Feb 13, 2019

Celebrating Being Deaf

Mexico's National Day of the Deaf - November 28th

The Day That Is Truly Their Own

 A special day to recognize and celebrate their Deafness. A day when young and old who are Deaf are honored. Those close to them, family and friends, come together to collectively celebrate the Deaf culture and share what that uniqueness means to each of them. There is gratitude for Mexican Sign Language, the history of Deafness in Mexico, the gathering of a diverse group of people who recognize their abilities, applaud their accomplishments, and celebrate their successes. A day when they have the opportunity to teach others, those that are hearing, what it means to them to be Deaf.

This wonderfully successful event, held at El Sindicato in San Miguel de Allende and attended by over 120 people, many coming from Mexico City and León, Gto., was totally planned by Directora Juaniz Garcia with the assistance of her teachers and staff. Great job Juaniz, your love and light shines through!

The children and young adults were in their element, loving every moment. We felt grateful to be a part of it all and to help celebrate each of them. 

Directora Juaniz and Maestra Olga Provide Interpretation to Students and Others

Juaniz has made it her mission to bring the students out into the public forum to experience life outside the school walls, preparing them for an adulthood of self assurance and independence, without fear of judgement or negativity; no small task. She accomplished all this and more by encouraging the students to participate in many public events during the past few months through the demonstration of their language, Mexican Sign Language. Considering the smiles on so many faces, it was all positive.  

The importance of Sign Language and what it means to a Deaf person to have someone to interpret Spanish to Mexican Sign Language is immeasurable to that person. Olga and Juaniz both took to the big stage on several occasions the past Holiday Season to be sure that the students, and others who are Deaf, understood the message being delivered. We all are very fortunate to have them at EEESMA and we want them to know how very much we appreciate them. Thank you ladies! 


Nov 19, 2018

Celebrating School Term #7 and New Chess Classes

6 Years Under Our Belt - Year #7 Begins
6 Years Under Our Belt - Year #7 Begins
Proudly, Our 7th Year Begins
August brought students together with great purpose and promise. The new school year witnessed many older students poised to graduate, others advancing to higher levels and several more joining EEESMA for the first time to learn Mexican Sign Language and much, much more.
Chess Classes
 A child who is introduced to chess at a young age is likely to do better in school for years to come. Research shows that playing chess improves a child's thinking, problem-solving, reading, and math scores. Educators and chess experts generally agree the second grade is the ideal time to introduce children to chess, although some as young as four or five may be ready to learn and play.
Steven Cohen, volunteer in the EEESMA carpentry workshop, loves chess and wanted to share his passion of the game with all the students. He also knew how much they would benefit from both learning and playing. Recruiting the help of the local San Miguel Chess Club, and along with the teachers and other volunteers, chess classes at EEESMA were born.
The chess classes are scheduled to take place once a week and all look forward to the fun and brain exercise! Thank you Steven for introducing a new dimension of learning and enjoyment for all.
Abril loving chess
Abril loving chess
Angelica learning the moves
Angelica learning the moves


Aug 24, 2018

Learning What You Love

Although school may be out for the summer, Laura and Fernanda never tired in their desire to learn new things, especially when it involves one of their favourite pastimes, learning to sew and embroider. During the early part of August, and before the school opened for the new school year, they attended school for a week to take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about fashion design, pattern making and sewing. Most everyone else, teachers and students alike, were at home resting up and enjoying their summer break while waiting for the new fall term to start, but Laura and Fernanda knew they had more they wished to learn! 

Accomplished designer, Aurelio Garcia Selgado, made a trip from Irapuato to tutor both young women, offer his advice and pass along valuable skills and techniques. As you will see from the photos, the result was two very well designed and trendy dresses styled for young women of Laura and Fernanda's age group. Dresses they would enjoy wearing themselves and they knew others would love to wear also. Their future goals include a career in fashion design which involves learning the process from start to finish and creating the designs with their own hands. This is a lofty goal indeed! These two young women know how to dream big!

At the end of each regular school day after academic classes are finished, Laura and Fernanda have also been studying sewing in one of three Vocational Training Workshops offered at EEE. The sewing workshop has been a means for Laura and Fernanda and their classmates to learn valuable job skills to prepare them for employment in the outside hearing world . 

Their big dreams didn't start with fashion design however. Laura and Fernanda, along with other classmates, are very near completion of their on-line high school courses at Escuela de Educación Especial de San Miguel de Allende and will receive their graduation diplomas in a few short months. Both have been studying diligently and with the help of dedicated teachers, who explain and guide their lessons in Mexican Sign Language and written Spanish, will achieve something that few who are Deaf in Mexico ever achieve; they will graduate high school! 

It is through the generousity of donors like you that Laura and Fernanda have been able to pursue their dreams of achieving a good level of education as well as learning how to begin to prepare for a career in fashion design. Thank you to all who have helped them and others at the school. You are offering hope and inspiration to young people who are Deaf; helping them to be all they can be and allowing them to learn what they love.


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