Jul 22, 2016

Ecuador Earthquake Report

Hello donors!

All Hands has been on the ground in Ecuador since April and an enormous amount of progress has been made. The thousands of people that were affected by the earthquake are beginning to recover and regain a sense of normalcy. We have demolished and rubbled 16 homes to date, with 1 home in progress. To date we have completed 14 temporary structures using bamboo. In order to reinforce these structures to prevent damage in the event of a future earthquake we use rebar in the walls. This forces debris to fall outside of the structure rather than in to the structure during the earthquake. We have reinforced 23 structures with rebar to date. In order to supply our ever-growing need for bamboo we are looking in to a collaboration to build a bamboo treatment center that would provide the bamboo necessary to construct shelters.  This center will not only treat bamboo, but will also build local capacities with bamboo construction, treatment and masonry. We have also received approval to build a Temporary Learning Center in San Miguel de Briceño.

With over 16,000 homes destroyed or damaged homes there is endless amounts of work to be done. In many areas that are difficult to access we are helping out in various different ways, including assisting the 200 families living in the Saman Internally Displaced Peoples Camp. Drainage ditches have been created to combat the flooding that has occurred due to earthquake and worsened by storms. These ditches also surround the camp in order to prevent flooding there and mud buildup. Inside of the camp we have constructed wash tables for sanitation purposes and a permanent fence to aid in security.

We are greatly appreciative of your donations and hope that you continue to support our mission in Ecuador. We would not be able to sustain our programs without donors like you. For any additional information please visit our website!


Jun 10, 2016

Help Feed 500 Families in Malawi Final Report

Malawi experienced a nation-wide hunger crisis that created a desperate need for help. All Hands attempted to partner with the local Muona Foundation to provide 5 kg of maize seeds each to 500 families in the Nsanje district of Malawi. This project would have been able to keep people from experiencing the effects of cyclical hunger, malnutrition and debt.

Unfortunately, as can happen with any project that relies solely on funding from donors, support was scarce and we were unable to meet our goal and carry out the project. Without the proper attention from national and international media many of these issues throughout the world go unnoticed and the people most in need fall through the cracks. Our project on Global Giving attempted to highlight the major need that exists in this area but we were unable to reach our goal.

While our efforts with the Muona Foundation were unsuccessful due to lack of funding in the amount of time we were given, we hope to make a difference in the future and assist the vulnerable victims of hunger in the world. We thank all those who donated and continue to support our organization and mission. 

May 23, 2016

Nepal Rebuild and Recover Report

It has been a full year since devastating earthquakes struck Nepal, and All Hands Volunteers continues to make measurable strides in the quest to recover and rebuild. To date All Hands has demolished over 80 unsafe buildings such as homes, schools and community buildings. The rubble from 359 collapsed buildings has been carried away to make space for rebuilding efforts. In the most vulnerable, forgotten, All Hands has created 100 earthquake resilient homes, 35 in an area near Kathmandu and 65 in areas in Sindhupalchok. Along the way All Hands has continued to involve the support of local men and women; one example is a program which trained 29 beneficiaries to become certified in resilient masonry techniques.

In the aftermath of the earthquake some 1 million children were faced with the challenge of continuing their education but with nowhere to learn. All Hands has built 16 Temporary Learning Centers and repaired 10 others which has allowed 1,820 children to move on with their studies and provides a safe area for them. In addition to the TLC’s we constructed 22 community shelters all outfitted with latrine systems and hygiene centers. Partnering with Room to Read we are currently building five permanent schools in Nuwakot District and another series of schools in Sindhupalchok.

Nepal is now facing monsoon season from June through September. This presents a new set of challenges in an already challenging landscape. The areas in which we operate are incredibly remote and are difficult to access in the best of weather, which is why they risk being overlooked by other humanitarian groups.  In order to combat this issue, All Hands  pioneered a mobile model whereby  teams of volunteers  go and camp within remote communities to  cut out the long commute time and fuel costs when traveling to and from base,  This model will be crucial to allowing us to continue reconstruction projects during the monsoons.

A year later the communities in Nepal are still trying to regain a sense of normalcy, and All Hands has been there every step of the way offering our services with a warm smile. We’re still hard at work on the ground today, and we’re committed to helping Nepal recover for tomorrow and the months ahead. This is only possible thanks to the generous donations from the people who believe in our mission. Thank you for your support.


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