre le Burkina Faso en matière d’insécurité, les responsables de TN se bat sans relâche pour améliorer les conditions de vie de ses membres et de maintenir la durabilité de TN.

10   Collecte de Fonds en Angleterre

En Novembre 2018 nous avons organisé une soirée de collecte de fonds qui a été mentionée dans le dernier rapport. Nous avons pu collecter £1,180 (environ 896,746.39 FCFA) pour le projet de construction et nous avons vendu des œuvres artisanales s’élevant à £107 (environ 81,347.82). C’était génial et a pu avoir lieu grace à la gentillesse et l’engagement de mes amis et de ma famille. Un grand merci à tout le monde qui est venu soutenir l’évènement.

La femme qui a créé l’organisation LAFI (Lasting Action for Inclusion) et moi (Alice) sommes en train d’organiser une autre collecte de fonds pour Novembre 2019. Nous allons monter un film Burkinabé pendant un Festival International qui aura lieu à Reading (une grande ville pas loin de Londres).

Medal of honour
Medal of honour
TN Presidents: Abas and Zoenabou
TN Presidents: Abas and Zoenabou
Note from the President of Burkina Faso
Note from the President of Burkina Faso
Ladies running the catering service
Ladies running the catering service
Relaxing in the shade
Relaxing in the shade
Catering Equipment
Catering Equipment
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