Apr 21, 2020

Still Offering Help to Animals in Difficult Times

All across the nation it's the same story, there is difficulty everywhere and everyone is trying to do the best they can to make a difficult situation easier.  Here, at the Humane Society of Dallas, we're trying to do the best we can for the animals still in our care. 

Right now donations are down which comes at an even more difficult time for animal care workers, since it is puppy and kitten season.  Therefore, in addition to the concerns our staff must face, such as providing medical, food, and supplies, we're also concerned with the intake and care of the influx of puppies and kittens to our shelter.  

We have always relied and depended on the dedication of our donors, who have always provided for the needs of our shelter.  During this time, we're asking for your remarkable assistance in order to continue to provide for the intake of young animals as we well as the ones already in shelter.

Right now, even though the city is shut down, animal care and the influx of young dogs and cats is the norm for our shelter.  However, we're not getting the foot traffic we normally would and our reliance on our dedicated donors to remember us during this time is paramount.

This is the time when your help and support is critical to our continued efforts toward animal care.  We need your help, your support, and your considerations during this difficult time.

Any donation is appreciated and all donations provide for our animals.  We want to boldly ask if you'll consider a donation of support.  Can our animals depend on you as they always have? 

With a donation of $10, $20, or $50 your impact can change the outlook for one animal.

Stay safe, take care, be well, and please remember our furry friends need support too while we wait for this to pass.

Jan 24, 2020

New Year Brings New Opportunities

2019 was a good year for our shelter!

We had over 550 adoptions last year of both cats and dogs! So many deserving animals have had their lives changed because your donations made it possible!!

Your contributions fed them, treated their medical conditions, provided them with vaccinations, and their much needed spay/neuter.

One of the more costly proceedures we routinely take on is hearworm treatment for dogs that have tested positive. For a dog that's not fixed, has no microchip or shots, and is also heartworm positive, the cost, per animal, is daunting and is not recovered in their adoption.

With adoptions typically running from $100 - $200, all the standard medical costs we take on for an animal, plus any additional medical expenses like heartworm treatment, our cost usually runs around $300 - $400 per animal.
This doesn't include feeding and housing them.

With your action and decision to give, you helped treat 23 dogs with this fatal issue!

We don't have to stop rescuing animals because it's too cost prohibitive to our budget because your making it possible for us to continue to save and change lives.

Your contributions make these life-saving efforts possible!

We've started a new year and with it will bring more dogs and cats that are displaced, more litters from unspayed females, and animals that need critical medical care.

Your decision to contribute with your financial support changes and literally saves lives!

We're asking you to continue to make the difference in this new decade with a contribution to support our mission of giving animals a better future.

Oct 28, 2019

Tiny Steps Make Big Changes for Our Dogs and Cats

We've had a few really special cases come in these past few months that have had the opportunity for a second chance.  If it weren't for your help and support we wouldn't be able to care for them and make sure they find deserving forever homes!

You have made the difference because you care and that means saving lives!

Your support has allowed us to care for at least three tiny kittens who came in at different times but who were all abandoned on the freeway, left to the dangers of highway traffic!!!  Fortunately, brave people were able to pick these small, helpless creatures up off the side of the road and bring them to the shelter.

Without your donations we can't provide food and shelter for these little kittens so horrifically abandoned to the onslaught of highway cars!

One of the little ones, Cinnamon, who was brought in, even had some minor medical issues which needed attention.  She was so scared when she was first brought in that she hissed in fear and trembled, but fortunately, she's being looked after in a foster home at the moment so that she can know what human compassion looks like and can be nursed back to health.

Because you choose to care and support the shelter, these little ones are surviving and thriving!

We've also gotten the opportunity to take in a few in-need dogs the past few months who really needed our help.  One young puppy, named Marcus, was brought to us who'd been abandoned and was roaming the streets.  He is a young, sweet dog around a year old.  He's a little too skinny right now, but he's so happy to be able to play in our yard and to walk with our volunteers who come to spend time with him.

Because of YOUR help, your care, and your contributions, they have been provided with food, a safe place to stay, and you have helped turn their whole world around.

Your help made that possible!

This is true of so many of our deserving animals who, because of life circumstances, are timid, scared, and uncertain of what might happen to them next.  Your provision helps them know there's a better tomorrow!

This ongoing mission to help change the lives of these little cats and dogs is a HUGE mission, but tiny steps that you make possible every single day, really do mean they can know what care and love look like!!

THANKFUL you've chosen to make such a difference in the lives of these animals!
Your efforts are making daily changes in the lives of animals who haven't known a lot of compassion in their lives.

Your donations, in whatever amount you can give, is essential in continuing to provide that answer!

Thank you!

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