Apr 21, 2020

Integrated Community Shelters For Floods Survivors

Dear our respected donors,

On this occasion please allow me to deliver our deep gratitude to all of your generousity to support Indonesian communities who were affected by floods in early January 2020. The floods caused a lot of casualities and all of you will be remembered in our heart, and all of you are the hero for survivors. 

On behalf of ACT Foundation, I really hope that you, your family are doing very well for this uncertain time that almost every country face COVID-19 and in Indonesia the numbers of COVID-19 are increasing significantly. There are  6,760 positive, recovered 747, deaths 590 as of April 21st, 2020 on https://www.covid19.go.id/ official website. 

Furthermore, I kindly inform you that ACT Foundation is a non-profit, a non-government-organization, engaged in the handling of humanitarian disasters (natural disasters and social disasters), emergency relief, recovery, renovation of schools, clinics, public facilities, health programs included malnutrition, famine, children, health and sanitation issues, economic empowerment, community development in Indonesia and foreign countries

To deliver updates on the project  https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/emergency-response-the-flooding-across-jakarta/ that We have been implemented since January 2020, and now We have been working on recovery phase that directly benefit for floods survivors in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, and Lebak-Banten Indonesia. 

The recovery phase is a crucial phase for survivors to continue their daily activities just as before disaster occurred. Most survivors have been lost their valuable belongings such as houses those damaged by flood and most of them are underpreviliege family. Meanwhile, COVID-19 affected Indonesia as well that impact for survivors to continue their daily life.

ACT Foundation have been running the construction on Integrated Community Shelters (ICS) for survivors since early March, 2020 before COVID-19 face Indonesia. At the Integrated Community Shelters (ICS) area, there are 52 unit shelters and each unit will benefit for one household family (5-6 person family members), 20 public restrooms, warehouses, medical-mini-clinic, public kitchens, playground for children who will inhabit at the Integrated Community Shelters (ICS), and the construction will take about 8 weeks. 

Hopefully, the construction will not be hampered by the weather and We could reach the target of finishing the Integrated Community Shelters on time. It has been raining, and the road to the construction site has been muddy. Vehicles can only reach the main road. To reach the construction site, the workers must carry the building materials. There’s no difficulties on the stock avaibility of the building materials. 

The Somang villagers will inhabit the shelters. Somang village was hit by flood that destroyed houses,  it was declared a flood-prone area by the local government.  Minggu, the Secretary of Sukarame Village, said that the presence of the Integrated Community Shelters highly anticipated by the residents of Somang Village. The local community leaders / chairman of village has identified the families who will inhabit the Integrated Coummunity Shelters from ACT Foundation. There are no specific criteria or priorities that We set for the beneficiaries, whether they are old or young. We make sure that the villagers whose homes were damaged or washed away by flood will receive a shelter. 

Syarif, one of the local residents, felt greatly assisted by the presence of the Integrated Community Sheters for the residents of Somang Village. Syarif's house was damaged by the flood, and he is grateful that the generous people have helped residents to find temporary shelter. We, the Somang villagers, are very grateful to the generous people who have helped us here, who have alleviated our burden here. 

Moreover, I kindly inform you that ACT Foundation also response on the COVID-19, at your convenience time please take a look and click  https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/emergency-response-coronavirus-aid-distribution/ 

Finally, thank you very much for your kindness and sincere support for Indonesian community. What an amazing support from all of you!  Your hands are very helpful for Indonesian community. Please stay safe and healthy. 


Warm regards,

Mohamad F. Amrullah

Feb 14, 2020

Build School in Outer Island - Indonesia

School before contruction
School before contruction

Respected donors, Aksi Cepat Tanggap Foundation has been continues to improve the education on Indonesian Outer Islands.  By having better education is one of many ways to create young generation leader for the country. One of Aksi Cepat Tanggap Foundation programs are to build school in outer Island for unfortunate community who live far way from the education access in the country. 

Aksi Cepat Tanggap Foundation have been built Hidayatullah senior high school for students who are studying at uncomfortable  place those made by woods, the roof made from zinc.  The school location called village Siwalubanua, Sitoli Idanoi, Sub-District North Sumatera. 

Muhammad Ikhsan (school leader) said that total students at senior high school are 40 students and only have one class room only, which is not enough for all grade at  senior high school. Before the contruction, the school was really lack of facilities there is no tables, no chairs, no teachers room, no rest room, etc.

Nowadays, students, teachers and community feel very happy to have new school. They could study much much more comfortable than before. Thank you very much for generous support that make huge impact on society, your generousity will make better life for students and better dream in the future. 

During the contruction
During the contruction
Feb 7, 2020

Food Package for Earthquake Victims in Maluku

ACT Foundation have been received fund from GlobalGiving donors about the Earthquake in Ambon, Maluku, Indonesiawith magnitude of 6.5 shook Ambon City and it’s surrounding areas on Thursday, 9/26/2019 at 06.46 AM West Indonesian Time, leaving trauma for Maluku residents.

The aftershocks occurred again in succession on 10/10/2019 which was quite large and claimed lives, namely 5.2 on the Richter Scale (RS) at 14:39 WIB. The earthquake shock caused thousands of houses to be damaged, roads were split, and dozens of other buildings collapsed. The number of aftershocks that continue to occur every day makes residents not only panicked and scattered from their homes when the earthquake occurred, but some residents took some of their property by riding a motorcycle and went to the refugee points in Liang Village.

The occurrence of aftershocks made people increasingly worried and chose to evacuate themselves and their families to refugee camps. They set up camps in the hills far from the sea for fear of the coming earthquake and tsunami.

After the earthquake that struck the Maluku region on Thursday (9/26), the refugees are now returning to their normal activities during the day, but at night residents continue to return to the refugee camps for fear of aftershocks. Where the worst affected location was in Liang Village, Salahatu Sub-District, Central Maluku District.

ACT Foundation distributed food packages: cooking oil, tea, biscuits, soy sauce, salt, and salted fish.The assistance is given to disaster affected communities who are in dire need of assistance to survive post-disaster.

Support from GlobalGiving has helped distribute 76 food packages to the Maluku community affected by the earthquake. The distribution was carried out to the location where evacuated residents were affected by the earthquake in Maluku for one day at the evacuation site in Waiosa Hamlet, Liang Village, Salahutu Sub-District, Central Maluku District, Maluku on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 ago. 

The people affected by the Maluku earthquake admitted that they were greatly helped by the distribution of food packages. The reason is that most of the people who work as plantation farmers (cloves and nutmeg) cannot manage their gardens. They chose to stay in their refugee tents on the hill for fear of a tsunami. The number of aftershocks has made them traumatized.

We kindly thank to donors who continuesly support Indonesian communities. 

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