Apr 2, 2021

Shelter Faces Higher Intake During Springtime Litter Intake

Springtime ushers in warmer weather, seasonable rain, and no shortage of kitten and puppy litters. 

The shelter is already seeing an increased intake in kitten and puppy litters.  We're doing our utmost to accommodate a group of young kittens who’ve just come into the shelter and a litter of several small puppies as well.  Once they're old enough to be tested, we'll make sure they have their vaccinations, spay or neuter, and microchips so that they can find a forever home!

With spring upon us, it will bring more dogs and cats that are displaced and more litters from unspayed females.
The cost of adoption at our shelter is $100 - $200.  The cost we incur in intaking litters of kittens and puppies, on average, is $300 or more per animal.  This doesn't include the cost of feeding and housing them.

It's so immeserably helpful, during this season, to have your support and your contribution!

  • It allows us to spay unaltered females to prevent future abandoned kittens and puppies on our streets.
  • It allows us to test and vaccinate mom and babies.
  • It also provides shelter, food, and comfort to them while they await their chance at a forever home!

Your contributions with your financial support changes and literally saves lives!

This is the time when your help and support is critical to our continued efforts toward animal care.

You make it possible to rescue kittens and puppies off the streets where they are prey to bigger animals, suffer in extreme weather, are in danger from vehicles and the cruelty of people, and from starvation and dehydration.  Your contributions ensure that these animals do not have to live in conditions like this!

We need your help, your support, and your considerations.

Any donation is appreciated and all donations provide for our animals. We want to ask if you'll consider a donation of support. Can our animals depend on you as they always have?

With a donation of as little as $10, $20, or $50 your impact can change the outlook for one animal.

Your contributions make these life-saving efforts possible!

We're asking you to continue to make the difference in supporting our ongoing mission of giving animals a better future.

Dec 10, 2020

A Cottage for Evander


The Ohana Project - A Cottage for Evander

Four years ago a wonderful and energetic pit bull named Evander was rescued through The Street Dog Project and found his way into the hearts of our friends here at the Humane Society of Dallas. Evander did not have an easy life before he came to the shelter and, because of some anxieties and fears, it has been more difficult to place him in the perfect forever home. He is a loving and kind dog but would do best in a home where he is the only dog and has the love and attention of an experienced pet owner.

In true generous fashion, and to commemorate Evander's 4th Anniversary with the Humane Society of Dallas, the volunteers who have come to know and adore him have decided that it's time for Evander to graduate to having a place of his own -- a comfortable cottage made just for him!

On the wonderful chance that Evander finds a permanent place to call home, the cottage will then be converted into a recovery area for any of the shelter animals that require healing or rehabilitation from surgeries or treatments, a separate facility for mom dogs with puppies, and other dogs that need specialized care and attention away from the noise and the confusion of the kennels.

Please consider making a tax-free contribution through this GoFundMe campaign.

Aug 14, 2020

Help for the Abused, Abandoned, and Neglected

Two of our subjects have come to us in a very wounded and critical state this month. 

One is a dog named Nala who was surrendered to us by the owners who claimed something was wrong.  The dog was bleeding from its back end and trembling when she stood.  A visit to the vet revealed she had kidney stones and we sent her into surgery where three giant kidney stones were removed.  She's such a sweet dog and now that she's gone through surgery she's living the quality of life she deserves!

Our other critical care animal was a transfer in from a kill shelter.  He had a terrible open wound on his neck that was raw and bleeding.  We transfered him to our shelter and have been giving him undivided medical attention which is slowly healing his wound.  He has a great positive attitude and a sweet disposition as well and would make a great pet for a forever family once he's healed.

This care was possible because we received donations during this difficult time from donors who haven't forgotten the critical needs of our shelter animals.

We have always relied and depended on the dedication of our donors, who have always provided for the needs of our shelter.  During this time, we're asking for your remarkable assistance in order to continue to provide for the intake of young animals as we well as the ones already in shelter.

Any donation is appreciated and all donations provide for our animals.  We want to boldly ask if you'll consider a donation of support.  Can our animals depend on you as they always have? 

With a donation of $10, $20, or $50 your impact can change the outlook for one animal.

Nala with the Kidney Stones Removed
Nala with the Kidney Stones Removed
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