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Apr 28, 2015

Something We're Really Excited About!

Students working at our biointensive garden.
Students working at our biointensive garden.

Dear Friends and Supporters:

We're really excited to share with you the launch of a new program at Clinica Verde - Grupo de Bienestar Materno Infantil  (GBMI). This project to promote maternall infant wellbeing is a pilot using interactive lectures, food based approaches and a socio-behavioral change curriculum to teach pregnant mothers about the stages of fetal development, ways to care for the health of their child in the womb and nutrition during the pre-natal, post-natal periods and the first five years of life. There has been substantial evidence that prenatal and under-5 nutrition impacts a person’s health and wellness over their entire life course. Additionally, there is substantial evidence that education surrounding these topics is limited in the city of Boaco, Nicaragua and demand exists to repair the discrepancy. For this, Clinica Verde is initiating a ten-week pilot project for pregnant mothers that will teach fetal development and maternal and child nutrition through presentations, interactive activities, use of our Clinica Verde organic, bio-intensive demonstration garden and cooking demonstrations. 

Pretty awesome, right? 

Here are some of our specific objectives of the project:

  • 80% of GBMI participants give breast milk to their infant within one hour of birth—this is concurrently encouraged by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health
  • 70% of GBMI participants attempt to practice EBF for 6 months post delivery- practicing EBF can be a challenge for various reasons beyond control; for this reason, this strategic objective is presented as an attempt.
  • In final project survey, 90% of mothers can identify 3 nutrient-dense vegetables, the health benefits that those products confer and a way to cook them in their home that retains nutritional value
  • At 3rd month home visit, 70% of GBMI participants report 2 additional fruits or vegetables in the previous day’s diet as compared to the initial program survey 24 hour recall
  • In a survey of childhood malnutrition/over-nutrition 80% of mothers can identify 3 symptoms of malnutrition or nutrient deficiency and 2 symptoms of over-nutrition
  • Increase knowledge of the internal pregnancy process and fetal development- 8 out of 10 mothers give correct responses to 2/3 development questions during end of reunion evaluations
  • Mothers demonstrate gradual increase in verbal participation; 8 of 10 mothers attend the 4 months post project lunch at Clinica Verde
  • 80% of mothers use Clinica Verde for child’s health and development visits
  • One family member of a GBMI participant attends a CV bio-intensive cooperative gardening session during the 3 month GBMI course

We realize this won't be easy, but our team is excited by the potential for impact among our cherished patients.

We'll keep you posted on how things go. In the meantime, please know that your support is vital to this project - and all that we do at Clinica Verde to bring health and hope to families living in poverty.

We love our supporters!!

One of our sweet patients!
One of our sweet patients!
A mother cooking using an ecostove.
A mother cooking using an ecostove.
Feb 9, 2015

Troubled Teens? Not Ours! They Rock.

Dear Friends and Supporters:

Last year we started a TeenSmart club at Clinica Verde, and we're excited to share with you how it's going. First of all, Our Teen Club is comprised of more than 20 teens from the region we serve. These teens are trained to be peer counselors to other young people in surrounding communities, encouraging engagement, self-esteem, and responsible behavior around smart sexual health and wellbeing. They have a special space at Clinica Verde that they fixed up to be their place for brainstorming, meeting and supporting one another.

Recently, we visited the homes of adolescents in our TeenSmart program. We got to meet their mothers and siblings, and share personally the work we're doing with their young leaders. A couple of our teens also developed the idea to visit an elderly care center. A couple of the students, who are studying nursing, performed blood pressure checks and general health assessments for the elderly in the nearby community of San Nicolas. Other students participated in community service by cleaning windows at the center, served refreshments to the elderly and spent time building new friendships. It was a wonderful day.

This work is guided and overseen by TeenSmart International, a non-profit organization that promotes self care and self-empowerment among teens with the goal of reducing or preventing risky sexual health behavior. Providing peer support and engaging in community service opportunities is key to building self-confidence. We wanted to share photos of some of this work with you. We'll keep you updated as we have more information and data on the program and curriculum. In the meantime, we wanted to share some photos of our teens and action and simply thank you for your ongoing faith and support. We couldn't do our work without you!



Dec 15, 2014

Serving With Love and Compassion

In the last 3 months, Clinica Verde has served 2,628 patient visits, including 350 growth and development consults for children under the age of 5. Thanks to the help of Vitamin Angels, we've been able to distribute Vitamin A supplements to 103 children between the ages of 6 and 59 months; provide multivitamins to 150 children, and serve 164 pregnant women with prenatal controls.

In addition, we've performed 15 PAPs and - something we're very excited about - we've opened our own on-site laboratory, allowing us to better serve and diagnose our cherished patients. As always, our top priority is to serve our patients with quality and compassion, promoting the prevention of illnesses through check-ups and regular education talks. In the past 3 months we've delivered 33 talks on themes including nutrition, dengue, maleria, danger signs of pregnancy and family planning. Our biointensive garden managed by Global Student Embassy also receives visits from our patients, teachers and students from both secondary schools and universities, all of whom learn about the biointensive method of farming and how to create home gardens that amplify the nutrition of families.

In the department of Boaco, where Clinica Verde is located, 23% of pregnancies occur in adolescents, and this number is also an area of focus for us. Thanks to the support of the Strachan Foundation and an alliance with TeenSmart International, our teen club has been actively connecting with area teens to provide education talks and equip our teen leaders with information on sexual reproductive health to share with their peers.

Dina, a Boquena woman born in 1968, is one of the women who we've served with honor, overseeing her pregnancy and the delivery of her baby with quality and compassion. She is a blessing to us, and to all.

We wish all of our supporters a very warm, safe and loving holiday season during this time when we are all called to remember that we are born to serve and support those among us living in need.

Mil gracias.

Celebrating the Purisima at Clinica Verde.
Celebrating the Purisima at Clinica Verde.
The Global Student Embassy team at Clinica Verde.
The Global Student Embassy team at Clinica Verde.
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