Nov 16, 2020

Persevering in Providing Vital Healing To Refugees

Over these last few months the prolonged violence, loss, and ever mounting displacement due to the ongoing civil conflicts within Syria have only served to generate more victims who flee to Jordan for sanctuary, further swelling the massive number of refugees languishing there now for well over 9 years, with no end in sight for their dilemma.

The compounding challenges for these refugees struggling daily with multiple threats to their health, safety, and security, and profound loss, has been phenomenal; while at the same time the pandemic has continued to significantly strain our limited resources needed to carry on our psycho-social treatment and recovery services to this increasingly high risk community.
This is particularly true for the most at-risk members of the refugee population – children and women.

As such the number of those in desperate need is rapidly mounting as direct in-person services from humanitarian aid organizations has drastically diminished across the board in the region.

Throughout this time the services of the Social Health Care (SHC) treatment program has fortunately persevered in continuing to assist these refugees in Jordan, primarily thanks to the dedication of our amazing volunteer local and international service team. Our team is made up of expert psychosocial trauma therapists, medical professionals, social workers, and teachers, all who volunteer their time, skills, and hearts to this work. Within the travel and direct contact limits imposed by the pandemic, this commitment is making the difference in making it possible to provide vital life-saving treatment services to those most vulnerable through enhanced tele-health, and keeping hope alive until we can fully re-establish our in-person on-site services that have aided refugees since 2011.

As part of this current work, resources are increasingly required to provide tele-communication technology to establish and maintain virtual stations at residential sites in Jordan housing large numbers of refugees allowing access to our team, medical equipment and supplies provided to each site that enable refugees we serve to regularly self-monitor and receive targeted medical guidance, health care, and support from our health care providers, and self-help skills training to support their ability to cope with crisis conditions on multiple levels, and support each other in doing so.

Both providing victims of trauma and loss with the psychosocial trauma treatment - and now COVID-19 health care, and also equipping them with the personal coping and self-care skills to enable them to take an active part in their own individual and communal healing recovery, is at the center of our service philosophy. This approach is consistently proving to be highly successful in helping to achieve healing and recovery, and the generous support of our donors helps to make this possible.

While our devoted service team that is capable of reaching more and more refugees continues to grow and be available to steadily expand on our overall potential for services, due to the increased cost of computer communications equipment, on-going technical services, and medical devices required to reach and maintain treatment and support contact with refugees at multiple locations across Jordan during this extraordinary period, our limited funding resources are necessarily consumed by these technical costs.

Each donation helps to overcome these limitations placed on our services due to lack of funding, to sustain and make these direct services immediately available to more of the most vulnerable and at-risk – the children and women who make up the large majority of the refugee population.

Your continued donations are immensely appreciated and crucial to continuing our humanitarian work, and to the healing of so many.


  • Continue supporting our work with your generous contributions. Every donation amount results in our reaching more children and families to achieve more healing and recovery.
  • Share our story with family, friends, and colleagues to encourage their support by raising awareness of both the need and the concrete good being done.
  • Link our appeal site to your social media sites and ask others to do the same.
  • Learn if your employment offers matching donations for humanitarian causes to multiply our contributions.

Feel free to contact Steve Olweean with any questions or to share your feedback at:


Oct 1, 2020

Working to Protect Refugees From COVID-19

As the continuing global pandemic impacts all throughout the world at all levels of society, the greatest impact by far remains for those who are most deprived of essential day to day living resources, such as medical care, housing, adequate food, and the ability to follow even the most basic personal protective measures like physical distancing, wearing masks, having access to sanitary conditions, In addition a large portion of refugees, the majority of who are children and women, suffer from poor over all health and serious preexisting medical conditions that lower their immune system and ability to recover from COVID-19 when it is contracted.

This latest health crisis has only added to the burden of a community already devastated by trauma and loss due to war and violence, and is further compounded by the isolation created by severe restrictions on physical contact and travel.

Over the last months we have used the limited amount of funds that have been generously contributed to this humanitarian cause so far to purchase the required computer equipment and internet service that allow us to virtually reach into these settings where large numbers of refugees in Jordan are already forced to live in dense quarters.

An example is an apartment building in Amman housing 40 families of Syrian refugee widows and their children that we have been providing psychosocial services to for several years. With the advent of COVID-19 we have moved to increase medical care services focused on the pandemic threat, and through the availability of this technology are able to provide these services virtually to overcome the cautions and restrictions on physical travel and contact that prevent other on-site health care services from being available.

Our hope is to gain the technical capacity to set up more virtual stations at additional sites in Jordan and in this way continue and expand our life-saving tele-health services to vulnerable refugees who are at highest risk of contracting and dying from COVID-19, and spreading it to others in the refugee and general population. This is accomplished through specialized health screening and assessment, treatment instruction, monitoring, health education, self help skills training, and guidance by medical and mental health professionals. We are identifying adults at this site who can also take on leadership roles in assisting and coordinating with our team to further support empowering refugees with self help skills they can use with themselves and others in their living space.

Services like ours are often the only health care and support refugees receive, and as such are vital to maintain to help prevent further spread and death due to the pandemic. Our team members and trainees, made up of international and local medical and mental health professionals, are devoted volunteers who contribute their time, energy, and skills, often at their own expense, to ensure these critical needs are met. The beneficial impact of these healing services is clear in the lives of these victims of war and violence, and now their added high risk of contracting and dying from COVID-19.

What makes it possible for us to keep providing these life-saving services to so many of the most vulnerable is your continued financial support. As we continue our efforts to generate the necessary funds for securing the concrete tools required for this humanitarian aid program to be successful, your greatly appreciated donations are an essential part of the entire effort to accomplish the task of making healing, recovery, and safety possible for many.


Continue supporting our work with your generous contributions. Every donation amount results in our reaching more children and families to assist in preventing or recovering from COVID-19.

Share our story with family, friends, and colleagues to encourage their support by raising awareness of both the need and the concrete good being done.

Link our appeal site to your social media sites and ask others to do the same.

Learn if your employment offers matching donations for humanitarian causes to multiply our contributions.

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Jun 28, 2020

COVID-19 Challenges And How We Are Meeting Them

The Challenges:

Over these now several months of the COVID-19 pandemic the most vulnerable and struggling communities in the world are experiencing the greatest life-threatening impact.

The massive population of refugees we continue to help in Jordan make up one of the most vulnerable, high risk groups among these communities for contracting, dying from, and rapidly spreading the COVID-19 virus. Combined with the devastating trauma and loss already experienced due to the Syrian civil war, these refugees are now faced with even greater risk to their survival.

  • Like many countries, the entire society in Jordan is under a strict mandate to physical distance and avoid travel.
  • The more than 1 million Syrian refugees in Jordan in particular are crowded into tightly packed living conditions with no ability to physical distance.
  • A huge portion of the refugee population already suffers from profoundly compromised immune systems, fragile medical conditions, low resistance to infection, and general poor health.
  • At the same time, the already significantly overstretched health care system in Jordan is struggling to meet even the minimum needs of it’s own citizens, and refugees are unfortunately at a lower priority even for these increasingly limited services.
  • Both international and local humanitarian services for refugees in Jordan are also now greatly hindered,curtailed, or simply suspended due to the pandemic restrictions.
  • As a result access by refugees to any health care services, supplies, or self-help information on COVID-19 monitoring, treatment, and mitigation is severely limited, and in many cases nonexistent.

What this now leads to is the danger that this entire population is on the verge of an eruption of COVID-19 cases, death, and transmission to many more, both within the refugee community and the surrounding region. As such, this threatens to produce a humanitarian catastrophe of even higher proportions than we are witnessing today.

What We Are Doing With The Help Of Donors To Meet This New Level Of Challenge:

In the midst of this pandemic among the most at-risk community in Jordan, and in addition to our on-going psychosocial trauma healing services, health and safety knowledge - and particularly specialized medical assessment, guidance, and instruction personally tailored to individual and family conditions and symptoms - is currently the most powerful asset we have at our disposal. The task has been getting this assistance to those in most need in time for them to benefit from it and help slow the virus.

An effective way we are using to achieve this is through relying more on tele-health. For several years we have already been providing a portion of our assistance as tele-health services in addition to our on-site, face to face assistance. To meet the increased challenges of the pandemic we are now working to rapidly and significantly ramp up our existing tele-health ability by setting up an expanding network of live virtual stations throughout Jordan in apartment buildings, large group homes, and camps where large numbers of refugees are already forced to live in compressed quarters, and where critical life-saving tele-health services can still immediately and regularly reach them.

The services are staffed by our international team of expert health care professionals, our local treatment team, and our large pool of hundreds of local trainees who are medical students and professionals. This is a coordinated virtual treatment, health education, guidance, and psychosocial support system in regions of Jordan with the highest concentration of refugees.

We are currently concentrating on sites in Amman and Irbid, and hope to continue adding sites in these and other regions of Jordan. Each virtual station allows a large number of people to access health care and support. With the critical financial support of generous donors we are purchasing and putting the required computer and internet technology and basic medical self-monitoring equipment in place that is needed to establish as many of these live virtual stations in as many of these compacted population centers as possible to maintain contact, provide health care service, and ensure life-saving help continues to reach refugee children and their families in desperate need.


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