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Feb 11, 2019

Buid School for 80 Students in Arid Kachuru Kenya

The 1st term 2019 in Kachiuru primary have started well with pupils, parents and teachers excited for the newly constructed classroom which will improve learning environment for the pupils. The school has also enrolled more new pupils in the school which is very positive and a sign that the school is growing. Kachiuru had 14 candidates 9 girls and 5 boys who sat for their final national exams in November 2018 and girls performed better than boys. Although the performance was not the best, all the candidates have joined various secondary schools in Meru and Isiolo counties we congratulate them for their efforts. The school has started well this term and the community is positive that the performance will improve this year with an additional classroom and more teaching and learning materials. They are also happy because the feeding program will continue this year and the partnership supporting the initiative has upgraded and since the beginning of this term pupils have started having a cup of porridge at 10:00 am which is like a breakfast to many children who have not been having breakfast at home. The pupils are very excited and they are happy as they enjoy a cup of porridge. We take this opportunity to thank our partners for the continued support. As earlier reported, the school is in need of classroom desks for the pupils in the new classroom as currently pupils are sharing the available desks in the school where they are squeezing themselves to gat space for all. To solve this problem, the school requires more desks to give enough sitting and writing space for the learners. To accomplish this, we request our friends, donors and partners to consider contributing towards this so that we can improve the learning environment for our learners. We sincerely thank our partners for their support in constructing the classroom. Thank you to all well-wishers who have been supporting this school and we still request for more support.

Jan 25, 2019

Empower 175 students for food security in Kenya

This is a new year and the club members are eager to reestablish their gardens after the long December holidays which saw then close schools for Christmas. Even though they were off, they were not derailed from taking care of their gardens. They occasionally set duties among themselves to make sure their enterprise is well taken care off. This arrangement worked quite well and as soon as they resumed session in January, they embarked on preparing the gardens in readiness for planting. They have already tilled the land and are waiting for the rains before they can embark on planting.

The last planting season was a success and they managed to harvest a considerable amount and in the process they were able to save some seeds in their seed bank which they will used this planting season. This will however be not enough and we plan to support them with more seeds in order to increase the area to be planted.

Being a new year, the clubs have also recruited new members who recently joined the polytechnics. This is a positive thing as the number of youths introduced to the agribusiness venture is at the rise. The clubs are providing a good avenue for inculcating more youths into this forgotten “gold mine” that has been despised by many young people as they struggle looking for white collar jobs.

Diversification is key to improved production and as an organization we plan to hold training sessions with the students and share with them what we believe can help them in increasing the yields they get. We plan to reach out to all student who are active in the club with the aim of motivating them further to embrace agriculture for improved livelihood and food security. In line with this, training on value addition of their products is ongoing so as to make sure the students get maximum benefits from what they grow.

On behalf of the beneficiaries we would like to thank all those who have walked together with us in this journey as we also invite other well-wishers to join us.

Jan 15, 2019

Support 2000Kenya school girls with reusable pads

Happy New Year 2019.  We thank God for giving us another year to serve the less privileged in our society and we thank all those who have walked the journey with us and we encourage them to continue the journey with us as we cannot go far with your kind support.  We thank all who contributed to this project that ensured that our girls received reusable sanitary towels and they were able to continue well with their studies.  As we start this New Year, we request our friends to consider supporting our girls with reusable sanitary towels.  We have realized that the number of girls in need of these towels is growing and many young girls are starting their periods at very early age compared to others sometimes back.  As we fundraise, we target more than 2,000 girls so as to ensure even those in lower grades who are starting their periods are well prepared with the necessary materials as well as the issues of hygiene and adolescents.  We have been conducting sessions when distributing sanitary towels where we also involve boys so that they can as well understand into details on issues of adolescence and what is expected of them when the girls are on their days. 

Previously we reported the needs to do more fundraising so as to support girls in PCEA primary school with towels but yet we have not managed to raise enough funds to buy the towels.  We have not given up on this and we hope this year we will have more funds which will enable us support these needy girls.  At this point we request all our global giving friends and other well-wishers to make this initiative realistic so as to help our girls and keep them in schools and in good hygiene and health.  This year we will work hard to ensure we improve the current situation there are many challenges but we believe together we will solve them and improve status of others.  Thank you all for your continued support and we request you to continue supporting our communities.  We wish you a prosperous year 2019.

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