Sep 29, 2021

2020 Annual Report

Dear friends,


2020 proved to be a challenging year for most, with the COVID-19 pandemic restricting social interactions, causing many businesses to close their doors and leaving some of its employees without work. 

Many schools were forced to close their doors to traditional learning and many learners fell behind academically as a result. This left us seeking alternative methods to ensure our learners were supported during this unprecedented time.

The pandemic forced us to innovate and alter our approach to tutoring and mentoring. As we now had to incorporate  online tutoring and self-study methods into our practice.


In this report, our Board Chair, Putukwane Madisha and CEO, Hope Chidawanyika reflect on the past year, the challenges we have faced as an organisation, but more importantly, how we have demonstrated our dedication to improve and innovate as we embark on a new year with fresh perspectives.


The report also shares  some of our highlights from 2020, in particular, the continued success of our Community Collaborations Programme which has grown its  network,  reaching learners in new provinces. . 


2020 also saw the launch of the Last Push Maths and Science support programme in partnership with Shell in the Limpopo Province.  We were able to support over 400 learners with mathematics and physical sciences tutoring in preparation for the Matric exams.


Click this link, to read the full review as well as the many success stories of 2020, told by the ikamvanites themselves.

We would like to thank you,  our supporters, for contributing  to our success in 2020. We value and appreciate your continued support


May 31, 2021

Maths and Science "Last Push" Project


The impact of COVID-19 on the schooling system required innovative solutions to ensure learners, especially those in under-resourced schools, received adequate support that would bridge the learning gaps of the 2020 schooling year. Out of that need, emerged an innovative NGO-business partnership between IkamvaYouth and Shell. 

Leveraging on our successful model and existing resources, IkamvaYouth in partnership with Shell, initiated the “Last Push” Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) Support Project in Limpopo.

COVID-19 exacerbated already existing challenges in the province. Limpopo province has consistently performed poorly, with the matric class of 2019 achieving only a 73.2% pass rate, subsequently, the province came out last in comparison to other provinces. The STEM results in the province have also been lagging. An intervention was therefore imperative to ensure Grade 12 learners were prepared for the National Senior Certificate examinations. From October to December we implemented the project, reaching more than 450 learners in the Malegale and Schoonoord circuits, located in the Sekhukhune District, Limpopo. 

The project required us to innovate and customize our model to meet the urgent needs of learners in Limpopo. While the IkamvaYouth model utilises volunteer tutors, the time frame of the project required immediate alternative solutions. We, therefore, worked with Maths and Science teachers from the 12 schools to offer the extra support in these subjects.  It was imperative for the learners and teachers to understand the IkamvaYouth learner-driven pedagogy, where no teaching but only learning happens, and emphasis on the importance of peer to peer support.

We familiarised the teachers and learners through practical demonstrations where learners lead the discussions and the teacher facilitates focussing on key concepts of a given topic. Schedules were drawn up with teachers as regards when the sessions would be held. Teachers were required to work with a maximum number of 30 learners to enhance individual attention. 

Before we met IkamvaYouth, at my school, my learners were lacking confidence in answering questions. My learners had this fear that Mathematics is difficult but after IkamvaYouth intervention, I started to see my learners participating more, having confidence in challenging difficult questions, the slow learners also started to respond and answer difficult questions. The intervention helped a lot. I am confident that those learners with less than 20% in mathematics will jump to 30% or 40%. It was a short time but with a huge impact. As an educator, I learned a lot of strategies on how to extract certain information. I thought working with past question papers was enough but the IkamvaYouth model can extract hidden information from learners.” Mr. Ramonyai, Lamdzanvho Mathematics Teacher 


We understood the importance of holistic intervention, all learners were provided with stationery packs, consisting of writing pads, pens, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners as well as calculators. This was set to motivate the learners and ensure they did not worry about stationery during their final examinations and during the ‘last push’ sessions. Schools were also provided with textbooks for Maths and Science. The learners received a warm meal for every session to keep them energised and focused.


While there were many lessons drawn from delivering such an intervention with limited time, the project uptake from Circuit, District, headmasters, teachers and learners was encouraging. We are proud of the partnership with Shell, for the impact we had on learners, ensuring they were better prepared for the final exams. There is still a lot of work to be done in the province, and in alignment with our goals to grow our reach, we look forward to more opportunities to reach more learners in the province and ensure improved results.

“IkamvaYouth methods are helpful. I never thought of working with my peers and taking the lead during group discussions. Their facilitators were not teaching but rather working with us and asking each other questions. Our teachers were also wonderful because they were not implementing what they normally do in classes instead they observe and engage where there is a need. Most of the sessions we were working together as learners.” Sweetness, Moleshatlou High School

Jan 21, 2021

IkamvaYouth 2020 update

While 2020 was a year full of challenges due to COVID-19,  we are proud to have been able to adapt and continue providing academic and psychosocial support to learners in our programmes who needed our support more than ever. 

As soon as the national lockdown was announced, we immediately shifted our programmes online. We established WhatsApp groups, categorised by grade, and by subject stream. With the support of our donors, who provided funding towards data, we managed to purchase data bundles for learners in our programmes to ensure their learning continued. We also managed to purchase cell phones for learners that were in Grade 12, to ensure they received adequate support in preparation for the final exams. 

The participation and engagement rates in the WhatsApp groups met our expected target of 40% and 60% of the learners respectively, therefore the uptake of the online tutoring was positive. Given the realities of device access and data challenges, we were encouraged by the number of learners we were able to reach.

There were opportunities that emerged out of the crisis. With the shift to online learning, we had better access to and participation of the grade 12 learners.  Ordinarily, a lot of schools have their own after school activities, which are unfortunately not geared towards learner individual support. For 2021, we will continue supporting Grade 12 learners with online support and provide data. 

We were very fortunate to have the support of our donors and parents during this pandemic as they enabled us to continue to provide support to learners. Our mission remains the same: To enable disadvantaged youth to pull themselves and each other out of poverty and into tertiary education and/or employment. We will continue to be the beacon of hope for young people in under-resourced communities. 

“The WhatsApp groups have helped me through hard times of studying. Studying by my own the whole day is not an easy thing to do but I chose to study 5 hours at  midnight while watching  319 and I'm grateful that IkamvaYouth has exercises for us to practice with and thank you for being there for us through hardships” - Thembela, grade 12

“The online platform has challenged me to know the learners better in order to keep them motivated and committed. Learners appreciate a word of encouragement every now and then and the airtime incentives also encourage them to participate. I have seen learners practicing peer to peer support more on the platform. I am happy by the progress I see daily from the learners.” - Mashudu, tutor

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