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Oct 29, 2018

The Progress Report- October 2018

The following project activities were carried out during the quarter;

Monitoring of the girls in the scheme to improve the school attendance- Thirty-five girls in the scheme have achieved a 100% school attendance comparing to only six or seven in the previous months or years. Similarly, 52 girls have a school attendance of 80% and only six girls have below 50%. Radha and Nirmala, the two interns, have been working hard to achieve the result.

None of the girls is allowed to be absent from their school without permission from the interns. Despite that many girls are absent for various reasons. Hence, Radha and Nirmala visit all the schools randomly on a regular basis, and if they find any of the girls is absent, then they visit their home. We believe the monitoring system is working better than ever since before.

Study support package- we have provided plenty of notebooks, pens, school-bag and a bicycle to the girls in the first quarter, so only a few girls needed some extra in this quarter. Mainly the seven girls in higher secondary schooling needed a bicycle, textbooks and the other stuff.  

Improving the quality of education- we are working with the head of local municipality to explore the possibility to partner the local schools and municipality. It is to improve the quality of education in local schools by improving the teaching and learning methods.

The management of the local schools, teachers, pupils and their parents are not taking the education seriously due to many difficulties and differences. If the project is feasible and the municipality provides sufficient funding, then we will be working to eliminate the difficulties and differences and create a better environment for teaching and learning. The local community schools are mainly used by girls, so most of the girls in the community will benefit from the project.

An opportunity to study higher secondary schooling- we have begun to sponsor girls from poor and Dalit families to study higher secondary schooling from this year. Seven girls have been selected for the scheme, and they are attending their college regularly from the last month. We have partnered with two local colleges, and the colleges are offering a 36% discount on the tuition fees to all our girls. A project has been created on GlobalGiving for the sponsorship.

To sponsor a girl in higher secondary schooling costs £550 per year (£50/month). Similarly, to sponsor a girl in secondary school costs £65 (£6/month) and in primary schooling costs £50 (£5/month).

Please sponsor a girl today and give the girls in rural Nepal an opportunity to receive an education.


Sep 22, 2018

The Flood Recovery Project- The Final Report Sept

The project to rebuild the home and livelihoods of the flood victims (2017) in Saptari district of Nepal has been fully completed. The funding of the project came from GlobalGiving, the South Asia flood recovery designated funds and fundraising from individual donors. Hamro Samaj Nepal delivered the project in partnership with Nepal Village Foundation, UK.

The families of Hemnarayan, Triloknath, Badrinath, Santosh from Tilathi Koiladi municipality and Rabiya, Rama, Jugeshwar, Ramchandra, Chandeshwar, Bishundev and others from Mahadeva municipality have benefited from the project. We have rebuilt the damaged homes, new toilets, borehole for clean water, seeds to grow vegetables and cash to recover other expenses.

The following activities were carried out to achieve the objectives and the amount we have expended on the activities. The total amount, we assigned for the project was £15,671 (Rs 1,994,750). Two full-time staff in addition to the board members have delivered and monitored the project.

  • Rs 1,324,720 expended on rebuilding the damaged homes
  • Rs 302,630 expended on building the toilets
  • Rs 14,900 expended on providing the vegetable seeds
  • Rs 45,500 cash provided to the beneficiaries
  • Rs 228,600 expended on the delivery of the project including of staff salary
  • Rs 52,200 expended on project planning and design
  • Rs 37,100 expended on admin and governance
  • Rs 49,500 expended on admin, governance and monitoring (UK-based)
  • Rs 2,055,150 Grand total

Rs 60,400 was over expended on the project and the overspending money recovered from the suppliers and contribution of the board members.

Hamro Samaj Nepal, the beneficiaries and the NVF team, appreciated the support of every individual and GlobalGiving towards the project. We look forward to your support again in the near future. Give a Gift- Give a Bicycle is our new project on GlobalGiving. Please do spare a few moments to look at the project. Thank you again for your support.


Aug 2, 2018

Progress Report August 2018

Making the financial report publin in Nepal
Making the financial report publin in Nepal

The financial year ends on the 16th of July in Nepal. We have expended 725,572 rupees (£5,573 or US$8,136) in total in the year on the Girls’ Education Project. 105 girls from the poorest of the poor families have been supported through the project to receive a formal education in Mahadeva municipality of Saptari district, Nepal. It means £53 per girl for the year.

Breaking down the cost, we have expended £746 on study materials (£7/per girl), £1,398 on uniform (£14/per girl), £140 on extra tuition and exam fees, £280 on bicycles and £573 on awareness raising activities. Similarly, £1,542 was expended on project implementation, monitoring and reporting, and £902 on support to the partner organisation towards admin, bills and governance.

The study support package includes notebooks, pens, extra tuition and exam fees, a bicycle if the school is far to walk, uniform (a pair of trousers, skirt, shirt, socks, shoes, sandals, hat and scarf) and all the support. Textbooks are provided by the government, and there is no schooling fee in the local community schools.   

Currently, a full-time senior project assistant and three full-time interns are managing the project, and monitor all the girls to ensure they attend school regularly. The girls come from ten different villages and go twelve different local schools. The project assistant and the interns visit all the schools and villages regularly, so it’s not an easy job. They also report the progress to the chair and board of trustees monthly.

Although the majority of girls are now completing the final year of secondary schooling through the project, they are not progressing towards higher secondary schooling. It is because they achieve a poorer grade in the final exams which doesn’t allow them to do so and the culture of teenage teen marriages. Therefore, from this year’s and forward our focus will be given on how the girls achieve a better grade along with others. We strongly believe that a better grade will motivate some girls to progress towards higher secondary schooling.    

Nepal Village Foundation’s board of trustees are now considering to sponsor interested girls from the poor families to study further, but barely any girl meets the criteria. Hence, new project activities, such as an extra tuition class before and after the school hours for every girl will be considered to achieve the goal.

Carefully looking at the inflation rate and the new project activities, our prediction for the 2018/19 is £60 or US$88 per girl. If you are sponsoring a girl by giving regularly, then please adjust your donation accordingly, and if you are not, then please sponsor a girl today. Your donation is making a huge and real difference to improve the lives of disadvantaged girls and women in rural Nepal. 

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