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Jun 16, 2020

COVID-19 imapct on MORIUMIUS

Dear supporters,

Thank you for your continuous support.  

Since March, we have had impact by COVID-19 pandemic.  As you might know Japan is also affected by the virus.  The government planned voluntary lockdown for the month of April in Japan and also in May for greater Tokyo and surrounding prefectures.  Although infection rate is relatively low compared to western countries, things are quiet.

MORIUMIUS have not had children visiting since April and will be closed for June and maybe July.  We have been living quietly and seeking timing to restart the center, but it is difficult to predict how and when pandemic will be calmed.  We believe it will be a long process for things to calm down and have to come up with new ideas to operate MORIUMIUS as well as find creative new step in education.

Since April, we have been providing online programs sending fresh local seafood from fisherman to home, connecting families online to slice whole fish and cook.  Not only cooking, we show live footage of how MORIUMIUS and surrounding natural environment with animals we live with.  Many groups and families planning to visit were able to see/ hear the environment through PC/ tablet felt like they traveled to MORIUMIUS.  Also, children were serious and joyful facing whole fish t slice as well as to cook for family’s dinner dish.  Since the experience took place at home, children seemed relaxed and parents were supportive.  Attched link is an article from Japanese magazine LEE on the program.

Many comments were sent to us from families like, "Saw what I normally would not be able to see from my child, really felt the possibility of him.", "Made our family realized how important food/ meal is.  To cook together, understanding where the food comes from, and enjoy eating together made us all happier.", "Because we are all at home every day, it was a great opportunity to take time to focus on what we eat.".

We are now planning to provide our online program to advance.  Connecting to orphanages and foster homes to provide active engaging online programs to children who live in a difficult circumstance.  Please consider supporting our programs so that MORIUMIUS itself could be sustainable in this difficult time. 

Warm regards,


Feb 27, 2020

Invitation tour ended with success!

Dear supporters,


Thank you very much for your support.  We were able to invite elven children from Kumamoto through three day holiday on Februay 22 to 24.  Because of the typhoon in October, original tour date was postphoned, but this time it was a great success.

We have been inviting children who were affected from the mega earthquake in Kumamoto in 2016 every year.  There are children who are still living in tenporary houses and not able to go back to their hometown.  This winter has been very warm even in northern region of Japan.  Children who are coming from sourthern region with warm climate were expecting cold weather and snow.  Surprisingly we had snow storm on the second day, children were running outside trying to catch or eat snow.

 In Japan, traditionally we make fermented soy bean paste called Miso.  Miso is one of the most important Japanese seasoning, used mainly for soup.  We have invited specialist to make miso with children.  Using organic soybeans, fermented rice, and salt, children seemed excited to mash cooked soybean into paste.  Mixing the paste with salt and fermented rice, keeping in plastic container for six month until fermentation is complete.

Through their time here at MORIUMIUS, children seemed to be relaxed in nature and released their stress, but also learned  other areas in Japan affected by natural disaster.  Meeting with local people and listening to storyteller, children were able to see the future of their region and gave strength to move forward.  

Thank you again for your support to create this tour.  We were not able to invite children without your kindness.  We are going to organize another invitation tour in 2020 or in 2021.  

Warm regards,

Dec 19, 2019

Exciting season is over!

Enjoying time at river learning source of water
Enjoying time at river learning source of water

Dear supporters,


Thank you for your continuous support.


Sadly our summer season has ended and we are in calm season.


This summer, over one hundred children have gathered to participate to our one week program.  For five weeks, MORIUMIUS has hosted programs for children to learn how to live sustainably with local residence.  One of the highlight of the program was inviting locals for Japanese traditional event Nagashi somen.  Nagashi Somen is type of noodles Japanese eat in summer, and Nagashi is a traditional way to eat it.  Using ten feet bamboo and running water, children drop noodles for locals to catch and eat.  This was planned by children to show appreciation to local people for receiving them for a week.

 Annual sporting event was also hosted was organized in September.  Over hundred locals gathered to enjoy a day of sport.  Many laughter was heard that day, some locals left with a comment that this is the day in a year that they laugh the most.  It was a day at MORIUMIUS that locals, children, and visitors from different region gather to interact each other.

Because of your support, we were able to sustain the learning field as well as to revitalize community still suffering from tsunami in 2011.

Warm regards,

Gentaro Yui

Locals enjoying time with children
Locals enjoying time with children
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