Sep 12, 2019

Learn More About We Are Neutral's Carbon Reduction Projects This Year!

Did you hear the good news? We are happy to announce that earlier this year we were awarded the Sustainability Award for Community Enhancement from the City of Gainesville Beautification Board. With your help, almost 1,000 volunteers in the Gainesville community have joined us in our carbon reduction efforts. Together, we have assisted in restoring balance to the planet by sequestering thousands of metric tons of carbon emissions from our precious atmosphere. This would not have been possible without your support, so we'd like to share an update on some of our most meaningful carbon reduction projects thus far!

Urban Tree Plantings

Hundreds of trees have been planted around Gainesville, Florida this year thanks to We Are Neutral’s team and passionate volunteers. Our community is loving the increase of trees not only for their carbon reduction properties but for their shade-providing and aesthetic benefits as well. People are noticing the #carbonneutralmovement as our urban tree plantings and carbon reduction projects have been featured throughout local media outlets.

Energy Retrofits For Low-Income Families

The We Are Neutral team travels to Tennessee annually as part of our work to offset the carbon footprint of Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. This year, we were able to perform energy retrofits for 142 low-income households! 

Our energy upgrades include changing incandescent light bulbs to efficient LEDs, installing faucet aerators, insulating hot water pipes, and more. These retrofits will save families, on average, over $300 a year on utility bills while also preventing a bunch of unneeded carbon emissions from being created.

The Earth-loving doesn’t stop there! Once the festival begins, we educate Bonnaroovians on how they can offset their carbon footprint and implement energy-efficient upgrades in their own homes.

We (along with Mother Nature) thank you for helping us fight the good fight for our planet. As always, feel free to reach out if you're interested in learning more about your environmental impact or how you can better understand, reduce, and offset your carbon footprint. We’re here for you, fellow Earth-Warrior!


Dec 18, 2017

It's the end of the year! Look what we've done.

A volunteer learning to check tire pressure
A volunteer learning to check tire pressure

After we reached our funding goal for planting 10,000 trees back in September, we set out to find new ways to have an even greater impact in the world. We decided that we wanted to host 12 different projects that would not only help reduce carbon emissions, but would also teach people practical things they can do to help the planet every single day. 

Since setting out on this endeavor, we've already hosted two carbon reduction projects in which we taught people about the fuel efficiency of their vehicles and helped remove invasive plant species. 

Here are some things you should know about carbon emissions as they relate to our carbon reduction projects: 

Fuel Efficiency of Vehicles:

1. Inflating your tires to the right pressure can improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency by up to 3.3% per tire.

2. Improper alignment of your tires can reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 10%

3. Idling your car gets zero miles per gallon and collectively consumes several billion gallons of fuel per year. 

Invasive Plant Species Removal:

1. Invasive species can increase emissions of nitrous oxides, a powerful climate-warming gas.

2. Climatic conditions influence the distribution and impacts of invasive species. Thus, if the climate continues to warm and precipitation becomes more variable, we can expect shifts in the effects of invasive plants. 

We couldn't have made this happen without your support, so thank you, for your donations and helping us in our fight for a happier, healthier planet. We're excited to host more carbon reduction projects in the coming year and to have the greatest impact possible. 

Youth volunteers removing invasive plants
Youth volunteers removing invasive plants


Sep 19, 2017

We did it!

Hey there Earth Givers! 

Thanks to you and your donations, our project has been fully funded. We absolutely love planting trees and because of your generosity, we've planted 10,000 of them this year. 

Not only did you help us get all 10,000 trees planted, you helped us to restore the long-leaf pine forest, which has been reduced down to less than 3% of its original range, and helped us provide a habitat for the endangered gopher tortoise. 

While we are still going to keep our hands busy planting trees, we want to pursue other carbon-reducing projects as well. That is why we've launched a new campaign on GlobalGiving to help us perform 12 carbon reduction projects, the first of which is to help us improve the energy efficiency of 100 vehicles. 

There aren't enough words to express how grateful we are for your donations. You've truly helped us make the world a better place. We hope you'll continue to follow us as we take on this new endeavor. Thank you for your continued support.


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