Oct 14, 2019

Unveiling The Hidden Women Potential


Mary, aged 32, has 5 children and is a primary seven drop-out. “Before receiving training from VacNet, she says, “I was not doing any business but was depending on my husband for everything. I would endure all the harsh words from my husband in order to survive. We briefly separated because I could not sustain the stress in our marriage.” As I was passing through Layibi market I mate a group of women sitting together and sharing, also they were pulling their repayments and recording them in a book. their chairperson came to inform them about business-related training. I got interested and inquired if they can allow me to attend training with them, they accepted me. In that training, I learnt three critical issues that have enabled me to start and grow my business: diversification of business; how people have the same brain, ability and time; and how to save and invest. After the training, I requested a microloan of UGX 150,000 which I used to open and planted one acre of maize while at the same time brewing local alcohol to support my farming activity.

Client Quote:-

"Using my savings and proceeds from agriculture, I was able to buy two cows at UGX550,000 and UGX750,000. I have grown my herd to eight and currently sells milk to my community to supplement my income. I save with the group. My savings have been progressing from UGX111,000 in 2017, then UGX600,000 in 2019, to the current UGX800,000. I continued brewing for school fees for MY children amounting to UGX280,000 per term (S.4). I also buy cassava and sell it in the local market and have added five turkeys which I'm rearing". -----Mary

Mary boasts of having 3 meals per day, which never used to happen; buying 5 mattresses, a bicycle, all children are in school and increasing capital and assets. She encourages other women to join VacNet to be given the same skills such that they can be like her. She advises women to think of getting knowledge, not money. Women should also cooperate with others to be able to realize development.

“I feel confident and more open minded to opportunities coming my way”

Moving forward, we need your help to continue providing opportunities and resources to women and. Please consider a year-end gift to our effort, ensuring the fight for equality, dignity and justice continues. 

Mary with her keeping animals
Mary with her keeping animals


Aug 20, 2019

Because of You I sleep in a Decent Shelter


We were treated with joy when we visited the home of Prisca. She has worked with VacNet and benefited from our microloan program, she said " because of you I sleep in a decent shelter ", One of my goals in life was to construct my own house which is permanent, enough for my family and decent to sleep in and you helped me achieve this I feel exteemely proud and confident for the future"

Prisca  is a widow with 4 children who she ably take care of them making sure they attain the best education she joined the progrom in 2010, recieved trainind and a $150 micro loans to start a retail business Soon she was chosen to chair the peer Counsellor' s group of strong community women leaders, she represents the voice of women at Pece division, and is the overall community mobilizer for her political party in her area. , Prisca stoped in primary 7 and supported her self to go back to school using her profits to pay her shool fees together with her children until she completed senior 4 at old age.

We celebrate her success as she welcomes us in her newly constructed home by herself she says all women have potentials if they are given space and opportunity they can amaze everyone.

Together with you we  continue to impact women’s lives directly through our micro loan program that you support. We believe you will continues to support us to continue this wonderful journey of supporting women to walk their way by themselves your generous donation makes this possible.


Jun 19, 2019

Your Support Saved Me from Monthly Embarrassment

Akello school girl got her first period at school and had to use toilet paper to pad her self when she went back she asked her mother for sanitary pads. Her mother suggested she find herself a husband to pay for them. Akello was just 13. Many girls in Northern Uganda drop out of education when they begin menstruating because their schools lack proper washrooms or because they cannot afford costly sanitary pads mostly all imported from China. Many girls end forced into child marriages by parents too poor to buy sanitary pads.

“Most of my friends dropped out of school because they did not have basic things they needed like sanitary pads, just like me,” I had to endure monthly embarrassment, I had to miss classes for days fearing boys to laugh at me during my periods because I could not afford to have proper sanitary pads. My parents kept on encouraging me to get married but I refused because I wanted to stay in school so that I can achieve my dream of becoming a nurse." ...Akello said...

“When girls are out of school because they cannot manage their periods it's hard for them to avoid marriage.”

We continue to address this gap by locally producing and supplying affordable sanitary pads to school girls and refugees. JUST in the last 3 months we have distributed 3,780 packs of sanitary pads for free, we have conducted menstrual health education in school, and conducted community dialogues to create awareness among parents to prioritize buying sanitary pads for their daughters to enable them to stay in school and concentrate to their education which is a very powerful tool in the prevention of child marriage.

With your support, we have expanded our production unit to produce more pads that will reach out to more girls saving them from the embarrassment they undergo every month. We want to continue reaching to more girls with education, and supplies of affordable sanitary products. We are hopeful you will continue to support this noble cause with your generous donation.


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