2020 Girl Fund Campaign

Terms + Conditions

Campaign Structure

  • The GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign is your chance to win one of eight year-long slots in the GlobalGiving Girl Fund. The Girl Fund is made up of hundreds of donors committed to supporting GlobalGiving’s top tier organizations working to accelerate women’s equality around the world. For one year, the winning cohort will receive funding on a monthly basis from the Girl Fund. Winners in the past three years each received a total of $10,000-$15,000 from their twelve months in the Girl Fund.
  • To be considered for the 2020 Girl Fund Campaign, please submit an application by Feb. 7, 2020.
  • The Girl Fund Campaign will last one week from Friday, March 6, 2020, at 00:00:00 ET to Friday, March 13, 2020, at 23:59:59 ET. There will be bonus funding available during the first 24-hours of the campaign.
  • Selection Process: The 2020 Girl Fund Cohort will be selected from the top 15 projects with the most unique donors in the Girl Fund Campaign.
    • The two organizations with the most unique donors in the Girl Fund Campaign will automatically win a year-long spot in GlobalGiving’s 2020 Girl Fund.
    • The final six spots will be selected from the next 13 organizations on the leaderboard with the most unique donors in a peer-led selection process the week after the Girl Fund Campaign ends.
    • Girl Fund Campaign participants will receive voting information and get to cast priority ranked votes to decide the final Girl Fund winners. One ballot per participating organization.
    • Note: In the event that there’s a tie for most unique donors, ranking will be determined by most funds raised during the campaign.
  • The important dates are as follows:
    • Application Submission Deadline: Friday, Feb. 7, 2020, at 17:00:00 ET
    • Crowdfunding Campaign: Friday, March 6, 2020, at 00:00:00 ET to Friday, March 13, 2020, at 23:59:59 ET
    • Girl Fund Campaign 24-Hour Bonus Day: Friday, March 6, 2020 from 00:00:00 ET to 23:59:59 ET
    • Peer Voting: Thursday, March 19 through Friday, March 20, 2020
    • Winner Announcement: By Friday, March 27, 2020

Campaign Eligibility

  • To be considered for the 2020 Girl Fund Campaign, organizations must submit an application by Friday, Feb. 7, 2020.
  • Applicants will hear back about their campaign eligibility from GlobalGiving no later than Feb. 14, 2020. A timely submission does not guarantee entry.
  • GlobalGiving will consider the following to determine campaign eligibility:
    • Organizational Eligibility: Organizations must have a GG Rewards Status of Partner, Leader, or Superstar and be banked outside of India to be considered for the Girl Fund Campaign. Emerging and non-marketplace organizations are not eligible to participate in this campaign.
    • Project Eligibility: Organizations can submit no more than one project to participate in the campaign. The status of the submitted project must be ‘Active’ (not Draft, Preapproved, Funded, Unsearchable, or Retired). Microprojects and GlobalGiving-sponsored projects and funds are not eligible to participate in this campaign.
    • Project Focus: Projects participating in the 2020 Girl Fund Campaign must have a fundamental focus on accelerating women’s equality. This focus ought to be clearly defined in the project’s summary and solution and communicated in the two open-ended prompts in the campaign application.
  • GlobalGiving will notify you by email whether your application is accepted. If rejected, resubmissions will not be considered.
  • GlobalGiving maintains final authority to determine project acceptance.

Donation Eligibility + Disbursement

  • Only donations made by unique donors per project will qualify in the Girl Fund Campaign and on the 24-hour Bonus Day. Unique donors are determined using numerous criteria, including name, email address, credit card number, mailing address, and IP address. We monitor these and other parameters in our system to ensure that only unique, distinct donors are counted.
  • Eligible Donations: Debit card, credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and individually purchased gift cards equivalent to $10 USD or greater, and mobile donations through M-Changa equivalent to $5 USD or greater.
    • Online donations made using PayPal, Apple Pay, or credit card must be made by the account or credit cardholder.
  • Ineligible Donations: Cash, check, wire transfer, text-to-give, CAF check, CAF online, donations made by JustGiving, corporate gift card redemptions, and donations made on any other GlobalGiving corporate or organizational giving sites, or organizational-level giving.
  • GlobalGiving will monitor and review all donations made through this campaign.
  • All donations are final. GlobalGiving cannot change the time, date, or status of a donation after it is processed for any reason.
  • The exchange rate for donations made in currencies other than USD will be estimated at the time of the donation, but may be subject to change until the donation settles with the donor’s bank or credit card. Funds will be disbursed using the exchange rate based on the settlement value of each transaction.
  • GlobalGiving maintains the right to make a final decision on all matters concerning the final results of the GlobalGiving Girls Fund campaign.

First 24-Hour Bonus Day

  • In observance of International Women’s Day, the 2020 GlobalGiving Girl Fund Bonus Day will run for the first 24-hours of the campaign, from 00:00:00 ET to 23:59:59 ET on Friday, March 6, 2020.
  • The 24-Hour Bonus Day is exclusively for projects participating in the GlobalGiving Girl Fund Campaign.
  • Donation eligibility for the 24-Hour Bonus Day is identical to donation eligibility for the entire week-long Girl Fund Campaign.
  • GlobalGiving is offering a new structure for awarding matching funds and bonus prizes that will allow you to be in competition with yourself rather than your peers.
    • Matching Funds: GlobalGiving will match all participating projects first $100 raised on Bonus Day dollar for dollar. For example, if your project raises $50 on Bonus Day, you will earn $50 in matching. Alternatively, if your project raises over $100 on Bonus Day, you will receive the maximum match of $100 and have the opportunity to unlock a bonus prize. NOTE: This match is only good for the first 24 hours of the campaign.
    • Bonus Prize: All participants have the chance to win one bonus prize in this campaign which will be determined by your first 24 hour fundraising total. Here’s the tiered bonus prize structure:
      • Raise between $500 - $999 on Bonus Day, get a $100 bonus prize (+$100 in matching)
      • Raise between $1,000 - $2,499 on Bonus Day, get a $200 bonus prize (+$100 in matching)
      • Raise between $2,500 - $4,999 on Bonus Day, get a $300 bonus prize (+$100 in matching)
      • Raise between $5,000 - $9,999 on Bonus Day, get a $400 bonus prize (+$100 in matching)
      • Raise $10,000 and up on Bonus Day, get a $900 bonus prize (+$100 in matching)
  • Here are three examples to illustrate how this prizes structure will work:
    • Example 1: If a project raises $67 on Bonus Day, it will receive $67 in matching funds.
    • Example 2: If a project raises $1,367 it will receive $100 in matching funds and a $200 bonus prize.
    • Example 3: If a project raises $23,000 it will receive $100 in matching and a $900 bonus prize.
  • Prizes will be based on the cumulative total of funds raised on Bonus Day and results will be shared in real time on the Girl Fund 24-Hour Bonus Day leaderboard.

Monthly Giving Match:

  • GlobalGiving is offering a 100% Monthly Match every day in 2020. Download the accompanying graphics!
  • New monthly donations up to $200 per donor per project started during this campaign - and every day of the year - will get an additional 100% match on their initial donation as long as it remains active for a minimum of four payments.
  • Please note, monthly donations started by project leaders or staff of the recipient project or organization are not eligible for the 100% Monthly Match.

Tax Efficient Giving & Fulfillment Fee

  • Tax Efficiency: GlobalGiving is a registered nonprofit charity in the United States and England and Wales. Donations made by eligible donors in the United States can be claimed as tax deductible contributions on United States tax returns. Donations made by eligible donors in the United Kingdom can claim Gift Aid (an extra 25% added to eligible donations by the UK Government) when they donate in GBP.
  • Fulfillment Fee: GlobalGiving charges a minimal nonprofit support fee plus a 3% processing fee. For US and UK registered organizations the nonprofit support fee is 5%. Organizations outside the US and UK will be charged a 7% nonprofit support fee. During the Year-End Campaign, the fee only applies to the initial donation and not to prize funds earned. The fee helps cover the costs we incur to promote your organization and projects, to provide you with fundraising training and tools, and to maintain and improve our online technology in order to keep you connecting with new donors.

Questions? Please email us at projecthelp@globalgiving.org.

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