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May 9, 2016


Beneficiaries and outreach workers
Beneficiaries and outreach workers

Project activities of ‘Buy a solar lantern for girls in Nepal to study’ was completed on the 29th of April 2016. 101 girls from the girls’ education project by Nepal Village Foundation received a solar lantern and the girls are very happy.

The problem:

Electricity supply has not reached to many rural villages in Nepal and if it has then there is no supply of electricity for hours, days or weeks. Children from the poorest and Dalit families use kerosene oil lamp to study in the evenings and nights. But this doesn't provide sufficient light to study and it also affects their health.


To provide a solar lantern to the one hundred and one girls. This will enable them to study in the evenings and nights. Ultimately, this will help them to progress better in their study.

Activity carried out:

  • Purchased and distributed 101 solar lanterns to the 101 girls in the education scheme.
  • Five trained outreach workers taught the girls and their parents how to use the lantern and to deal with common faults if it is experienced
  • The local outreach workers who monitor the girls in the education scheme were briefed to make sure the girls use the lantern for the purpose

Project location:

Bhagawatpur, Mahadewa and Bathanaha village panchayats of Saptari district, Nepal 

Feedback and photos from Nepal:

Nirmala one of the girls in the education scheme is studying in grade nine. She used to go to a neighbour’s house to study in the evenings because the neighbour has electricity in their home and emergency backup light. Nirmala said ‘the neighbour was not very happy, me coming to their house every day.’ ‘She added ‘my courses are more difficult than before and it requires longer hours of study.’ ‘Thank you to NVF and HSN, now I can study in my own home and I don’t need to be worried about how the neighbour feel.’

Girls from the education scheme and the outreach workers are in the photos


This project is a supplementary project of 'the girls' education project’ in Nepal. The education project is financing all the 101 girls to go to school because girls' education has been ignored in Nepal for cultural traditions and financial reasons. We are hopeful that the girls will progress better in their study.

Financial report of the project yet to be received from the partner organisation. This project will be deactivated from the GlobalGiving site because it is fully funded and we won’t be able to be in touch through the project. So please sign up at to hear from us in the future.

Thank you for your support

Beneficiaries and outreach workers
Beneficiaries and outreach workers
Beneficiaries and outreach workers
Beneficiaries and outreach workers
The project location
The project location

May 4, 2016

Trustees' Annual Report 2015-16

Beneficiaries of the project
Beneficiaries of the project

Thirty-nine girls are in secondary schooling through this project and they are attending school regularly. Two of the girls have taken their final school (GCSE) exam a month ago and now they are waiting for the result.

We found out that most girls from poor and Dalit families in rural Nepal dropout of schooling when they reached to secondary schooling.

Hence, we started the girls’ education project in Nepal few years ago. Through the project we encourage girls to attend school regularly and provide support that includes study materials and uniform.

We started with 21 girls from a village panchayat in Saptari district of Nepal. Now, we support 101 girls from three village panchayats in the district. We also work with twelve local schools and 850 families in the panchayats. The enclosed trustees’ annual report provides more details. Trustees' Annaul Report 2015-16

To sponsor a girl costs only £4 a month or $6 US dollars.

Many more girls in rural villages of Nepal are in a desperate need of our support.

Please sponsor a girl today.  

May 4, 2016

The Project Completion Report

The mosquito net beneficiary
The mosquito net beneficiary

Hurrrrrray! the project is completed. We purchased 1200 long lasting insecticide mosquito net from Tamilnadu India in April 2015. The project was scheduled to be completed by July 2015. But it didn’t due to import duty issue with Nepalese Government, the 6 months long political agitation in the country and the painful Indian Customs. However, the project is completed now and the 870 families are sleeping in the net safely and peacefully.

Need of the project;

The three villages where, currently we are working are in malaria high risk area and it is difficult for the poorest to afford any protection against malaria. Economic loss, particularly to the poorest is severe when the malaria mosquito infects them. This also affects the children's health and progress in their studies.

Activity we carried out;

  • Hired and trained six outreach workers to work on the project
  • Assessed the situation of livelihoods of people in Bhagawatpur, Mahadewa and Bathanaha village panchayats of Saptari district, Nepal
  • Installed the 1200 Nets in 870 families in the village panchayats. The families include whose daughters are in the education scheme through the girls’ education project.
  • Raised awareness about prevention of malaria and other mosquito borne diseases in the 870 families by organising various meetings and family visit.

Expected outcomes;

  • School attendance of 101 girls in the education scheme will be improved in the years ahead
  • The 870 families are more aware about the prevention of mosquito borne diseases, leading to an improvement in health and wellbeing
  • Economic loss to the families when they are infected by malaria mosquito will be minimised, leading to an improvement in the livelihoods

The net lasts for five years. So, the situation of livelihoods of the families will be re-assessed after five years to measure real impact of the project. This will determine continuity of the project in the future. Please sign up to hear from us by visiting our website []

Thank you for your support

Meeting with beneficiaries
Meeting with beneficiaries
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