Sep 8, 2017

Re-visiting the flood victims

Ram Narayan, Shankar and Sunita are the team in Nepal to respond to the flood victims. They have been working non-stop in cooperation with individuals and organisations to ensure that everyone had something to eat and somewhere to sleep in ten surrounding villages from Bhagawatpur panchayat where our partner organisation is based. 

The current situation of the flood victims as I have received from the team:

- At least 90% people affected by the  floods have returned to their home from the temporary tent that was put up along the canals and roads

- Even though their home is not safe they prefer that way and have to protect the remaining.

- At least 50% of the families affected by the floods have started to cook meal in their own home.

- At leat 25% of the families have taken a loan to begin their life from a private lender at very high interest rates (48% or above)

- Most of the families walk a long way to collect clean water for cooking and drinking 

- None of the families have an electricity in their home

- Almost all the families have a mosquito net, a hand tourch and some clothing 

- Now, the families need construction materials to rebuild their home, clean water and something to rebuild a livelihood on

- NVF team is committed to this and we need your support. Please spread the word and donate generously. 

Thank you for your support ...

Aug 22, 2017

Re- Flooding in Nepal

A man is risking his life for few kilo of rice....
A man is risking his life for few kilo of rice....

Dear supporters,

Thank you for your continuous support to the ongoing Girls’ Education Project in Nepal.

The devastating flood triggered by heavy rainfall in the southern Nepal on 12th of August 2017 has taken the life of 121 people, hundreds of missing, 6000 families have been displaced, and over 5 million people are severely affected. See the link for more details-

NVF works in Southern Nepal to promote formal education for girls from the poor and Dalit families because girls’ education has been ignored in the community. The families who have been displaced in flood are the poorest because their home in not built properly to defend against flood or earthquake. Now, without a home and livelihoods, the families will not be able to continue their children’s education.

Hence, to support the flood victim’s families and prioritise their children’s education, NVF team decided to rebuild the home and livelihoods of 100 families. A project has been posted on GlobalGiving, and without your support, we can do this. It is a very difficult time for the families so please donate generously. Link to the project–

You can also help us by setting up a fundraising campaign or by sharing the project with your families, friends and colleagues for their help to rebuild the home and livelihoods of the poor people in Nepal.

Best wishes

The group of people have no where to escape......
The group of people have no where to escape......


Jul 28, 2017


We are tearful by the death of Nitu, one of our ex-pupils from Bhagawatpur panchayat. Exactly a year ago, Nitu was forced to leave school for marriage by her parents. We did everything we could to stop the marriage, but they didn’t listen to us. Even Nitu didn’t want to get married, but sadly she didn’t have a choice. Nitu was only fifteen, and she had only a year left in finishing school.

After three months of her marriage, she became pregnant and, a week ago she died in hospital during the delivery. We all are shocked by her death. Despite the laws, the tradition of teenage marriage is still common in the community. Nitu is no longer with us, but the message that teenage marriage is a death trap has to be spread widely. The mistake has been made. Now, we take it as a learning and will try to persuade parents in the community even harder to stop the teenage marriage.

Currently, its summer school holiday in Nepal for one and half months. Sunita and Shankar, the project assistants, are organising quiz contest with the girls in various groups. Through the contest, they educate the girls about our work, the rules and regulations, their parent's role in it and theirs own. They also make sure that the girls study in the home regularly to avoid losing interest in schooling. The girls do get treated with chocolate in the quiz contest.

The financial year of our partner organisation ends in July and, it is also the month to bring new girls in the scheme. There are eleven girls who are in most need of our support in the panchayats. Without our support, the girls cannot continue their schooling and if they don’t then it means they will end up marrying someone soon. The cost to keep a girl in secondary schooling for a year is £60 or $85 or 7,800 rupees and in primary schooling £50 or $70.

If you can afford then, please sponsor a girl today. It doesn’t just enable them to retrieve a formal education; it also changes their life to good forever. Once Nelson Mandela said ‘’an education is the most powerful weapon to fight poverty and inequalities.’’ On addition to that, we strongly believe ‘’educate a girl today, and we never have to educate their children again.’’

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