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YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction
YEPE | Youth Empowerment To Prevent Extinction

Hello YEPErs!

Thank you for continuing to follow our work! We had a wonderful Spring and Summer and are excited to share what we accomplished. 

In June we held our 3 Part International Pride Event. 


We've (always been) here, we've (always been) queer, get over it

In their bid to maintain power, colonial regimes resorted not only to military force but imposed and controlled the identity of their subjects both at home and abroad. Anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and social values were a core element of colonial power.

Today homosexuality remains criminalized in may countries, and new waves of anti-trans legislation and broader LGBTQ+ discrimination are taking hold in Europe and North America. How can we redefine and reclaim gender, sexuality and identity in the context of colonialism?

In celebration of International Pride, PATHS TO ACTION brings together an international panel of LGBTQ+ activists and artist-producers working to re-queer identity.

For hearts that need help carrying the load, or a space in which to sing.

Bring yourself, bear your soul, or simply sit with us as we hold this space for others.

MIDHEAVEN Network PATHS TO ACTION are excited to present our very first global open mic, and we’d love for you to join us! Share poetry, monologues, music, art, dance, and everything else you can think of that we can show on a screen. Make us laugh, make us cry, make us think — we have space for anything you want to share with us. 

Each participant had a 5-minute slot for their piece. Watch on MIDHEAVEN Network!

Rainbow in the Basement is a dedication to those forced outside of the reach of safety and acceptance. See the exhausting, angry, vulnerable and ultimately beautifully powerful process of one family and their neighbors as they rebuild a space of healing, community, love, and home in the basement of their New York apartment building.

Presented as an open workshop series, Rainbow in the Basement, visit to watch.


GRAE BUDGEON (Writer, Director) as Mrs. Rivers


JACK IRWIN as Mr. Seymour

ANDY JOHNSTON (Assistant Tech) as Mr. Ahman

NATHAN DENNIS (Stage Manager) as Extra 1

RIOT (Lead Makeup Tech) as Extra 2



TRUMAN BJARKE Camera Operator, Assistant Tech

GEORGE DEL BARRIO Creative Director × Executive Producer




Marking the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, this is an intimate portrait of Setsuko Thurlow, a first-generation Hibakusha (survivor of the atomic detonation at Hiroshima), who has devoted her life to ridding the world of nuclear weapons.


Co-Producer/Editor JUDD BLAISE
Director of Photography JENNIFER HAHN
Original Music DALLAS CRANE

THE VOW FROM HIROSHIMA is an intimate portrait of Setsuko Thurlow, a passionate, 85-year-old survivor of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. Her moving story is told through the lens of her growing friendship with a second-generation survivor, Mitchie Takeuchi.

Setsuko was miraculously pulled out of a fiery building after the bomb was dropped and unable to save her other 27 classmates who were burned to death alive. That experience shaped her life forever and she endeavored to keep a pledge she made to her friends - that no one should ever again experience the same horrible fate.

The film is a timely exploration of the global dangers of nuclear weapons and provides an insider's perspective as we see Setsuko campaign with ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons). The culmination of Setsuko's decades of activism is her acceptance speech at the 2017 Nobel Peace Awards.

In honor of Setsuko’s lifetime of service and in observance of the 76th Memorial of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki, PATHS TO ACTION invites you into this intimate and brave exchange on MIDHEAVEN.Network.

In the Court of the Conqueror

This solo work by legendary performance artist & educator George Emilio Sanchez revolves around the nearly 200-year old history of United States Supreme Court rulings that have diluted the autonomy of Tribal Sovereignty among Native Nations in their ancestral, traditional, and unceded territories.


IAN CHEN Steadicam Operator + Production Assistant
GEORGE DEL BARRIO Creative Director × Executive Producer
GOWANUS LOFT Project Space

In the Court of the Conqueror will also meld personal narrative into a larger landscape that will include the scholarship and contributions of Native legal scholars, writers, and activists. One of the inspirations for embarking on this performance series is to create performance narratives that point to, and highlight, the importance, and relevance of how the creation of law and its ramifications have a direct link to how communities of color live and exist in this country.

In the Court of the Conqueror will delve into the historical record of the highest court of the Judicial branch, and demonstrate how law and government have an inconsistent and contradictory lineage. The government can bring us together, or, wedge inequality into our national fabric.

The piece will also serve as an artistic outlet to echo and reflect how it is the voice and experience of individuals and communities that have the greatest impact on the conception of who we are as a nation.


Our next event will be October 11, 2021, 10AM EST for Indigenous Peoples Day. You can watch on - We'll send out updates. Hope you can join us! 

Thank you for your continued support of our work! 

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Hello YEPE Supporters! 
Below is a rundown of the programs we completed in 2020 as well as the programs we have done so far in 2021. 
Our next cyber conference is on June 17th and a Juneteenth Celebration on June 19th.
Title: Re-queering identity: colonialism, sexuality, and gender 

‘We’ve (always been) here, we’ve (always been) queer, get over it’

In their bid to maintain power, colonial regimes resorted not only to military force but imposed and controlled the identity of their subjects both at home and abroad. Anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and social values were a core element of colonial power. Today homosexuality remains criminalised in may countries, and new waves of anti-trans legislation and broader LGBTQ+ discrimination are taking hold in Europe and North America. How can we redefine and reclaim gender, sexuality and identity in the context of colonialism? 

In celebration of Pride, Paths to Action brings together an international panel of LGBTQ+ activists working to re-queer identity. Join us for the discussion.

We hope you'll join us next month on and in the meantime, please check out our past work!

March 08, 2021
International Women’s Day

Featuring Jelena Micic, Ruth Khakame, Dr. Jennifer Jewell & Julie Harris Moderated By Emma Pritchard + Rebecca Irby

Conversationalists on Feminism and Women’s rights often reference the sidelining/ devaluation of Women’s labor in fields such as domestic services, care work, and sex work. However, we rarely hear from Women actively working for change within these professions, and when we do — it is in framing and context given by men.

This world needs the regenerative, life-sustaining, and interconnected energies of the Feminine to break through the status quo and create the world we want. This International Women’s Day, join Emma PritchardRebecca Irby, and our esteemed panel of international speakers in a soaring review of the crucial system changes needed today, and what each of us can do to bring them about.

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February 22, 2021
Black Hope & Futures — JOY, RESILIENCE
AN ALL-DAY INTERNATIONAL CUDDLE WITH BLACK + BROWN GENIUS INCLUDING Ambassador Bonnie JenkinsSun RaVannary KongAlexis + Franklyn MenaRobb Leigh Davis & MORE!

Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins Vannary Kong Sinegugu Precious Pearl Mthethwa

Join Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins, Vannary Kong (Co-Founder The World is Watching - BLM International), and Sinegugu Precious Pearl Mthethwa (SACCAWU/COSATU, South Africa) for a discussion on their journeys and what stories, people, organizations, and practices helped them get to where they are.

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December 10, 2020
THERES STILL HOPE & HERES WHY! PART 2 A Special Cyber Conference in Two Parts

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS: KELLY SMITH Poor People’s CampaignCARLOS UMAÑA IPPNWAKMAL ALI Association of FijiSUMEYA OSMAN ABDI Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU)

MODERATOR: MOLLY MCGINTY Nuclear Programs Associate, IPPNW


CONFIRMED SPEAKERS: CARMEN ATZERT Watershed FoundationLEON KAULAHAO SIU Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of HawaiiROBERTO BORRERO Chair of the NGO Committee on the Rights of Indigenous PeoplesQUINN WONDERLING General Board of Church and Society, United Methodist Church


SUPPORT: AIMEE H. HONG General Board of Church & Society, United Methodist Church

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October 12, 2020
"POINT OF CONTACT"“Confronting the Climate Crisis” + “Decolonization & Land Management”


Winnie Jeptoo Sengwer Strong Buffalo Miriam Liempe


To celebrate US Indigenous Peoples’ Day in this webinar we have invited members of Indigenous Communities from around the world to talk about work as frontline defenders against climate change and the central importance of indigenous knowledge of land management in the fight to limit its effects.

This is the second webinar in our series ‘Building Back Better’ which looks forward to the world after the COVID-19 pandemic and asks what we need to do to create a more peaceful, just, and sustainable future.


Leatrice LewisSunny DooleyLovely UmayamRebecca Irby


Join this spirited conversation about knowledge sharing with Indigenous and non-indigenous experts. We will be looking at ways of honoring the land & ourselves, the power of storytelling, and the importance of acknowledging non-Western stories and expertise.

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August 06, 2020
Hiroshima 75th Memorial
“PEACE+ART+MUSIC” Global Broadcast presented in partnership with the city of Hiroshima, Japan
Chapter 1 | History of Anti-Peace

Featuring, in chronological order —Yup’ik Tarvarnauramken (Blessing Song), Hopi To Wa drumming (live from a mountaintop near Phoenix, Arizona), Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins with Peter Kuznick, moderated by Rebecca Irby (live from East New York, Brooklyn), ICAN: Nuclear Age in Six MovementsUnited Voices 4 PeaceHussein SmkoBare OperaTurning Tables Myanamar/Last Days of BeethovenFrankie FaisonUniverse City (live from East New York, Brooklyn), Hopi Prophecy #1 by Thomas BanyacyaTAXIPLASM and Junko Ichikawa

Chapter 2 | Reality of War 

Featuring — Tim Ries of The Rolling Stone Project, Minami YusuiBare Opera, Zoe Krantz, KoolulamSetsuko Thurlow (Hibakusha Testimony), Scott NagataniPatrick NagataniICAN: Banner Action (live from City Hall, NYC), International Peace Bureau Youth Seminar (live from US, UK, Brazil & Japan), TAXIPLASMLauren Cox, Travis Cains (for George Floyd, in tribute), |Vessels|Hiroshima Panels by Iri & Toshi MarukiSyndrome by Robb Leigh Davis and Hopi Prophecy #2 by Thomas Banyacya

Chapter 3 | Imagination of Peace

Featuring — TAXIPLASMThe Japanese American National MuseumJunko IchikawaAnnie HeathPatrick NagataniUniverse City (live from East New York, Brooklyn), Paperwater (live from FAENA Miami, Florida), Jean-Paul SamputuThe Ceremonialist Georgia Wall and Eden Roller with Music for Dialogue

Chapter 4 | War Economy

Featuring — Bare OperaTurning Tables Myanamar/Waiyan Phyo BlissRebecca Stenn CompanyPangea Now by Suzi Analogue + Suzette Guy, The Ceremonialist Georgia WallEmily MomoharaHibaku Trees by Hiroshi SunairiLegion Lighting tour (live from Brooklyn, NY) Yolantha HarrisonUna OsatoVanessa Walters, Jong Kuen (Hibakusha Testimony), Turning Tables Myanamar/HeAvy feat. Ko Minn and Hopi Prophecy #3 by Thomas Banyacya

Chapter 5 | The Peace Economy

Featuring — |Vessels|Patrick NagataniMusic for DialogueTAXIPLASMLillian Michiko BlakeyAri BeserYuko Kudo + Minami YusuiPaperwater (live from FAENA Miami, FL), Mayuka ThaïsLorraine ToussaintVanessa WaltersNobuko Miyamoto, Global Interfaith Roundtable moderated by Rebecca Irby (live), Hiroshima 75th Memorial global committee team finale (live) and Valarie Kaur 

read more
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Wow! What a year this has been!! 2020 started out feeling full of hope and promise for new things and so much opportunity. As we are all still figuring out our way through this pandemic and social awakening, I wanted to recap our year and share some of our processes.

  • We started the year very excited for the NPT Review Conference in New York. We were all working on the World Conference Youth Assembly. As the pandemic bore down, we realized we would have to pivot and change our approach. We decided to hold the youth conference still but now online.

  • 05/02/2020 - World Conference Youth Assembly

    • We held the Conference on May 2nd, a Saturday at 9 AM, and had over 300 participants from all over the world! We found we were able to engage even more people, and the conference felt more accessible. We wanted to make sure there was an interactive aspect to our conference but did not want to keep people online for hours, so we broke things up and had our breakout sessions two weeks later.

  • 05/16/2020 - WCYA Breakout Sessions

    • The breakouts were very successful and led to the fantastic partnerships that have continued to bring you cyber conferences.

  • 06/19/2020 - Juneteenth | None of us are free until all of us are FREE!

    • “Black History is important and needs to be taught! Black Joy needs to be celebrated! Everyday! The fight for freedom is nowhere close to over. Modern-day slavery is real.” Fannie Lou Hamer We found it especially important to look inward as the Black Lives Matter protest continued to grow nationally and abroad. We Started having much-needed conversations with all the institutions we are apart of as well as run. Systemic racism is prevalent in ALL our systems, and it is up to ALL of us to help dismantle it. Those of us who are touched by racism the least are the very people who are needed to step up the most right now. We continue to hold space for difficult conversations and provide a space where solutions are discussed AND enacted.

  • 08/02/2020 - Hiroshima 75th Memorial

  • It was such an honor to organized Indigenous Day of Unity! We brought together elders and young activists worldwide to discuss land and nature-based solutions to climate change and decolonization.

  • Watch the whole broadcast here:

  • 11/02/2020 - Meet This Week's Speakers

    • We wanted to continue the conversation on decolonization and how we can contribute. We also thought it essential to discuss the US elections and our thoughts for the future. From the tile, you can tell we are very hopeful for the future, but we also understand all the hard work is about to start! We invite everyone to join us as we build our new world together.

    • Watch the whole broadcast here:

  • 11/16/2020 - PEAC Press Release Nuclear Weapons to be declared Illegal January 22, 2021!
    • It’s been a long, arduous climb to this point, but the win feels good! The passing of this treaty and entering into international law is the beginning. We now have to ensure that as money is divested from the nuclear industry, it is reallocated into public health and wellbeing, breaking down systemic racism, education, and green energy.

    • Read the full Press Release here:

  • 12/09/2020 - Join Our International Human Rights Day Cyber Conference
    • Our last conference was for International Human Rights Day. We took a look at how racism and colonialism affect human rights around the world. We revisited our conversation on hope and had a throwback lunchtime poetry hour.

    • You can watch the whole broadcast here:

    Our next Cyber Conference will be in February - we’re going to be exploring sports and how athletes are changing the face of activism. Stay tuned!

    Please consider giving to our fund to ensure we can continue to bring you all this fantastic content

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24-Hour Global Broadcast Honoring the 75th Memorial of Hiroshima & NagasakiSave the Date | August 5th, 7 PM - August 6th, 6 PM EST

This August 6th & 9th are the 75th Memorials of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. A number of UN organizations, as well as the city of Hiroshima, have come together for a 24-hour global broadcast of massage of peace, hope, and reconciliation. We will be focusing on America’s legacy of ”othering”, and the violence which is born of it. In this historic memorial, Japanese, Black, Brown, and Indigenous Peoples share an understanding and agenda as radical change agents for peace knowing that our challenges are linked and none of us are free until all of us are free! 

Watch here! 


Here are just a few of the revolutionary participants you can check out over ten hours from 8 AM to 6 PM on August 6, 2020. We invite you to tune in and watch the different acts throughout the day. There are 3 seminars where we will have live Q & A with some of our participants. You can register for them below. 


Register Here


Register Here!


Register Here!

Donate He


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COVID-19 Pandemic Changes Everything -

giving the world a warning of what we face if climate and nuclear weapons issues aren’t seriously addressed

By Chuck Johnson, IPPNW Program Director & Molly McGinty, IPPNW Program Associate

On behalf of the Youth Empowerment to Prevent Extinction (YEPE) team, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), PEAC Institute, and Physicians for Social Responsibility – New York (PSRNY), thank you for your continued support of this important project! As you know, the goal of YEPE is to mobilize young people in the work of combating the dual threats of the climate crisis and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. 

Since the creation of YEPE, and despite the global curve ball thrown at everyone by the rapid spread of COVID-19 pandemic, we have made strides in making this goal a reality.  In some ways, this pandemic has given the world a taste of the kind of chaos we can expect in the future if we do not attend to global issues great and small and cease wasting lives and effort in counterproductive activities. 

Please see the excellent graphic below from our colleagues at the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), illustrating the catastrophically bad choices being made by the United States, which is representative of similar figures for nuclear weapons states throughout the world.

World Conference 2020 canceled – moved to video conferences

YEPE was and is a key partner in planning the World Conference 2020: Youth Assembly previously scheduled for the first day of the World Conference to Abolish Nuclear Weapons; Resist and Reverse the Climate Crisis; For Social and Economic Justice

The conference was scheduled to take place from April 24-26, 2020 at historic Riverside Church in New York, on the eve of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Review Conference (NPT RevCon) at the United Nations headquarters.  Since the NPT RevCon and the in-person pre-conferences are now canceled due to COVID-19, we are making new arrangements for a series of interactive video-conferences.  Dates, times, and agendas for these video-conferences will be announced very soon.  We are also, tentatively planning, COVID-19 willing, to hold the in-person conferences before next year’s rescheduled NPT RevCon.

The many hours we have put in since October, planning and conducting outreach for the Youth Assembly, have been productive in developing strong working relationships with New York Peace Action and its network of 22 campus chapters, Buddhist peace organization Soka Gakkai International, and the New York office of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, whose staff is experienced, as a partner with IPPNW and PEAC Institute, in arranging for international conferences on nuclear weapons and war aimed at young people.  Our most recent collaboration was in arranging for a group of fifteen young people from New York and Boston to attend ICAN’s Paris Youth Forum on February 14-15, 2020.

Participation of Boston-based university students was organized by former IPPNW Quaker Voluntary Service Fellow Eust Eustis, who remains active in helping organize campus follow up activity with the leaders who attended the Paris Forum as the nucleus of campus activity going forward.  We anticipate growing collaboration in both Boston and New York, with our YEPE partners, focusing on the intersection of climate, justice, and nuclear weapons issues and the imperative in addressing them as illustrated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Young people get it:  these global problems are linked

When the immediate chaos subsides, we plan to resume working with ICAN in following up on its  Schools of Mass Destruction report, for which events planned for April of this year in Boston and elsewhere in the US have been temporarily delayed.  We see great promise in the intersection of efforts to get universities to cease assisting and investing in nuclear weapons development and production, as part of an existing effort to end investment in climate-disrupting fossil fuel production.  Our experience is that young people who understand the climate threat, easily grasp and embrace the severity of the threat of nuclear weapons when they have the facts presented to them.  We look forward to seeing what creative ideas and campaigns they will create in the coming years as we continue to pursue this critical project.

Your contribution directly assisted in getting YEPE off the ground this year. We would not have been able to put as much time and resources into this event if it wasn't for your generous support.  Thank you, again! We will follow up in future reports, regarding the success of the on-line Youth Assembly and other YEPE projects going forward.


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