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Aug 6, 2019

Improve Livelihoods of 225 HIV-Affected Families

We are happy to report that there has been major changes since the last report.  It has been raining since May and our farmers are now smiling after a hectic dry spell that affected them seriously.  Our beneficiaries are not left behind and they have been working on their farms tirelessly.  We were able to distribute seeds, fruits and tree seedlings as earlier reported.  Trainings on climate change and environment conservation are also on-going and we hope our farmers will do what they are expected to do to improve the situation.  We also distributed some livestock that is sheep, goats and chicken and our beneficiaries on this project benefitted they received seeds, seedlings and other planting as well as livestock and they were very happy.  Their progress is very good and their health too.  There are a lot of vegetables now and they are getting plenty from their kitchen gardens and they are enjoying balanced diets.  They are also earning income from the sales of surplus thus improving their living standards. 

This project has been very successful and we are happy for the good impacts that we have achieve.  We are proud of our beneficiaries who have improved, healthy wise and financially compared to the situations they were in before our intervention.  Some of them were bed ridden before our intervention but they are now very healthy and strong and so their families who were also affected in some ways.  They have been giving testimonies and of course encouraging others who are in the same situation and feels discouraged and losing hopes in life.  Thank you for your wonderful support and choosing to improve other people’s living standards. 

Aug 6, 2019

Buid School for 80 Students in Arid Kachuru Kenya

Our schools have closed for short August holiday.  We are grateful the 2nd term has ended despite the many challenges that were there.  Kachiuru school community had a good term but unfortunately the headteacher of Kachiuru primary had a motorcycle accident in the course of the term on his way to school and we thank God he survived.  He escaped with injuries and he spent some weeks in the hospital where he was also operated on his knee.  He is recovering well and we hope he will resume once the schools open towards the end of August.  Despite all that the school progress has been good and as earlier reported a training on use of reusable sanitary towels was conducted.  It has been reported that parents and girls in the school were very happy to receive the reusable sanitary towels and they also appreciated the training.  Teachers have reported that they have noticed a great change with girls in their school attendance as well as performance and also the way they conduct themselves.  It has been reported that absenteeism in girls has really reduced as they now feel full protected and comfortable during their periods.  We have received end of term 2 results and we can confirm that there is good improvement for the girls.  Thank you for the support.

As we had reported, the school still requires more desks and learning materials as well as uniforms and shoes for the students.  The area has been very dry and parents have been struggling to provide basic needs for their families.  There were plans by the school management to organize a fundraising event to raise funds for school desks and learning materials but they realized that the same parents who were to raise funds were very vulnerable and had nothing to contribute.  The fundraising event was put on hold until situations improves.  We therefore invite all our friends and well-wishers to be our guests of honor and help us raise more funds on this platform to help the Kachiuru community.  We really appreciate the support given so far and the much we have achieved and request you to consider supporting us further.  Thank you very much.

Jul 22, 2019

Empower 175 students for food security in Kenya

We are happy as we do this report since in previous report we were very worried due to delayed rains in most parts of the country.   As previously reported, the rains had started sometimes in April 2019 and farmers were happy as this continued and they were able to plant their crops after a long wait.  The farms are now very green with a lot of crops doing great.  Our youth politics were excited to report back to school after April holiday and they immediately started working on their gardens.  We supported them with seeds and planting materials as earlier reported and they were very happy.  Their farms are looking nice with vegetables and other crops growing well.  Most of them are now harvesting vegetables and other short term crops like peas.  They are very excited also to have green vegetables in their meals and some of them are even selling surplus as they normally do when they have them in plenty for income generation.  In the previous report, we had reported that we will discuss the issue of rain water harvesting with the schools management to take advantage of the long rains.  Discussion was done in all polytechnics and the management liked the idea of doing simple rain water harvesting but most of them said they were not in a position to start due to the very many challenges they had.  They told us since it was very dry in the previous months, most parents were not able to pay school fees for their children in time hence very difficult moments for the schools to cater for the schools basic needs.  Most parents did not pay school fees for their children in first term and they had promised to clear fees balances once they start selling their farm produce.   There were some polytechnics who had installed simple water harvesting structures previously and we encouraged them to improve them for more benefits.  Our youth students were eager to learn on how they could install these structures in their school but unfortunately this was not possible this time round. The schools management promised to have meetings with parents to discuss how they can actualize this and improve the situation we will work with them once they start the process.  We are happy that our students are still interested in agribusiness and they are ready to learn and gain more skills and knowledge.  We appreciate the support given, thank you very much.

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