Nov 23, 2020

Project report & COVID-19 response April-October

Aid and Save helping with donation for electricity
Aid and Save helping with donation for electricity
  1. Introduction

From 18 March until 2 May 2020, Tigoung Nonma was closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic in Burkina Faso.

Worried for the future of its members, and the need to support them during this difficult period, TN sent COVID-19 projects to the UK charity LAFI Burkina and the organisations Friends of Burkina Faso and GlobalGiving.

Thanks to the goodwill of many, and to several activities led by TN, after the lockdown period and together with several of its partners, TN made a significant contribution to the improvement of food supplies and to the fight against COVID-19 among its members. TN received funding from Friends of Burkina Faso in relation to the prize it was awarded: the ‘Friends of Burkina Faso Award for Peace 2019’.

 TN received funding from donors on GlobalGiving which has not yet been spent.

TN has been through a difficult time faced with the loss of two of its members.

  1. Activities

2.1  Meetings

  • Few committee meetings were held due to the Coronavirus pandemic. TN was closed from 18 March until the start of May.
  • Partnership meetings took place with CABES/GIE - Commerce et Artisanat pour le Bien-Etre Social (Business and Crafts for Social Well-being)
  • Meeting and discussions were held with a team from CFAO Motors with the aim of setting up a partnership with TN’s dressmakers.
  • TN participated in a training session organised by CABES.
  • On the 10 October, TN participated in a workshop on the theme of Menstrual Hygiene Management. This issue must be communicated effectively to fight against the consequences that girls and women experience in their communities. This workshop was organised by GIE/CABES.

2.2  Donations/funding

                 Mobilisation of Internal Funds

  • TN received 14 Catering Service orders from, for the most part, Humanité et Inclusion and the Coopération Italienne de Développement. There was a total income of $4,112.35, a total expenditure of $3298.92 and a total profit of $813.43.

                   Craft Sales

  • In Mai 2020, TN received an order to make 1000 face-masks in a woven, Burkinabé, cotton fabric called ‘Faso Danfani’; these were to include the logo of the Coopération Italienne de Dévelopment who paid $1,353.48 for the order. Five of TN’s Dressmakers and 1 Calligrapher/Printmaker fulfilled this order. 80% of the total amount ($1,082.78) was split between the six craftsmen and women and 20% ($270.70) went back into the running of the headquarters.
  • Several sales of TN crafts in England were made by Alice through the online craft market place “Etsy”. These included 2 bronze figurines, a doll, two keyrings and some items of jewellery.

Equipment Hire

  • The hiring out of tables, chairs and tents generated a sum of $40.60

Total amount received from Friends of Burkina Faso: $2000. This represents the donation given for the FBF Award for Peace 2019/2020.

Total amount received from LAFI Burkina : $1,302.51 and $410.87. This was for the fight against COVID 19 and the food crisis members are experiencing.

Amounts received from GlobalGiving:

  • 31/08/2020: $269.52
  • 14/08/2020: $4,963.46
  • 04/05/2020: $315.27

Total amount received from GlobalGiving: $5,546.86

  1. Members’ Professional Development

A total of 20 members had their photos taken for their professional artisan business cards. This service was offered by CABES.

  1. Advocating for the Rights of People with Disabilities

Discussion on Inclusive Education

On 20 October 2020, TN held a discussion on inclusive education with TN’s members and the parents of pupils. This initiative was funded by Humanité et Inclusion who paid TN approximately $179.53.

The discussion was led by two TN members, Léonie and Issouf, who had themselves participated in a training workshop on inclusive education. The aim of the workshop was to raise awareness among parents and TN members of the vital need to advocate for the inclusion of disabled children within the education system. Those involved were helped to realise the importance of an inclusive education to enable young people living with a disability to thrive within society.

25 people joined this session.

  1. Grants received for work carried out during Covid-19

The following organisations supported TN during the pandemic:

                 i.          CABES/GIE

On 9 April 2020 TN received a pharmacy package from CABES with 10 masks, 1 container of disinfectant, a bundle of medication and a red cross bag.

               ii.          Seed for Hope

On 18 April TN received 2 containers of handwash, a container of disinfectant and 10 facemasks. This gesture meant that TN was able to support 15 of TN’s most vulnerable members.

TN’s Assistants

  • There are in total 5 people who help TN and its members with their activities.

Money Transfer

  • TN transferred money to 3 members, a total sum of $22.17, through Orange Money. This enabled these members to pay for food and soap.

               iii.          FENABF (Fédération Nationale des Artisans du Burkina Faso)

  • TN received a 50kg sack of rice

              iv.          ABIPA/CBM (Association Burkinabé pour Inclusion des Personnes Albinos)

  • TN received handwash, 25kg of rice, a 5 litre container of disinfectant, 10 packets of spaghetti, 9 alcoholic hand gels plus 1 x 5 litre container of hand gel and a plastic bucket.

Together, these donations were used to support the 12 members who came to have their professional artisan business cards made.

               v.          Aid & Save

  • On 11 September 2020, TN received a grant of $182 from Aid and Save. This will go towards the installation of electricity at TN’s new headquarters.

              vi.          LAFI Burkina : (2nd lot of funding)

TN received approximately $414.21 from LAFI which permitted:

  • the purchase of food packages: 32 x 5kg packets of macaroni, 22 x 1L containers of cooking oil and a box of CITEC soap. These packages were distributed amongst 25 members during the discussion about inclusive education.
  • the purchase of pay-as-you-go telephone units to allow members to contact each other regarding distribution of packages

TN served food to members on the occasion of giving of these packages to members.

  1. Beneficiaries of the project

Direct beneficiaries

  • TN’s members and assistants who help coordinate TN’s activities.

Indirect beneficiaries of the project

  • Members’ children, members’ families, people living with a disability in the community.
  1. Results achieved
  • Every member has received a food package: a 25 kg sac of rice, 2kg of sugar, 3 bars of soap and 90 cl of cooking oil.
  • 47 members have received food packages soap
  • 5 of TN’s assistants have received food packages and soap
  • 25 of TN’s members have learned about the importance of inclusive education
  • 5 organisations have supported TN during the Coronavirus pandemic
  • 80 members have benefited from LAFI Burkina’s grant
  • TN has contributed to the improvement of its members’ food supplies
  • TN supported its members’ fight against Corona Virus
  • 3 members in the countryside received money to pay for their food and soap
  • The food provision of members was improved
  • Handwashing to fight COVID was introduced
  1. Difficulties faced
  • Coronavirus is in Burkina Faso which meant that activities had to stop during March and April.
  • Poor product sales
  • The difficulty of contacting some members by phone to give out food and Covid-19 protection kits
  • The total non-compliance of social distancing and the wearing of face masks by some members
  • Of the 52 active members, TN was able to contact 50, 3 of whom live in the countryside.
  • Flooding in certain areas of Ouagadougou, in particular at Zoénabou’s family home.
  1. Sad News
  • TN sadly lost two members: Adeline and Amado. May their souls rest in peace.
  1. Looking Ahead

TN plans to:

  • use the funding from GlobalGiving for the next stages in the project
  • send a summary of all the money spent with the funding received from GlobalGiving
  • continue to purchase and distribute food packages and Covid-19 protection kits for TN’s members and assistants
  • produce a new project application to Friends of Burkina Faso
  • continue to mobilise funding to complete the construction of the new headquarters
  • continue to promote Tigoung Nonma.
  1. Conclusion

We would like to give our sincere apologies for the delay in sending this report which was for reasons outside of our control.

Despite the difficult conditions across Burkina Faso and at TN (concerns for security and the Coronavirus pandemic) we remain determined to help our members to improve their lives and their socio-economic situation. To achieve this, we ask our members not to drop their guard at all as Covid-19 remains a serious threat; they must not become discouraged as they work for their daily bread.

We would like to thank all our partners, our donors on GobalGiving, our customers and, in particular, our ex-voluntary Team Leader, Alice McGonnell, and the members of Friends of Burkina Faso who continue to support us. 

(All currency is an approximate conversion into US dollars from CFA).

Member of TN with a food package
Member of TN with a food package
Zoenabou on her way to distribute food
Zoenabou on her way to distribute food
Another member of TN with a food package
Another member of TN with a food package
Members at Tigoung Nonma
Members at Tigoung Nonma
Business card photos being done
Business card photos being done
Catering Service in action
Catering Service in action
Crafting masks
Crafting masks
Handmade face masks
Handmade face masks
Receiving a food package and soap
Receiving a food package and soap
Mar 19, 2020

Activity report: January - March 2020

Zoenabou receiving cheque from Friends of Burkina
Zoenabou receiving cheque from Friends of Burkina

1.1 Meetings

Tigoung Nonma has:

  • Held 5 committee meetings : to prepare its plan of action 2020-2022, to prepare catering service orders, to present the outcomes of activities carried out, to discuss the current situation in Burkina Faso and to find solutions for our members.
  • Taken part in 2 meetings held by the Ministry of Women and Solidarity, Family and Humanitarian Action as part of International Women’s day.
  • Given that craft sales were poor , TN held a general assembly for discussion with its members  to understand their training needs in entrepreneurship in order to support them to carry out this individual activity which could give them a source of revenue. 
  • Held 2 preparatory meetings with the vice president of Friends of Burkina Faso to organise the award ceremony for TN’s director.  

1.2 Raising internal funds:

1.2.1 Catering Service Orders

From January until the middle of March, TN received 7 Catering service orders.

1.2.2 Craft Sales

One order for 3 leather bags from the UK and some TN sales.

1.2.3 Equipment Hire

TN hired out 90 of their chairs, 2 tents and 10 tables.

1.2.4 Cereal Sale

TN sold 6 sacks of corn/maize and 1 sack of millet.

1.3 Award ceremony

Friends of Burkina Faso (FBF) organised a ceremony for the Peace Trophy to be awarded to the director of Tigoung Nonma. This ceremony took place in TN’s new headquarters.

Mme Zoénabou Savadogo during her speech after receiving the prize, dedicated it to all of her co-workers (TN’s members). For her, this honour/ prize gives her the motivation to persevere in her efforts to work for the well being of all of TN’s members.

She thanks her parents, the ex-technical assistant, the  past team leaders, the past volunteers, and the technical and financial partners who have all helped and supported her to achieve this success. 

Official business cards were also given on this day to the president of TN, Abas, for 15 beneficiaries. 

Tribute was also paid to the ex-president of Friends of Burkina Faso, Feu Mickael Lavoie whose wife accepted a trophy at the ceremony on behalf of her late husband. 

1.4 Members’ professional development


TN and 2 managers from ‘Entrepreneur du Monde’ and its project EMERGENCE, held a meeting at TN with a view to find ways to support members with training and entrepreneurial activities in order to allow them to carry out activities to generate money alongside their principal activity: crafts.

1.4.2 Meeting with TN members to understand training and entrepreneurial needs

Of all members invited, 21 members came to the meeting. Through fear of security problems and of the disease CORONAVIRUS, many did not come.

The entrepreneurial needs agreed with members present according to their area of business/expertise are as follows:

From the catering service: 05 members ; Livestock farming : 05 ; DIY/hardware : 01 member ; screen printing/calligraphy : 01 member ; sale of bronzeware : 01 member ; other business activities : diverse goods : 02 members ; sale of woven, cotton fabric : 01 member ; Marketing : 03 members ; Sale of shoes, handbags , pures : 01 member. 

II Résults

  • The profits generated from income generating activities have enabled TN  to pay its members and to pay for certain running costs (rent, internet, telephone, petrol.) 
  • The work of TN was also promoted.

III Difficulties faced

  • Increasing insecurity in Burkina Faso
  • Coronavirus is in Burkina Faso where TN’s activities have been halted.
  • Insufficient product sales.
  • Increasing fear amongst members faced with the current situation in Burkina Faso.

VI Outlook

  • Generate funding to support the members to get through this difficult period which is affecting the whole country, in particular, disabled people, our members:
  • We still hope to generate funding to complete some renovations at the new headquarters (toilets, workshops, cereal store, painting, washing up area, install electricity and water).
  • Move into the new headquarters as soon as possible to reduce running costs (rent).
  • Continue  to raise awareness of TN.

V Conclusion

To help our members find other income sources, members must be trained in a skill of their choice, and individually supported through microfinance in order to find new ways of earning, alongside the crafts they already design and produce. 

TN remains determined to work for the improvement of socio-economic conditions of its members but currently, the difficult conditions across Burkina Faso (Security and Corona virus or Kovid-19) are eroding this determination.

We thank all our partners, our donors on GlobalGiving and the clients who have contributed to the well-being of TN.

Finally, we ask for the willingness of our partners and our donors to support us to complete our headquarters in order to finally make the move there. 

Note from Alice:

From the UK, we participated in one local craft sale in February and have registered to sell at one in May and one in June. Sales were poor in Feburary and I sent £50 to TN which was given to the designers concerned. The fear of CORONA VIRUS is effecting people worldwide and for those whose lives have already been severely affected by the polio pandemic, I imagine this fear runs deep. Fundraising will continue and I continue to search for ways to help Tigoung Nonma. 

What is the Peace Prize? 

The peace Prize is a prestigious award given to one person in Burkina Faso who has significantly contributed in some way. It is to recognize these contributions at "...all levels, to provide support and motivation to these individuals and to raise powerful examples of good works for others to see and from which to be inspired".

What is the prize?

Zoénabou received a beautiful, handcrafted, bronze trophy and a cheque for $2000 which can be given to a charitable cause of her choice. Zoénabou chose to donate the money to Tigoung Nonma. 

Reception of the Peace Prize
Reception of the Peace Prize
President Abas receiving business cards
President Abas receiving business cards
Trophy in honour of Feu Mickael Lavoie
Trophy in honour of Feu Mickael Lavoie
Meeting with some members
Meeting with some members
Dec 23, 2019

Tigoung Nonma's Report July - December 2019

Maisonette constructed, reorganisation of kitchen
Maisonette constructed, reorganisation of kitchen
  1. Activities

1.1.  Meetings

  • TN held 3 committee meetings as part of its activities.
  • The organisation attended the initial meetings between the Ministry of Social Action, National Solidarity & Humanitarian Action and Handi-Action as part of the International Day of People with Disabilities on the 3 December 2019.
  • TN members took part in the discussion held during the International Day of People with Disabilities.

1.2.  Mobilisation of Resources

1.2.1.    Subscriptions and New Memberships

  • TN did not gain any new members
  • TN re-registered 8 members who paid their subscriptions of 2000 cfa for the year (£2.60)

1.2.2.    Sales and craft orders

  • TN received an order of 2 toy animals made from calebasse (African bottle gourds. These are vegetables which can be eaten or harvested, dried and used practically).
  • TN received craft orders from its ex-Team Leader, Alice.
  • TN participated in a large craft exhibition organised by Handi-Action.
  • TN took part in the Christmas Market at the International School of Ouagadougou.

1.2.3.    Catering Service Orders

  • From the end of July until the start of December 2019, TN’s Catering Services received orders from Humanity and Inclusion and an order from SP/COMUD.

1.2.4.    Cereal Sale and Equipment Hire

  • There has been limited cereal sale due to the growing competition in the neighbourhood. TN aims to develop sales from its new location.
  • The greatest demand for equipment hire (tables and chairs, possibly speakers, too) is for christenings, funerals and other Christian celebrations.

1.2.5.    Fundraising on GlobalGiving

  • This was low during this period.
  1. Promotion and Advocacy
    • TN is promoting its products and services through meetings with State organisations and NGOs such as Humanity and Inclusion. The organisation distributed its pamphlets and offered its services and to these organisations.
  2. Organisational Development
    • TN received the support of Mode Ethique in Burkina to produce professional membership cards of the Burkina Faso Association of Craftsmen/women for 15 active members of the organisation.
    • TN has planned to award these cards during the ceremony for the presentation of the Peace Prize 2019 trophy, awarded to Zoénabou Savadogo, TN’s Director.
    • The ceremony will take place in TN’s new headquarters in the presence of TN’s members, representatives of the NGO Friends of Burkina Faso and other guests.
  3. Activities for and in the new headquarters
    • TN obtained the Permis Urbain d’Habité (PUH) which is a document definitively stating that the plot of land purchased is owned by Tigoung Nonma.
    • Construction of toilets and a large entrance gate.
    • Construction of a terrace.
    • Construction of a small building and reorganisation/modification of the kitchen.
  4. Projects
    • A project on access to reproductive healthcare for Tigoung Nonma’s female members was compiled and sent to CBM.
    • A project on “Improving the performance of policies and strategies of DSSR in Africa and West Africa and in Central Africa” was sent to AMPIFLY Change.
    • A project for the dressmakers and people specialising in knitting was drawn up and sent to LAFI Burkina
  5. Difficulties
    • Growing insecurity in Burkina Faso
    • Insufficient sale of products
    • TN has insufficient funding to financially help its members in vulnerable situations.
  6. Results
    • TN sold crafts, received and facilitated craft orders and catering service orders.
    • Some members were paid.
    • TN paid for some of its operations
    • The fundraising on Global Giving meant that TN was able to pay the taxes to get the PUH, to carry out certain renovations, to purchase materials (e.g. gate, doors, windows, sheets of corrugated metal for the roofs).
  7. Looking ahead
    • Obtain funds, food supplies, clothes, shoes and school kit to support members and their children
    • Acquire mobility equipment needed by some of the members (wheelchairs, crutches, walking sticks)
    • Raise money in order to complete the building and modifications already underway on their property, including the installation of electricity and water.
    • Continue to work to promote Tigoung Nonma
  8. Conclusion

TN finally received the PUH which granted them full ownership of their plot of land and the building for their headquarters.

TN remains determined to work for the improvement of the socio-economic conditions of their members despite the difficult conditions throughout Burkina Faso; unfortunately, they have limited means with which to surmount all of these problems

Note from Alice:

A fundraising evening was held on the 2nd November 2019 in collaboration with UK charity LAFI Burkina, who partner with Tigoung Nonma. During the lead up to the event £1,350.14  was raised on GlobalGiving, which was thanks to the kindness of new and seasoned donors. I also completed 2 commissioned paintings during this time, 100% of the proceeds of which went to the project.  The evening was part of Reading International Festival and thanks to Melissa of LAFI Burkina we were able to screen a fascinating film about Art, Politics and Music in Burkina Faso called 'Burkinabé Rising'. There was also live music and a buffet. 

A further £255 has been transferred via Western Union to some of Tigoung Nonma's craftsmen and women for items sold at the fundraiser and at other fairs and £213.72 has recently been transferred to GlobalGiving from this event.

Finally, I have completed 3 commissioned pencil sketches, donations for which were put on GlobalGiving.


Construction of a terrace
Construction of a terrace
Construction of toilets, fixture of doors and gate
Construction of toilets, fixture of doors and gate
Members meeting about business cards
Members meeting about business cards
Permis Urbain D'habiter
Permis Urbain D'habiter
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