Oct 23, 2020

Supporting Every Life to Live Healthy during this Pandemic in India

Dear Friends, Supporters and Donors,

During this unprecedented time, We at HLFPPT are providing all basic and essential medical health services at free of cost to Marginalized and poor families. Our Relief and Support work are still on during this pandemic. At MerryGold Hospitals Network, our Dedicated doctors and frontline workers are well equipped with live personal Protection Kits so that Virus can be contained from spreading.


We would like to re-introduce you to our new Project for supporting Poor Couples of Uttar Pradesh, India to Access Family Planning. So far, to initiate the project we have mapped approx. 50 new couples with high unmet need for family planning. These couples want to avail family planning services through a qualified Private health care practitioner with a varied basket of choice to choose from.


Through this project of ours, we propose to bridge the gap and provide access to quality family planning products & services in Uttar Pradesh, India through your generous support. Your contribution to the project would help us in enabling young couples to take an informed decision to plan and space their pregnancies as per their choices. This would not only help couples in leading a better reproductive life but would also address the Family Planning 2020 goal of India.

Look forward to your active support in achieving the global milestones through your generous donations. 

Your every single donation will help our frontline Warriors to treat well. We Believe, Together, we Can !!!


Thank You for your time,

Sharad Agarwal

Sep 21, 2020

Together We All United to Defeat Coronavirus-An Inspiring Story

Distribution of Community Relief Kits
Distribution of Community Relief Kits

Dear Donors, Supporters, and Friends, !!!

Namaste from India !!!

First of all, On behalf of local communities affected by deadly coronavirus we are thanking you for your kind support.

We greatly appreciate your gift (Donation/Charity) to Project "COVID-19 Crisis Relief & Support in India" through GlobalGiving Portal in the past few days. 

It is through the generosity of individuals like you that we can carry out our work. Please accept our sincere thanks. 

We feel privileged that you selected our project to support out of so many wonderful causes. By adding your donation, you’ve become a part of our community of supporters and we’re thrilled to have you on the team.

Until our project is fully funded, we will be sending you regular reports about our work. This will keep you informed about all our accomplishments and show you how your generous donation was used.

 At this moment, the donated amount is not much to withdraw the same. We are waiting for other donors to help us. So, a good amount can be used for maximum benefits for poor and marginalized families. I hope you enjoy learning about our work and continue to stay engaged with our team. 


Please consider telling your friends and family about our project and share this. You can use this share link on social media, WhatsApp, or just bring us up in conversation. Sharing with your community why you chose to support our organization will help us increase the work we can do in our community.


Note: It is a matter of fact that due to some administrative reasons, the donation made towards HLFPPT for Corona Relief Project will not be disbursed. Team GG is working to resolve the same and post-correction, reimbursement of the fund will be done so that our field team can provide more relief activities.

Learn more about HLFPPT- http://hlfppt.org/

Thank You from all of us, 

Jul 17, 2020

COVID-19 opens the door of new opportunity in India

Dear Friends,

Hope you are safe and sound during this global pandemic.

Since last months, we have no received any donations to perform any simulation-based training for healthcare workers and other professionals. Due to which, the work is getting impacted and COVID-19 has also pushed the project on hold.

However, we would like to thank you for the previous donation that you have made for Saving Mothers and Babies with Innovative Tools in India.

As you are aware that, through this project we are improving quality care by enhancing healthcare provider skills through simulation-based training and to strengthen facilities with life-saving tools in India. As a result, healthcare providers and facilities are better trained and equipped to deliver quality care that enables better survival outcomes for both mothers and newborns.

We are incredibly grateful to you and to all our donors who continue to support the vital work we are doing. But we are falling short of funds to capacitate more Healthcare Providers since last quarter. Thus, we seek your constant support.

 About the Project:

We at HLFPPT are working tirelessly to provide quality healthcare services by providing simulation-based training to the Hospital Administration, Staff Nurse, Doctors, and Technicians, who are dealing with the patient daily. The objective of these training sessions is to improve maternal and child health by providing high impact, low-cost training tools for health workers and facilities.

 What this Project does:

Your generous donation towards this project is helping HLFPPT to train the Healthcare Professionals and also to provide free aid to the children. The Nifty Cups, which is a lifesaving tool to enable mothers and children for easy feeding; is the most affordable solution adapted by the healthcare sector. The main purpose of this project is to provide simulation-based training to healthcare professionals so that at the time of delivery at the institution, the possibility of Maternal and Infant mortality can be reduced.

To support the cause, click here to donate online. At this page, we have the list of how worth your donations will be. This value list will help you to understand the initiative and also will help you to choose the correct amount for donation.


Note: This is just a matter of fact that, due to some administrative issues, GlobalGiving is not able to release the donations which may receive in the coming days. This will be sorted out soon and disbursement of funds will be resumed back at normal.


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