Way Forward After the Rescue is a project designed to facilitate, track the progress of women and girls who have completed their rehabilitation period at Rescue Foundation Kandivali Home and have been legally released to lead their lives once they have completed 18 years.  These are girls who do not wish to go back to their families either the families do not want them, or they cannot be traced after all these years or the girls prefer to stay back in Mumbai the city of opportunities for several reasons

Rescue Foundation works with survivors who have been victims of Human Trafficking, Child Sexual Abuse, and Commercial Sexual Exploitation, forced marriage or simple children who are need of Care & Protection

Rescue Foundation has been instrumental in thier Rescue, Rehabilitation and Restoring thier lives to them once released from the Shelter Home. 

Post Rescue the women and girls undergo a period of Rehabilitation as per the Govt of India guidelines at our Shelter Homes.  During the Rehabilitation they are provided Shelter, Food, Education & Medical,Legal Support, Counselling, encouraged to speak up at their Court Trials, and VocationalTtraining to enable them to live productive lives free of exploitation in the future.

Many of them are handed back or restored to their Homes if the Homes or Families are conducive and supportive for their stay.  Few of these girls prefer to stay back after the Rehabilitation to seek better opportunities.  They then become a part of our After Care Serivices and live at the Group Home in Kandivali, Mumbai

These girls prefer to complete their education, training or search for job opportunities with the support of Rescue Foundation.  At this juncture they need a lot of support, encouragement, counselling.

Rescue Foundation offers them support for 6 months or more with a shelter at the Group Home, or link them to job opportunities.  They are also part of the Vocational Training at the Shelter Home.  Some of them continue to study and complete these trainings.

We are glad that these girls do not completely break ties with their families but occassionaly visit them during festivals, or special occassions or simply if someone is sick back home.

It is also commendable that these girls after release are willing to hand hold the other new entrants, they act as facilitators and trainers at Rescue Foundation

Quarterly Data 

No of Girls 14

No of Girls in Training 14

No of Girls completing thier college / school studies 5

No of Girls working and staying at Rescue Foundation Group Home 7

No of Girls working and staying together in the City 2

Health Training Conducted 

Mentrual Hygiene & Gyaenoligical Problems 

TB Awareness & Testing 

Success Stories

  • We are glad to share that 2 of our girls are doing good job at their Internship at JW Marriot in Housekeeping & at their Coffee Shop
  • One of our girl from Boisar has successfully got admission to Bachelor of Social Work at the Prestigious Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work.  She has joined the Group Home this quarter and travels to her college daily
  • Another of our girl has completed her Bachelor of Commerce and has started working with our Finance Dept.
  • Yet another one who was transferred from our Boisar Home has got Internship at Lakme's Beauty Saloon and learning from the experts.  She is also taking care of her two siblings as both her parents have passed away.


Kandivali Home acts as a First Home for girls at our other Shelter Homes in Maharashtra namely Pune and Boisar, who are looking out for jobs in Mumbai.  Thus many girls from our Pune & Boisar Home are transferred to the Mumbai Home, where the Shelter Team facilitates and links them to job or internship opportunities

Mumbai Home also has Survivors who have gone through thier own experiences of preparing for job opportunities.  These in turn are Mentors and Guides to the new entrants at our the Group Home.  They are the ones who show the Way Forward and their experiences in Mumbai

We hope to continue to support our girls in their future efforts of completing studies, training, internships, seeking jobs and having a second opportunity at Life and breaking free of the exploitation.

Your efforts of supporting them will go a long way in enabling them to become the person they always dreamed to be.

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Way Forward After The Rescue is a project for the girls who have completed their Rehabilitation Period at Rescue Foundation Mumbai and continue to either live on the premisis of the home or in Mumbai to pursue their studies, training, job opportunities.

Over the years many of our Adult Girls especially in Mumbai have taken the opportunity to be partially supported by the Organization and venture out to seek a good furutre for themselves in the city than just go back home.  At times some of our girls have been so young at the time of rescue they dont remember their home location, or there is no one to go back too.  It is at this time the girl decides to take her future decisions with counselling and a little support from Rescue Foundation

Its a proud moment for us to see our girls equipped and raring to go places.  

Past 2 years during the lockdown it was a difficult period for all of us, schools colleges were shut down, very few opportunities for training and job placements.  

For past few months the Covid Resctrictions were relaxed and few of our girls started their schools and colleges.  Few have got jobs and have moved out of Rescue Foundation and found a rented place together.

We conitnue to support them either with counselling, linking them to jobs, interim grocercies, food, travel expenses

Some of these girls continue to live on the premises of the Home as they trainers for the younger girls for Tailoring, Yoga, Basic Computers, Zumba, Martial Arts.

Objective 1 : Rescue of Women & Girls who are victims of Human Trafficking or Child Sexual Abuse.

Objective 2 : To Rehabilitate the rescued persons in our Shelter Homes

Objective 3 : To Restore, Repatriate the Women and Girls after their official custody either to their families or support them to reintegrate in mainstream community

No of Girls in the Program


Vocational Training

Vocatonal Training such as Tailoring, Basic Computers, Yoga, Zumba, Literacy, Making Products such as bags, display items.are taken up for all the girls as part of Rehabilitation Program.  Our Major girls are mostly involved as Trainers for these sessions.  

In this quarter the Trainers learned a new skill of macabre and have been so good that they have trained a group of almost 20 other girls to make household products which can be sold.

Art and Craft Sessions continue to teach them to make jewellery, handicrafts, needlework, patchwork, quiting etc

As part of Literacy we conduct basic English and Hindi Classes to enable girls who are not able to go back to school to read and write. 

Basic Computers is taught to some of the girls who are schooling to support them with their school reseach or know the use of Computers

Zumba / Yoga / Meditation is a daily exercise to keep good health and peace of mind for the girls.  They love to dance and meditate.  

Tailoring Skills is another huge success with all the girls.  Many have learnt to sew their own clothing, few utilitiy items too. 

No of Girls attending Vocational Training


No of Girls Working


No of Girls Schools / Colleges /Educational Courses


No of Girls Staying outside the premises in groups


No of Girls Visiting Families



Besides these training, we have several sessions, camps on Health, Career Counselling, Exposure Trips to build capacities and encourage the girls to pursue their dreams.  We are pleased to announce most of them did well in the school and college examinations, we are awaiting the results.

As the lockdown eases many of them have started going out to schools, colleges and their jobs.  We would appreciate assistance in supporting them for their travel, school, college, training fees or some pocket money.

 We look forward to supporting more of our girls with their education, training and pursuing job opportunities.

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Project Way Forward after the Rescue caters to the needs of girls who have been previously rescued, rehabilitated and on their way to lead productive lives with support from the organization. We are glad to report that few of our girls have not only been united with their families but have been instrumental in training other girls who are part of the Rehabilitation at Rescue Foundation Shelter Homes in Mumbai, Boisar and Delhi. 

Rescue Foundation has been working for the past 20 years with the objectives listed below: The organization has rescued over 6000 women, girls and children who are either trafficked or sexually exploited in India.  The organization has rehabilitated over 7000 to those through their 4 shelter homes and united over 6000 women, girls and children to their families.

Objective 1 : Rescue of Women & Girls who are victims of Human Trafficking or Child Sexual Abuse.

Objective 2 : To Rehabilitate the rescued persons in our Shelter Homes

Objective 3 : To Restore, Repatriate the Women and Girls after their official custody either to their families or support them to reintegrate in mainstream community

The Project Way Foward After the Rescue addressed the needs of  some the Major Girls intend to continue their education, training or seek job opportunities at Mumbai

Indicators for Monitoring 

Total No of Girls


Vocational Training 

Our Major Girls who are released  have been trained to be intructors for the the others at the Mumbai Shelter Home.  They have also been on short training visits to Delhi Home.  They conduct basic computer training, Jumba & Tailoring.  On an average 15 girls are being trained in batches.  This quarter we have trained 15 girls in each of the skill mentioned above.  

Tailoring : 2 Batches of an average of 8 in each group, Major & Minor Girls are being trained in basic Embroidery and Tailoring.  

Health: Regular Health Monitoring is done for all the 25 girls, any major ailment which needs to be treated at Hospital or Clinic is also provided.  This quarter most of the girls were affected with and showed symptoms of cold cought and fever. But all recovered  after a few days

 Education:  8 of these girls are continuing their studies.  Some of them are completing their 10th Grade studies.  In the month of Feb 22 the physical classes started after a gap of over 6 months.  

Recreation:  All the girls joined the rest of the Shelter Home for a one day excurtion to a Resort, which was sponsored by a donor 

Capacity Building

Major Girls who have been a part of the Project Way Forward After the Rescue have themselves been trained this quarter in the following workshops :

Workshop on Digital Safety : A one day online training was conducted by Space to Grow an NGO for all the survivors which also included the Released Girls.  The training was helpful and will enable the girls to learn how to be safe whilst using Social Media and other Online Platforms.

Training on Acting & Drama:  A 1 Month Training is being conducted for a few Minor Girls.  At the end of the training they would be given a chance to have a live performance before an audience.

Training on HIV AIDS and TB:  Workshop on Health issues such as HIV/AIDS and TB was conducted by the Maharastra State AIDS Society

Working Girls: Presently one girl has been working outside the Home.  6 of the girls have been absorbed in Rescue Foundation.  One of them works as an Office Assistant in the Finance Dept. two of them works Care Takers, & 4 of them are Instructors for Vocational Training.  The rest are studying or completing their Training 


Our Team of Major Girls have been at the for front in planning executing events such as the following: 

Children's Day: Children's Day was planned with especial focus on sharing the Child Rights and Prevention of Child Abuse.   

Christmas:  The Shelter Home celebrates all the festivals by cooking something special, giving each girl. This quarter we celebrated Christmas Day & New Year was ushered in with great joy.  The girls did all the preparation and celebrated along with the staff of Rescue Foundation.

Republic Day: Republic Day was observed with hoisting the National Flag and sharing food

Follow Up of Girls: In Jan 22 our President & Co Founder visited nearly 10 families of girls who have either settled or handed over to their families.  All of them are doing well   


As the Covid Restrictions have been lifted our girls have to attend physical training, schools or jobs, this needs travel expenses.  Girls who are preparing for their 10th Grade or Higher Level Examinations are in need of private coaching for some subjects.  We would definitely need more support for these mentioned above.  

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Way Forward is a Project for the Girls of Rescue Foundation who have completed their Rehabiliation Period as per the Govt and Court orders and are released either to go back home or to stay in Mumbai and explore options for futher education, skill training or job oppoortunities.

Rescue Foundation intervenes in accordance to their 3 Objectives as below:

Objective 1 : Rescue of Women & Girls who are victims of Human Trafficking or Child Sexual Abuse.

Objective 2 : To Rehabilitate the rescued persons in our Shelter Homes

Objective 3 : To Restore, Repatriate the Women and Girls after their official custody either to their families or support them to reintegrate in mainstream community

Way Forward Project intervenes with over 20 such Major Girls who have been released and in transition to be reunited with families or into communities.

Aftercare Initiative 

Besides Rescue and Rehabilitation we also are there for our survivors to encourage support them with their lives once they are released.  They either wish to be united to their families or decide to make a life of their own with support from Rescue Foundation.  For that purpose we have a small Aftercare Unit  in Mumbai which caters to the specific needs for these girls.  Mumbai being a city of opportunities we are glad that they find a very supportive enivironment which comes along for their future education, skill training or job placement


For past one year we have parntered Yuva Prathistaan in Mumbai which has been conducting a 3 month training in Hotel Managment & Tailoring.  Once ther training period is over they are placed at good hotels as trainees receiving some stipend.  Later they are supported to be placed in the Hotels of their choice.

No of Beneficiaries 25


We have 8 girls who are continuing their school and college studies.  One of them is appearing for her MCom degreee course.  During the Covid Lockdown most of these girls have been attendng their classes online.  Just a week back the physical classes have started

There have been challenges for some of our girls who did not have proper documents to apply for their school of college admissions.  We have been in the process to access these documents to facilitate their admissions


Most of the girls are in good health.  One of the girls developed some TB symptoms and was treated. 

Vocational Training

Tailoring, Basic Computer Skills, Bag Making are some of the skills these Major Released Girls have been imparting to the other girls in the Mumbai Shelter Home

One of the girls takes up Computer Skills & Bagmaking which has been very successful.  Nearly 15 of other girls are being trained under her.

Another Girl after being trained in Tailoring is teaching a group of 12 girls basic tailoring and embroidery skills

Another one takes up Beautician Course which included hairs styling and mehendi art work on the palms. 

Zumba & Yoga is taken up by anther girl for around 25 of them

These Vocational Training are a big success and the younger girls look up to them as Role Models

Job Skill Training 

Hotel Management Training has been done for 6 of the girls.  Some have completed the training and have joined as Trainees at reputed Hotels

4 of our Released Girls are also interning with Rescue Foundation.  1 is in the Accounts Deptarment, 3 are working as Care Takers for the Shelter Home


We had a few set backs.  One of the girls lost her mother, and thus had to give up her studies and start looking out for a job

Few of our girls still continue to be indecisive of what they would like to do in the future.  More so the girls who are being pressurized by families to get married at early age, when they have would like to seek other options for themselves

Follow Up 

We continule to follow up with all the girls who have gone back to their families or have taken up rented homes for themselves and managing to merge in the mainstream society.  They still need help at times in form of dry ration, some education or training support.  

Nearly 6 of them still live on the premises of Rescue Foundation, though seperately in another room, but are dependant for food and shelter from the organization

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Rescue Foundation Major Girls from the Mumbai Home have played an important role in the lives of our other girls along with impacting Organization and its staff

We are proud of our Major Girls who have been so instrumental in coming to the aid and being part of our Training, Care & Protection Program at Mumbai.

Many of them have adapted themselves to their Studies, Training, overcame Health Issues, been a support to others around and have become Role Model for other Survivors during the difficult days of Covid Pandemic

The Ektra Project which was launch last year as a Training Module for Rescue Foundation has grown since then.  The team has grown in number and capacity paving the Way Forward to the Other Survivors supporting us during Covid Pandemic and Lockdown

Trainers of Ekatra

10 of the girls are part of the Training in  Zumba, Tailoring, Fashion Designing, Beautician, Computer and English Conversation.  Daily classes are conducted by these 10 Girls for Groups of other girls, each girl for group of 14 to 20 girls each. 

Covid Support & Interventions

We are glad our girls have been trained to sew Face Masks and have supported the Home and others with these.  We have also conducted Covid Testing and are working towards to get the girls above 18 year of age to be vaccinated

Hotel Management

11 of our Girls have started their Hotel Management Training on Hospitality and are doing well.  Once this Training is complete they would be placed as Trainees in Local Chain of Hotels


All studies are carried out online due to the Covid Lockdown since March 2020

4 of the Girls are studying for their College

4 Girls are preparing for their 10th Grade and are being coached by a special Coaching Teacher

5 Girls are studying in Hindi Medium in Grade 9

3 Girls are studying in Grade 8

1 Girl is studying in Grade 6

2 Girls are studying in Grade 5


Most of the Girls are good in Health.  1 of them was sick with some Breathing, had fever and is doing well after treatment.  We have 1 girl who is being treated for TB and another girl living with HIV is taking Medicines/ARTs and is doing well continuing her college studies.

Yoga Day 2021 Observed

This Day was Observed by all the 60 plus Girls and was led by our Major Girls who are part of this Way Foward Project.

Meeting Family

Few Girls celebrated their birthday, and some of the relatives or parents visited them and celebrated the day with them

Covid Testing at Shelter Home
Covid Testing at Shelter Home
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