Jun 13, 2016

You gave hope to 276 orphan kids to find family

Fedor in the family
Fedor in the family

There is so much we wish to tell you!

Our project on GlobalGiving has given the chance to find parents for 276 Russian orphans. We’ve made small films about them, placed those videos in our online-database, and many potential parents could see those children. At the moment 69 of the kids you’ve helped have already found families!

And more and more of them are teen kids who hardly believe that they are needed and wanted in a new family or children with special needs.

Here is the story told by foster parent Alexandra. We wish you also could see this simple miracle – when video profile helps family and child find each other.

“After the birth of our forth child we decided that we can help another kid to grow up and become happy. While we were preparing the documents and educating at school for foster parents, we needed to define who our child would be. Where is he? How old is he? Listing the video profiles I wished to see my child. And  finally I found her and she has found me.

Our kid appeared to be the 10– year old girl. She spent 5 years in an awful orphanage. If I knew about her before I would take her home at the moment she just got there. Her name is Sasha, just like mine. She is kind, sweet and good girl, it’s hard to find such child even in families. Soon there would be two years since we’re together."

And there’s another story about Fedor, 4-year old boy with the special needs, who also found parents thanks to video profile and donor's support. Read the story 

On the 15th of June your support can double the happy ends of children's stories. Your donation can receive 50% match on Bonus Day. Just make a donation starting from 16:00 MSK (or 9:00 EDT) on 15th of June. More information about Bonus Day.

It's so easy to change the lifes of orphan kids for better! 

Foundation results for 4 years of activity
Foundation results for 4 years of activity


Mar 14, 2016

Every third child have found loving famlily

Velichko family with Alexey and Danil
Velichko family with Alexey and Danil

We're happy to share with you our news. Change One Life Charity Foundation for 3 years  has made a database of almost 24 thousand of video profiles of orphan children. And more than 7 thousand of these kids are already in families. So almost every third child get the chance to become daughter or son. It's really greate result for us, because after the first year of the program just only every 10th kid could find a family. 

So we've prepared the report about what happened in our Foundation for last 3 years: about our programs and achivements, events and supporters, parents and children who found each other.

As we see the situation with Russian orphan children, many of them are grown up, or have health problems, or have brothers and sisters and have to be settled in one family altogether. But many of future parents seek for small healthy children without siblings and not always can find such children. And to be honest, there are not so many people wishing to adopt or to become a foster parent at all. The society is not ready to see normal kids in orphans, there are many myths about them.

So our Foundation run different programs, which can help overcome these obstacles:

Twin Souls - project lets to see that orphans are just like us. Everybody can load his photo and to see the kids very alike.

We inform what children diagnoses mean, and what parents can do for children.

We give the opportunity for parents to receive the free avia tickets to distant regions - to pick up the kid from the ophanage.

It's important for us to support families after they've took children home. 

We organise the psychological consultations for adopters and foster parents.

Another new program - to provide the free online education for adopted children or children in foster families. It's not a secret that many kids living in orphanages do not have enough motivation to learn at school well. And when they come to a family the learning problems become obviouse. 

These projects are to change the lives of children of "unpopular categories" (if it's possible to say so).

And we're so happy to know about families and kids who found each other with our support. 

So that was the story of Velichko family. They've seen the video profile of teenager Alexey. When parents came to take him home, they've got acquainted with Danil. And it was impossible for them to leave him in orphanage. That's how Jury and Lilia received another two sons. 

That happy story, and many others,  could not happen without support of donors, without the donations for video profiles creation. 

On the 16th of March your support can make even greater imact. Your donation can change more lives of orphan children on Bonus Day. Make a donation starting from 16:00 MSK (or 9:00 EDT) and our project wouldreceive bonuses. More information about Bonus Day.

Let’s help other orphan children and parents meet each other!


Dec 15, 2015

You've changed 50 lives of orphan children

We think it’s time for us to remember how our project on Global Giving started. Just a little bit more than 2 years ago we’d put the aim to help 50 orphan children to find families.

Now it’s time to find out did our efforts worth it.

Your support gave us the resources to make the video profiles for 267 children living in orphanages. And 51 child found parents already – almost every 5th child!

 It’s a really exciting thing – to be the part of the miracle, when so many lives can be changed by such a simple thing as donation.

We’d like to share with you the story from the family who adopted girl Sasha.

«When our 4th child was born we decided to help one more child to grow up happily. While we were preparing documents, we had to decide – who can be our child, where is he, how old is he? While I was watching video profiles of children, I found her and she found me.

Our child appeared to be the 10 year-old girl. She spent 5 years in horrible orphanage. If I knew about her before, I’ rather took her home as she only had been placed to orphanage. Her name is Sasha, just as mine. She’s so wonderful and kind, it’s not easy to find such children even in families. It would be 2 years since we’d been together. Thank you for your work, thanks to donors who give the opportunity to make video profile. This film was the reason why the destiny of girl has changed.”

And we’d like express our gratitude too. Thank you for believing that together we can change the lives of orphan children for better. For caring for those, who live without parents care. For thinking about kids whom you’ve never met.

At her moment there are about 70 thousand children in Russia who still need parents. Our Foundation have made more than 20 thousands of video profiles, and more than 6 thousand children found families already.

As you can see we still have a lot to do, and we need your further support.

Especially we need the constant support by recurring donations. They help us to plan the production of films, and we can be sure that children would not suffer in loneliness only because of lack of funds.

Lets make everything we can to bring orphans to parent’s love and care!


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