Aug 6, 2019


CSA staff briefing children during the program
CSA staff briefing children during the program

It is said that “Career guidance is the first page of one’s successful future”. Not every child is fortunate enough to have a guardian in their life who can be their mentor to guide them for the career choices they make.  Catalysts For Social Action realized that something needs to be done to ensure a bright future for children in need of care & protection. So this program called Flight @18 was designed objective being:

  1. Creating a forum of reflection to identify Career & Financial Aspiration
  2. Understanding  the requirements for starting livelihood engagements/ first skilled job in tune with desired Career Goals
  3.  Understanding available opportunities and support system
  4. Learning from peers’ experiences/success stories, and training partners

Through this training module we make them aware about career opportunities they have – either higher education (after their SSC, HSC) and various skill based trainings depending upon their interests they are being enrolled into various skill training courses like Paramedical, Technical, Security, Management, Hospitality & Beauty and Wellness.

CSA has been running this program since a year now and we have supported dreams of almost 300 children till now. Our goal is to tie up with many more institutes and help these children be independent and create a brighter future for them.

One of our Beneficiary story:

As a successful hairstylist today, Shantanu harks back to the times when none of his present success was ever imaginable. Orphaned and homeless at a tender age of 10, Shantanu’s sole support system was his aging grandmother. That is when Catalysts for Social Action mentored and guided him. By enrolling him for a beauty and wellness course as well as covering 50% of his fees, CSA could empower this young man with the skills required to lead a successful life with uncompromising self-confidence and determination. Shantanu is now placed with one of the Salon in Mumbai and is earning Rs. 8000 a month.

For other such deinstitutionalized children, a bright shining future can be secured through timely intervention by CSA.  Shantanu’s grandmother is proud of him, she would be proud of you for donating too! 

Participating kids going through the options
Participating kids going through the options
Aug 2, 2019

Preparatory program for Adoption

Group photo after the preparatory program
Group photo after the preparatory program

In recent times due to many organizations working towards it a lot has been happening in adoption stream in India. Child adoption is seen as an increasing trend in India and across the world.

Most adoptions are either because the parents are not able to have their own kids or because they want to support and give a new lease of life to a child who has been left alone in the world. Earlier considered a taboo in India, adoption is now considered and spoken about freely in the Indian society.Adoption of older children above the age of 6 years is also slowly gaining momentum in India.

 However, the focus has always been on the process, eligibility convincing the couple about adoption. Not much has been done to work on the child psyche or preparing the child, especially older children.

Children staying in these various Child Care Institutes(CCIs) believe that the CCI is their permanent home and that they become very comfortable living in that environment and around the staff and other kids. It becomes really difficult and challenging to shift them to a family based alternative care system.

 These children need to be prepared to take the decision and we should help them to go through the transition from CCI to family. Hence the need of preparation program for alternative care is critical.

Child needs to be made aware about the option of moving into a loving and caring family through adoption.  If older children are prepared well the transition becomes smoother for them as well as the parents.

 CSA Goa along with District Child Protection Unit took this initiative of organizing a preparatory program for one of the CCI in Goa. Around 26 kids participated in this program and they were taken through a specially designed module. Through this initiative we tried our bit to make the transition smoother for the child as well as parents.

 The focus should not only be the parents and their preparation but also prepare children for family based care & the world of opportunities it opens up for them.

Children drawing their Ideal Family
Children drawing their Ideal Family
Jul 26, 2019

"Life is Very Difficult to Manage during Periods"

One of the Beneficiary seen happy post the session
One of the Beneficiary seen happy post the session

 So many of the terrible tales happened to children.

As young as nine. Burdened with cramps, heavy flow and interacting with rude or unsympathetic people.

Menstruation is a completely natural part of life, but most girls are inducted into puberty with feelings of shame.

It's unbelievably upsetting to discover how poorly we treat young girls — kids, really — going through this biological phenomenon that is no fault of their own.

So we conducted a Gynac visit session at one of our Child Care Institute in Mumbai (CCI). Around 40 girls from the CCI got access to this check-up session from age group 12-16. Regular check-ups were done for younger girls and menstrual guidance was given to 18 girls who hit their puberty.

Many of them had just hit their puberty and were suffering through period cramps and they were so not used to the pain and PMS. Proper Menstrual hygiene guidance was provided to them by the Dr answering each of their queries pertaining to their first period or 10th period.

We feel Lack of knowledge and awareness of menstruation leads many girls, regardless of their socio-economic strata, feel like they are alone in their suffering.

The silence also leads to deeper stigma around this body function. What’s worse, the health,

Schooling and dignity of girls is at stake – more girls drop out of school when they reach puberty.

This has far-reaching consequences on social development.

By doing such sessions we feel we can get an ease to their otherwise curious mind and also add tackle the Lack of knowledge issue too.

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