Futures for Young Adults

by Association for Rural and Urban Needy
Futures for Young Adults
Futures for Young Adults
Futures for Young Adults
Futures for Young Adults
Futures for Young Adults
Futures for Young Adults
Futures for Young Adults
Futures for Young Adults

Dear Friend of the Rainbows

Hope you're keeping well.

This quarter's report talks about the immediate intervention taken up by the Futures team at Rainbow Homes Program. Through workshops, we aim to help the young adult tap his/her hidden potentials and grow in the area of their interest. Below are some workshops interventions taken up:

Workshop on Self Identity Introduction: The young adults (YAs) started with a list of expected objectives of the program in their minds. Next involved talking about opinion, giving respect to each feeling, maintaining confidentiality about shared thoughts.

Life journey: Activity: all YAs to sketch their life’s turning points.

  • It helps them to analysis the highs and lows from a panoramic view.
  • Everyone has a different identity they associate themselves with.
  • Due to this, some are suffering and some don't in everyday life.
  • Need to give importance to their own identity and respect others identity. Post this discussion they were asked separate from their groups and sit alone to rechart their interest, strength, and weakness.


  • Have strength, how can they practice self motivation.
  • Have to build their own identity and try to analyze society given identity. 

My Relationship: Activity: In the session, we made YAs group of two members. One person was made to close their eyes with clothes so another person needs to give direction. We had a discussion on trusting others instincts and teamwork with each individual. Post activity the YAs shared - some were hesitant and scared and some got confused on how to trust the other completely, in life's ways. 

Multiple Identities and Me: Activity: To stand in a circle and come forward on being asked about certain labels they identify themselves with, for example - who is having glasses, a watch, earrings. Who identifies themselves as lazy, black-skinned, shy, low caste, high caste etc. 

Outcome: here YAs felt proud in the beginning of their identities but after many rounds they began understanding the labels they associate with and how these labels are a factor to boost or bring their confidence down.

Conclusion: we all have different Identities we set for ourselves and let the society set for us too. What is needed is we stop restricting ourselves and not judge others on it too. And even if they change in society takes time, start from yourself.

Me and My voice 

Activity: YAs had to volunteer for this activity. They went outside the room and the facilitator made arrangements for small things on each sides of a curtain where one side was arranged and the other wasn't. After this, both volunteers came and sat on the opposite side with partners. The participant of arranged side needs to guide through his voice on how to arrange the other side.

Outcome: YAs got to know there are many different perceptions and each one will understand in a different way. What is needed is to analyze what fact remains same for all and how to get the right information from the right person. How to communicate with each individual with clarification, own effort or analysis is very much important and the need to be a good listener before working on something. Then we will get the society or others to listen the voiceless too.

Self and society - Workshop on “Understanding Sustainable Development”

Ecological Footprint Calculator: the impact of a person or community on the environment, expressed as the amount of land required to sustain their use of natural resources.

Activity: Before the workshop day, we gave the task to YAs to work on ecological footprint calculator. This will be available online will help our YAs to understand what are the things they use what contribution we are giving to the environment issues, Made 4 groups and gave topics to different group food, shelter, energy, cloth.

Process : In this discussion, YAs were asked to have a discussion about how food is important and how we procure it to consume. YAs presented their thoughts on food lists and had a discussion on organic and healthy food.

  • Shelter - what materials we are using and how much land is needed for living space. After hearing the presentation we talked about building, the space and stress on land.
  • Energy utilization, what kind of cloth we need to use and how it works to help farmer.
  • A story from a book on development concept.

Outcome: In the presentation, all Yas participated and practised leadership skills while leading discussions. Participants started to think about their contribution to saving the earth through sustainable living, And about farmer suicides and stress.

Life exposure:

Anoop: founder of Nalanda institute. Anoop gives priority space to include youth for higher education. After having interaction with YAs he extended his support in examinations and preparation.

Laxman : he is a theater activist and makes plays on understanding dalit community where he wants to make society listen to stories from poor people, focusing on Dalit and religious intolerance issues in his story.

Kuvempu : he is Kannada jhnanpeeta awardee talking about pluralistic life and sustainable life in his poem and stories. His poems and stories are a syllabus in Kannada literacy. A resource person Dr Kumarswami, a Kannada lecturer in Loyola college with an understanding of kuvempu thoughts gave lecture on kuvempu writings.

Outcome: YAs get exposed to people and their work in society through these interactions and get inspiration, guidance and strength. In the second life journey, many YAs heard about the mantra mangalya (simple and respectful marriage) concept the first time. This concept introduced by Kuvempu. In Karnataka, many social activists and thinkers are supporting and getting married. Some YAs asked about the book availability of kuvempu writings.

Financial management: a session on financial management session to understand Financial management.

Activity : 

  • Introduction of name, age, and goal
  • Smart concept introduction in goal.
  • Financial management to reach my goal 

Process: thought PPT all activity was done by YAs where they made a list of their needs in the future. It was a very expensive budget after some discussion they got the knowledge about practical things in financial management.

Outcome: YAs got to know about realistic goal setting in reality, and how to work the way to reach the goals, a practical calculation on expenditures, and priority of savings. 

Apart from the workshops, this quarter we had some good achievements;

1. Living Arrangement :

  • 3 YAs are got the job in November, they got salary in December so stopped taking Stipend support.
  • 3 18 above YAs are going to sift PG for the future living plan. so they are searching PG, they got contact and shifted in January first week with Home team’s help.

 2. Continuing education:

  • One dropout YAs in Puc rejoined in college writing exams in march having preparation. 
  • After 18 years one YAs restored in family but she got early marriage and discontinued education. With intervention from state team, she got re admission for distance education. 

3. Health awareness: session on menstrual practices. In this YAs got understanding on menstrual myths in India like touching trees, entering a temple, not having certain food. After discussion, YAs understood the hollow beliefs of the patriarchal society.

 4. Living support and personal expenses: 21 members living support in different category process done. 

5. Entitlement:

  • 3 YAs are got new Bank account
  • 8 YAs are got correction in Adhar date of birth 
  • 2 applied scholarship in LIC Department.
  • 2 applied for voter ID 

 (All names were changed for privacy).

Me and my activity
Me and my activity
My voice
My voice
Open rounds
Open rounds
Life exposure talks
Life exposure talks
Find out
Find out
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Study hours
Study hours

Dear reader

Hope you're safe and sound in these turbulent times.

The past months that brought the world to a complete standstill, it shut down people's lives completely. Businesses, shops, livelihoods, this virus affected over 28.6 million lives to date. In Rainbow Homes & Sneh Ghars and amongst the group living young adults, we tried to do our best in ensuring safety and adhering to the precautionary measures against COVID 19.

This quarter proved to be productive despite the challenges brought by the pandemic. We are thankful to our dedicated staff, stakeholders, to patrons like you, and many others who worked for and with our young adults under the Futures program. We have managed to initiate diverse interventions as designed in the Annual Futures Program Plan. The goal for this quarter was to complete the life plan reviews and make quick progress on the admissions and living arrangements for young adults in transition to independent living out of homes. 

Please find below some of the regular program updates and special interventions, undertaken.

Life exposure event: we had two life exposure events through a media expert and a poet. All young friends presented their poems with a live interaction hour. Later on, in the month we had a music session with a famous Jambe player (an African musical instrument). The guest is a musician, taking life on a challenge to become an international music player. He very passionately talked of life issues like - personal anxiety, resistance from family towards becoming a musician. Our YAs also asked many questions about his journey. Towards the end, he played the Jambe and our YAs enjoyed singing songs on environment issues. 

Discussion on health: We had an exhaustive session on Covid19 with public health experts in different languages across all the 10 cities in India where we are present. The young adults (YAs) were quizzed on their general knowledge and emergency steps if one catches an infection. Also discussed was a crucial topic of differences between lockdown, self-isolation, and quarantine, and the procedures were discussed, with the help of presentation to the larger groups.

Saggeza class: selected YAs attended 'Saturday Saggeza' computer program which helped them to explore coding.  

Career guidance class: A career guiding class was organized by 'Samvada- meaning conversation', an organization. This month we raised 56 books worth 6000/- to the YAs library in Bangalore alone.

Continuing education: We also underwent the admission processes of young adults which entail interaction with each home's would-be college attendee and choosing colleges based on the availability of seats, tuition fee, and the curriculum given, keeping in mind their interest and aspired careers. This was a celebratory process as all our current young adults' batches socred good marks despite the lockdown situations across the country. The same was concluded with many of them finalizing their colleges, a safe visit, an understanding of their term subjects leading to enrolment.

Life Education: Digital & Legal literacy: We had two round meetings with alternative law forums on legal literacy and got a proposal plan to implement the same. The session was focused on key themes like young adults' entitlements in India, the legal provisions, education structure, and laws. Much information was shared about accessing birth certificate, caste and income certificate, etc. It was an interactive session throughout where they put forth their queries on education certificates too. Another was a thorough session on the English language where we arranged an interaction with an English lecturer to have a conversation on learning English as a degree. 

Job /Placement: YAs who went to attend job interviews or had virtual interviews await their results next month. Amongst this, we had some who didn't want to pursue higher education hence we talked to some companies and NGOs for recruitment. The response was good. 

Alumni Follow up: Due to the pandemic there were incidents of young friends who passed out our homes long back and they came in contact with our homes carers once more in need of assistance in lockdown. So this quarter we reached out and included this group too in our regular alumni follow up. We were able to reach many such friends who needed emotional support and affiliation in these turbulent times.

Annual Program planning and budget planning with partner organizations: we had a presentation on the annual program plan and budget plan to all partners and direct home for more clarification on their involvement in the program They understood about the new future program and budget clarification and shared their challenges to state teams for further process. 

Webinar discussion on NEP: India issued a new education policy this quarter which required an exhaustive discussion with our nexus of residential teachers and carers throughout the 55 homes at present. The speakers at their levels were expert scholars and educators who shared information about the present education policy and new education policy differences. It was an interaction model to help the YAs to know about the policy process. 


Discussion on Marriage: YAs attended a discussion on marriage too, which was focused on marriage age and its impact on life. What are the gender roles people are taking in marriage life? How we are ready for this situation, trust issues, respect, and mutual likes and dislikes.YAs also expressed their doubts about the relationship between partners. It was concluded with a feeling that education and a steady income will help settle these personal aspects of life more smoothly. 

With your continued support, we plan to have many different interventions in the pipeline to condition the young adults with the changing pedagogies of education in the current pandemic world. For this, we aim to regularly strengthen our digital infrastructure at the care homes and with the young adults living spaces.

In solidarity

Rainbow Homes Futures Team

The new normal
The new normal
Futures Program Interventions
Futures Program Interventions
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Online sessions
Online sessions

Dear friend of the Rainbows

We hope you're well and keeping safe.

While the world fights its worst pandemic to date, countries are combating it by going in a lockdown of people, businesses, shops, institutions, and livelihoods bringing the world to a standstill. But Child care is a service, which cannot be stopped, put on hold, or ignored. We at Rainbow Homes Program are doing every possible bit to ensure the children both young and older remain safe, protected, and cared for mentally and physically.

In this bit we share with you the new normal - adapting to the new routine wherein, we try to break that chain on the anxiety of being locked in and ensuring the quality education does not stop. We aimed at various innovative online virtual spaces of learning for young adults.

1. Life exposure and Life education - Josh - motivational videos were showcased. Live talks where people from various social, educational, career backgrounds shared their inspiring stories and journeys of facing struggle and overcoming the same. Key highlights out of the expert's life sessions were -

  • Story of how a student dropped out of MBA and started his tea stall, now earning millions
  • Importance of believing in your dreams and working hard for them
  • Taking the first step in the career
  • What happens when you gather the courage to make a decision and stick to it
  • Taking responsibility of your life
  • An inspiring story of facing failures and overcoming them to become a successful entrepreneur
  • What happens when you refuse to give up
  • Akshay Kumar shares the importance of discipline
  • It is okay to not speak good English, your language does not define you, your confidence does
  • Importance of knowing yourself inside out
  • How sometimes a career gets shaped without planning
  • How skills developed in one career help you in other careers
  • Dream big, start small, act now
  • Importance of giving your best in everything you do
  • It takes hard and patience to succeed when people question your caliber
  • Realistic positive thinking
  • An Indian navy captain shares how his never-give-up attitude helped him survive
  • Importance of pain in life
  • Importance of doing everything as a process and not talent alone makes you successful
  • Importance of having a goal
  • The journey of becoming an IPS officer
  • Life of an IPS officer

2. Personal grooming/personality enhancement/ Job readiness training - Live interactive sessions with videos were shared to help Young adults understand the various aspects of personality enhancement. Key takeaways - 

  • How to overcome inferiority complex
  • Efforts needed to improve communication skills
  • Importance of voice quality in speaking
  • Converting ideas into action
  • Importance of commitment
  • Importance of self-confidence
  • How to prepare for interviews
  • Effective Communication techniques in Sales field

3. Career guidance - Young adults took part in weekly webinars on various careers, first-hand information directly from the professionals on what it takes to make a career in a particular sector, the various options available, and the details of the involved options. Following careers options were discussed:

  • A career as an artist by Shiba K, Bollywood playback and pop singer.
  • A career as an entertainer by Ashi K, ex-founder- Goibibo and founder -Ind wealth.
  • A career in fashion industry by P Bida, India’s most influential fashion stylist and choreographer.

With further support from you and other patrons, we hope to start a digital literacy program to help reach the homes, where we are unable to provide for electronic gadgets and other necessary interventions to virtually conduct the sessions. One of the children undergoing these sessions exclaims " I absolutely loved the sessions, getting to know my favorite choreographer, learning his life tale made me realize they're in every way the same as me and my friends, and that it's alright to not feel happy all the time. With pressure and responsibility and a constant willingness to prove myself I too can fulfill my life's passions. " - Polomi

(All the names discussed above are changed to respect the privacy of the individuals)


#stopthespread #spreadkindness instead

Rainbow Homes Program

Learning from an expert
Learning from an expert
Career Sessions
Career Sessions
Never back down!
Never back down!
Never give up
Never give up
Online lessons
Online lessons
Dreamers are achievers
Dreamers are achievers
Failure means you're learning
Failure means you're learning
Life's a journey - one of a kind
Life's a journey - one of a kind
Live Q & As
Live Q & As


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Lily with a pleased customer.
Lily with a pleased customer.

 Originally from Manipur Gaon in Assam, Lily an ambitious girl was born in Nizamuddin but later lived with her brother in Delhi before she came to the Rainbow Home. Now, 20 years old Lilima, fondly known as Lili/lily in Kilkari, is the eldest girl at the home. 

Her name was given by her mother that meant “redness of sunshine”. She lost her parents when she was very young and does not remember much except that her mother worked in as domestic help and her father was a cleaner. It was her mother’s second marriage and she died of T.B, her father died under mysterious circumstances. Lilima’s eldest sister committed suicide 7 days after her marriage. Since then she was brought up by her elder brother and his wife. Her elder brother Akhtar lives in Delhi and has no permanent source of income, and does odd jobs to make a living. He is a drug addict and has suffered from depression and other ailments due to his addiction.  Her sister in law at present stays separately and works as a teacher earning 500 Rs to take care of her 2 sons. Lily’s younger brother Gulab is 14 years old and stays in the village with their Masi.

Lily was orphaned at the age of four and spent much of her childhood on the streets, picking garbage and begging. In times of hope and reunification with family, she faced physical and mental abuse leading to further neglect. After being forced back onto the streets for the second time, Lily’s luck turned, and she found refuge in Rainbow Homes. 

Rainbow Homes provided the necessary bridge course and support to help Lily back into education. Passing Class X with ease Lily took education and Homelife in stride. In 2012, Lily’s family in Assam were badly affected by the devastating floods. Lily was eager to help her family any way she could and decided to find a job. Rainbow Homes supported Lily in her decision and helped her to enrol in open schooling and to find the path to becoming a chef, her childhood dream. After being selected as the ideal candidate for a vocational training program, Lily was trained and working in a high-end Delhi restaurant, earning enough money to live independently and support her family. Lily was quick to pick up new skills and was frequently promoted to different sections of the restaurant. As she acquired advanced professional knowledge and was promoted from Junior to Senior Chef. Eventually, she earned expertise in baking, Indian, Italian, Thai, Chinese and continental cuisines. After working for five years, she saved enough money to register a plot in her name near Ghaziabad where one day she will build her own home. 

Lily’s achievements are ongoing, as not only was she hired as a Senior Chef in another high-end restaurant taking home much hard-earned salary, she also crossed 5 rounds into the top 75 contestants in India’s biggest cooking reality TV show, “MasterChef India”. Lily’s characteristics of determination and persistence shine through as she leads the way as an exemplary role model.

Chef in her kitchen!
Chef in her kitchen!
Donning the chef whites!
Donning the chef whites!
Empowering women of her age.
Empowering women of her age.


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Dear Reader


Greetings of the day!

Udaan - taking flight program of Rainbow Homes Program which entails the Futures (16-23 aged) group of children aka the young adults, focuses on the efforts to prepare the reintegrated street children in the society. Special interventions like career counselling, job placement programs, part-time job sponsoring/resourcing, group living, management courses to make better of their living expenses and finding a suitable earning are what the young adults learn through. 

We require all-time assistance to resource for these interventions which make sure that even after leaving the residential care homes, the child is not left without any plan or follow up and can earn his/her own living on their terms. This time around on the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child, we bring you three impactful stories of girls, who are an inspiration of their friends, family and society.

Teresa joined Rainbow Homes in the year of 2007 December. her father fell seriously ill, leaving him paralyzed and the family in complete distress. This resulted in her mother having to work, going out in the mornings and returning late in the evenings, and since there was no one to take care of her father, it affected Teresa badly. She left the residential care of Rainbow home and became a day boarder. She took over the responsibility of nursing and caring for her father day and night while she being associated as Rainbow girl she continued her day schooling with Loreto day school. Her hardworking attitude and dedication towards her studies toppled with a number of household chores and caring for her father brought out good results when she appeared for her ISC (Indian School Certificate) exam and scored 73.7%. With an increased motivation and dedication she is now pursuing a Hotel Management/Diploma course from Bengal Nalanda Group and has transited from our home and is staying in a hostel. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours, and all her fellow rainbow girls and younger mates in the rainbow homes look up to her now, appreciating her stance in life.

Similarly, Taniya, a fellow Loreto Rainbow Girl, hailing from Kolkata appeared for the H.S. (Higher Secondary) Class XII Board Exams in 2019. She secured 82 %. Presently she is doing her BHM 1st year. She was admitted in the Rainbows in ~ in the month of April 2010 in class IV after her father's death. She was brought here by a  Loreto staff. She has a brother and her mother is a cook. Apart from being a brilliant scorer in academics she also has talents in creative writing which won her many competitions. She also represented her school in State Level in Throwball, got prizes in drawing, talent hunt runners up. Presently she is getting a scholarship from Cognizant for her higher education. When asked about her achievements, she proudly says, " since my childhood I wanted to do everything, learn everything.  Who says you can excel in only one thing? I love having to do many things in life. And sitting idle is something I try to avoid. It gives you bad memories and makes you overthink". With her level of concentration and persistence, she hopes to achieve much more out of life. 

Flying high in the clouds is a head start for Tammana (meaning wish) who achieved her life long dream of becoming a flight attendant by getting selected in Indigo Airlines, as cabin crew. Hailing from Loreto Rainbow Homes, in her futures workshop Udaan when she was 16 years old, she shared this dream with her peers and teachers with such passion on how she always saw the planes soaring high in the sky, and what it would feel like to be in the air all the time? Tamanna is staying with Loreto Rainbow Bowbazar since 2016, passed her class 12 NIOS exam this year (2019) with 64% marks. She started as a day scholar as she lived with her mother alone and they both needed each other. She continued her studies with NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) board and scored 64 %. With all the courage and faith on herself, she passed all the rounds of interview and is ready to fly high as she dreamt. She will be joining from 1st November 2019.

What we are absolutely proud of are the different lives these girls lived and the circumstances they faced in life, and even after all the obstacles, they dream, they thrive to have their own place in the world. All they need is your support and helping us impact many more lives of the girls who dare to dream.

This international day of the Girl Child let us pledge to be a stepping stone to their success, to their wild, untamed unstoppable and unscripted adventures of life!

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