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Jun 3, 2020

Build School for 80 Students in Arid Kachuru Kenya

The school term started well in Kachiuru primary school with the new headteacher managing all the school activities as planned until when all the institutions were closed indefinitely by the president of the republic of Kenya as a result of covid 19 pandemic in mid March 2020.  This was a huge blow to many parents and guardians since it was unexpected and their children have been having their meals in the school in school feeding program hence they had not budgeted for breakfast and lunch at homes.  They had to adjust with the new development although most of them could not afford 3 meals per day since their source of income was as well affected by the pandemic resulting to low income and others not earning any income at all.  It has been very difficult moments for many Kenyans as most jobs and businesses were closed down due to the pandemic and mostly affecting the very vulnerable families who mostly depend on casual labour for their daily income for the survival of their families.  Through our community animator in Kachiuru we have been following up on the situation on the ground where she has reported that many families are facing difficulties in getting food.  In Kachiuru village, residents mainly depend on livestock rearing for their source of income where they sell livestock products and livestock for their income which is heavily affected by the corona disease thus leaving them very desperate.  Our organization and our partners have decided to intervene on this by distributing food, soaps and face masks to the most vulnerable families in the village to ensure at least they are protected from the disease as well as having food on their table even if it’s one meal a day.  Most families in the region are very needy and don’t receive government support and they don’t have access to information.  Schools are still closed and children encouraged staying at home for them to be safe as we wait for further directions from the government concerning the education program.  Our community animator have been sensitizing community on importance of observing safety during this monster pandemic by keeping social distancing, regular hand washing, sanitizing etc.  To be able to support the Kachiuru community with more food and other essentials during these harsh moments we invite all well-wishers, friends and colleagues to support us with any type of support for us to extend the same to the very needy and vulnerable community members.  We appreciate your continued support that we have received and request for further support whenever possible.  Thank you and stay safe.

May 29, 2020

Help Educate 330 Mukinyai School Orphans, Kenya

The year 2020 started very well and we all had a lot of hopes that the year would be more fruitful than last year but things changed and most activities could not continue operating normally including institutions.  This was after covid 19 hit the country just like other countries in the world.  The government closed all the institutions indefinitely in mid March to date.  Since then, students and pupils have been at home with no idea of when the schools would resume.  It is very unfortunate and especially to the candidates who were preparing for their final exams later this year.  The government has not given clear directions on the way forward in regards to the schools reopening or even position of the final national examinations.  In our program we have 2 candidates who were preparing to sit for their final exams later this year and we have been following up with them on their progress where they express their stress as they cannot access on-line learning services as other candidates due to various challenges among them lack of smart phones, computers, internet connectivity etc.  It is unfortunate since we cannot assist them much although we provide revision materials when we have them and of course encouraging them to continue doing studies on their own with other students in the villages though observing safety measures.  We thank God since there are no reported corana virus cases in the villages and we continue encouraging  our communities to observe and practice safety measures in order to protect themselves, their families especially children who have little knowledge on corona virus.  We remain optimistic that soon the disease will come to an end and things will be back to normal very soon and we will have our students and pupils report back to school and continue with their studies.  Thank you all for your continued support

May 28, 2020

Improve Livelihoods of 225 HIV-Affected Families

Our beneficiaries are progressing on well despite the corova virus cases in the country.  Initially when the first case was reported in Kenya in March, our beneficiaries who are HIV positive were very stressed and worried.  Of course we were all were but due to their health status they were more scared and considered themselves helpless, they called us often for advice and guidance and we encouraged them to stay home,  avoid socializing,  washing hands regularly, eating healthy and observing general hygiene.  In some parts of the country the victims feared even to go to the health centres for their drugs an initial which was very concerning and later they were assured safety in health centres and they were encouraged to continue with medication.           We did not receive such case from our beneficiaries but we have continued to encourage them to go for the drugs once they finish.  They are happy they have a lot of farm produce in their gardens thus ensuring that they are food secure.  They are also selling the surplus for income generation during these difficult moments in the country.  Most citizens in the country are food insecure as a result of the pandemic as they don’t have any income.   We appreciate the effort of our beneficiaries s they have been working hard in their farms and the weather has really favoured them since the beginning of the year.  It has been raining and they have taken advantage of the on going rains.  They ready farm produce in their gardens and they are also planting more.  We are proud of this project and our beneficiaries too as they have owned the project to improve their living standards as well as their status.  We thank you all for your generosity and your continued support and together we have great achievements

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