T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk

by Trotoara Foundation
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T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk
T.R.A.P. Creative Room for Bulgarian Youth at Risk

We have rooms in the center of Sofia with total area of 320 m2 (90 m2 are already renovated and actively used), which we would like to turn into a junior center (under the name T.R.A.P) where kids and teachers would be able to meet, communicate, make art and educate absolutely free. We frequently organize different events, concerts, photo competitions, festivals, etc.

Our target group:

Young and teenage people in high-school age with interest in art, computers, gaming, sports, etc.

We need help with the renovation of the room for rehearsals and the studio. The work is kind of rough, construction based and includes the following activities:










Location: T.R.A.P – 26 “Bratya Miladinovi” Str, Sofia

It is not necessary for you to know how to do all of the mentioned activities – even just a few of them would be enough.

In all activities there will be 5 to 10 neat-handed young volunteers that will help with what they can.

We need at least 20-40 man-days which could be worked during any day of the week.

We have all the needed tools, gloves, masks and materials.

These are two reportages on BTV about T.R.A.P and our last big event. And two more on BNT.





You can learn more about Trotoara here:

https://www.trotoara.com (around 200-300 visits per day)

https://facebook.com/trotoaracom (8400+ likes)


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Happy New Year 2019!

From the team of Trotoara Foundation we wish you love, happiness, inspiration and a lot of success in the new year!

The young people are not the future. They are the present. They are the inspiration for all of us, they are the cause which worths fighting for.

In a society with more than 70% of the youth living in risk of poverty and social exclusion, activities involving kids and teenagers are the most important battle, in which we all should fight, and give everything we can. The battle to win!

It is not enough just to plant the seed to have a tree. You must nourish it, you must take care for it. It needs sun, water, forest creatures. In other words, it needs a good environment.

If you do not like the environment - change it!

Year 2018 was our strongest year up to now. More than 60 different events visited by over 5000 people, 10000+ likes of our Facebook page, 1100+ followers in Instagram, 22000+ on our website, we created a second YouTube channel, Facebook group with more 1800+ members, membership cards, challenges and much more.

Over 100 working days of T.R.A.P. – the place where the students are feeling safe and at home.

We attracted much more partners, donors, friends and volunteers.

We succeeded in creating an amazing and unique festival, covering almost everything, which inspires and interests the today’s youth. And on top of this - we made it so the students organized it by themselves - acting as a main and devastating driving force.

We are the present - all of us on the curb (Trotoara). Our path in 2019 is wide open, and the direction is the same - up and ahead! Let’s walk it together!

Attached you may find our Annual report of activities for 2018 (there are English and Bulgarian version). If you want to support Trotoara or have an idea how we can cooperate together in the cause for the youth - do not hesitate to contact us!

Annual Report in Bulgarian (PDF 8MB)

Annual Report in English (PDF 8MB)

Deyan Plamenov Yankov

Director @ Trotoara

Sofia, January 2019


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Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1895757100447562/

Dates: 8 - 9.12.2018, 11 - 21h.

Place: Sofia Tech Park, John Atanasoff building

Organized by: Trotoara Foundation

Tickets: 12 lv/day, 18 lv/two days

Expected audience: 2000 people

Festival of youth, technology and arts Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1895757100447562/ Dates: 8 - 9.12.2018, 11 - 21h. Place: Sofia Tech Park, John Atanasoff building Organized by: Trotoara Foundation Tickets: 12 lv/day, 18 lv/two days Expected audience: 2000 people A festival of youth, technology and arts, created and organized by teenagers, schools and young people. The event is supported by the social responsible business, NGO’s, media and artists. In two consecutive days school students from the main mathematic, science and technological schools, under the mentorship of Trotoara Foundation are aiming to achieve the following goals: Engage the youth power and energy and have a mutual learning of important skills, management, participation and organisation of the festival. The students are the driving force of each of the programs and tasks in the event. Unite the participants in the name of one common cause - T.R.A.P. - a youth community center, where the teenagers are gathering free of charge to communicate, create and develop together. Get together at one place the youth, society, business and the NGO sector and to show that together we can do everything. And to have fun!

The festival in 2018

  • The event will hold place in two days in the biggest hall of Sofia Tech Park - John Atanasoff (60 x 30 meters with the lobby + 500 m2 ground floor)
  • In the lobby of the hall will be placed stands for organizations, sponsors, trade activities and catering.
  • In the main hall two stages will be placed - one for the gaming tournaments and events and one big stage for the concert pars, a fan meeting zone for the YouTubbers and the main sponsor, and additional zones for more activities.
  • In the ground floor will be the backstage and a portable hall for movie screenings, presentations, trainings and other activities.

Channels of communication

  • National media - TV, radio
  • Outdoor advertisement - posters and billboards
  • Thousands of flyers;
  • Bus stop banners;
  • Social networks of Trotoara Foundation and T.R.A.P.;
  • YouTubber’s channels with total number of subscribers more than 1 000 000;
  • Pages and channels of partner organizations
  • High Schools, Universities
  • Companies with different areas of work and expertise and etc.

Trotoara Foundation and T.R.A.P. - a place for creativity and inspiration

Trotoara’s mission (Trotoara means “the curb”, or “sidewalk”)

Our mission is to inspire the young people to believe in themselves, to create, to develop own values and goals in life, to grow as persons and to be a valuable part of the society.


Our target group:

Youngsters and teenagers in the high school age - between 12 and 18, with interests in music, arts, computers, technology, sports, management and many others.


This is a list of our past events - the main driving force in all of the are the teenagers.



Video of our latest project - YouTube channel Elements (in the video description there is more information, there are English subtitles in the YouTube video to switch on)



Our main activity in 2018:

We want to reconstruct, build and open a new youth center in Sofia, where we will use proven methods from Sweden and Save the Children to start a creative place for youths at risk. We will use music, arts, hand made activities and group sessions to inspire the children, to unlock their minds and to include them into the society. All access will be FREE of charge for the young people coming to the center. We already have a place in the same center of the city with 330 m2 of size.


We organize many events,concerts,photo contests,festivals and etc.


These are four reports on the national televisions in Bulgaria for us and TRAP:

  1. http://news.bnt.bg/bg/a/fondatsiya-trotoara-razviva-mladezhki-tsentr-v-sofiya
  2. http://btvnovinite.bg/article/bulgaria/obshtestvo/balgari-i-chuzhdenci-izgrazhdat-nova-sreda-za-mladite-v-sofija.html
  3. http://btvnovinite.bg/video/videos/tazi-sutrin/dve-matematicheski-gimnazii-v-sofija-se-sajuzjavat-za-blagorodna-kauza.html
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nttO-oNmJ_I


Trotoara social networks:

http://www.trotoara.com (200-300 visits/day)

https://facebook.com/trotoaracom (8500+ likes)




Group of T.R.A.P.:



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TRAP Rap & Dubstep for TRAP / 20.05 Mixtape 5 / B-side

TRAP and the kids organized what is probably the first ever Sofia event with dubstep, trap & rap while also having cosplay, youtubers and a charity cause :)! Borislav has had the idea of an electronic music concert for quite some time, but lacked resources. Trotoara Foundation and TRAP made his dream a reality. TRAP – Trotoara Room for Angry People supports young people express themselves, participate in workshops, and learn new things.

TRAP Rap & Dubstep for TRAP took place at “Mixtape 5” club on 20th May from 18:00 to 22:00 h. 

EVERYONE, who brings 1kg plastic bottle caps was given FREE ENTRANCE!
ENTRANCE: 4 lv for under or 18 years old and 8 lv for over 18 years old.

There was a cosplay contest with NINJA theme. The best ninja themed costume gets a prize!

You’ll get to meet many youtubers like (MR.ZIGGY), (RumbataBgGaming), (Bobsun), (Yotover) for an authograph, pic, and to just have a chat.

About the foundation
Trotoara Foundation is an independent NGO organization, officially registered in the Bulgarian court, targeting the young people. Our goal is to create suitable environment for creativity and expression for the young people, and encourage them to build and develop their own cultural, spiritual, intellectual and national values, to improve their skills and acquire new. We want to support them to be active, to learn and share, to support them in their personal and professional growth and being valuable members of the Bulgarian and world society. For that purpose we created T.R.A.P – an unique place in Sofia, where positive development takes place. It is a home to communication, inspiration and art creativity. One of our main ideas is this place to host free rehearsals, meetings, workshop and other events for youngsters without any sex, ethnicity or social status discrimination.

You could find more information about the event HERE

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Names mentioned in the report are not real.
Getting together is a beginning.
Staying together is a progress.
Working together is a success

The students from Sofia High School of Mathematics (SHSM) and the National High School of Natural Science and Mathematics (NSSM) united under this motto, along with NGOs and IT companies to create the event on 9 December 2017. To realize the project, “Trotoara” Foundation cooperated with companies such as Bulwork, DaisSoftware, InspireSoft, ScaleFocus, Mentor Mate Bulgaria, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 60K International Contact Centres, IBM and PlayTech.

Accepting the cause that gave a start to the adventure was only one step of the way – by the end of the event we succeeded on multiple levels.

As a result of our joined effort, we put up a mini-festival and a concert in UACEG. Various talents came together on stage – singers, dancers, actors, entertainers and everything in between. The show that we created was not only able to connect to different audiences, but also set an example that showed how amateurs and professionals work together and learn from one another.

The collaboration between the high schools came as the highest award for the participants. In the lead role we saw students from the highest profile mathematics high schools in Sofia. They had an insight into the full process of organizing an event of this kind. Despite the two schools often seen as a competition, their students made the collaboration possible.

Together they started from just an idea for a joined concert and made it a reality following all the steps. This involved coming up with a title and a tagline, creating a marketing campaign with the appropriate design, spreading the idea by flyers and online advertising in the social media and through radio and television. The organisers selected the talents in an audition that followed a few stages. They also created their own event programme. The “Trotoara” Foundation team gave directions to the students the whole time – from the rehearsals until the actual show. Dynacord Audio technicians gave their professional advise in the lighting and sound for stage at the actual event.

In the show we saw the dance formations of: Veda JuniorStreet Dance School The CenterREWOWDance studio New eX “ ” (Irish Dance Club “Celtic Phoenix”), “” (“Samodivite”) and “” (“The Lighenings”) from SHSM, Stefanova’s olklore dancing schools from NSSM, rock and roll acrobatics duo Stasi and Luchko from “Cosmos” Club, Plami from SHSM.

We heard the singing voices of: Aleksandria, Kalina, Nevena, Teodora and Rumi from SHSM, Yana, Delyana and Vyara from NSSM, Niki from NSSM and Scalefocus; Iliya from 51st high school, the rock bands “VITS” and “58 Degrees” from SHSM, and the “Elitsa” Choit from National high school for ancient languages and cultures “Konstantin-Cyril Philosopher”-Sofia.

A special act performed: Anton Hasan street show (Anton-Hassan Street Show), the freerunners Boyko, Kaloyan and Yoan; Green Riders Squad; Yulian and Alexander on BMX bikes.

We also saw the professional performances of: “The Voice of Bulgaria” singers Simona Zagorova OfficialKristian Grancharov – Kris Gran  The Voice of BulgariaRadko Petkov and the hip-hop crews Roof Rhymez Studio and So Called Crew.

The hosts were Bozhidar, Delyan, Evelina, Ida and Patricia.

The idea for a concert evolved into a mini festival in the process. Other NGOs and volunteers from the IT companies came to help. Together they put up a large number of activities for the guests – seminars, workshops and various games that added up to the “Adventure”. The attendees varied from all ages – children to adults, all showing excitement on the selected topics.

The core of the festival was focused at technology and more specifically, the IT, but didn’t end with that. The festival-goers had a chance to learn more about software and hardware decisions in their work with the industry leading companies’ ongoing projects. They could also get a hands on experience of building computer systems and servers.

The gaming area, led by Better Gaming attracted the most attention throughout the day. The students had a chance to compete at the organized tournaments but also learn more about safe use of the Internet, setting up online video channels and video editing.

The students showed a special interest in today’s most sought after profession “vlogger”. The Bulgarian vlogging duo “AydeBG” attracted the largest crowd for the day. The attendees also enjoyed the photography presentation and the arts workshops.

Other than technology, the participants in the “Adventure” joined Visionary’s and SAT Gallery’s graffiti and street art workshop. They also danced Irish dance with “Celtic Phoenix”.

As a highlight of the event, HPE’s team provided a prize draw following a treasure hunt game. At the end of an emotionally driven day, Elena Biserova from 145th High School won a brand new drone.

Fundraising for the building of „T.R.A.P. – a place for inspiration and creativity” was one of the main aims of the event. And so was spreading the word about the place. The funds raised through concert tickets and merchandising contributed to some of the most urgent needs of the community centre. The majority of the funds was used to cover the expenses for the actual event – venue hire, advertising, professional lighting and sound and technical support.

The event helped the most by expanding our friends’ circle and building up our partnerships. A large portion of them is already involved with the rising number of event at the first part of T.R.A.P. – Elements that opened doors in October. The place is now thriving with a variety of activities, as we could tell in the winter season – students’ exhibitions, vloggers’ fen-meetings, seminars and a gaming festival, to just name a few.

You can keep updated to all that’s new on our Facebook page for all that’s coming up.

“Trotoara” Foundation backed up a Bulgarian pianist to continue her professional training in a top-level Music Academy – Conservatori del Liceu, Barcelona

Ivana is a classical pianist from Bulgaria who was supported by “Trotoara” Foundation to continue her professional music training in one of Europe’s top-level music academies – Conservatori del Liceu, Barcelona, Spain. They did this through setting up her fundraising campaign to cover her tuition fees.

Ivana plays the piano since she was 6 years old. Becoming an artist and performing around the world has always been her dream. Her story goes back to 1993 when she was born in Sofia, Bulgaria into a family of musicians. Her grandfather was one of the most renowned choir conductors in the country.

In 2012 she graduated the National School of Music, Sofia and then the National Music Academy in the piano class of the famous Bulgarian pianist Prof. Ivan Drenikov. Her tutor has not only been a student of the great Italian pianist Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, but also one of his closest friends whom the Maestro spent his time with. As Ivana believes herself, this fact will always have an impact on her career as a musician. After gaining bachelor’s degree she was accepted in Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona, Spain, where she graduated with excellence in the piano class of Prof. Stanislav Pochekin.

Her first success came as early as 2007 when she won First Prize at the XII International Festival “Hopes, Talents, Masters”, Dobrich, Bulgaria. In 2010 she also won the First Prize at the XI International Young Pianists Competition, Nis, Serbia, and later that year she became the Third Prize winner at the International Competition “Prof. Josef Dichler”, Vienna, Austria. Many prizes followed at national and international level. Ivana impressed with her talent the juries in Spain, France and Minnesota, USA.  In August 2017 she participated for the second time in the “Festival de Piano and Master Classes de Saint Savin”, France as a scholarship student. She became one of the 4 laureates from 18 participants from 7 countries.

You can find more about her at: https://www.facebook.com/ivanagovedarskapiano/

Following all this success, she was chosen to participate in a Master Music Training in Conservatori del Liceu, Barcelona to continue her studies with Prof. Stanislav Pochekin.

Master Music Training studies are courses for musicians wishing to broaden their musical experience by participating in many concerts, lectures, master classes given by guest professors and other activities organized by the Conservatory. This opportunity could help Ivana deepen her instrumental and theoretical training and give her the chance to exchange and share various artistic experiences with musicians from different countries.

Conservatori del Liceu hosts every year some of the finest musicians of our days. Moreover, the Conservatory offers their students a concert hall with brilliant acoustics and more than 100 “Steinway” and “Yamaha” grand pianos, which is extremely important for their further education. Studying there meant the chance to pursue her dream – to prepare herself for high-level competitions, to participate in a lot of festivals, concerts and master classes.

This great opportunity comes at a price. The tuition fee for one year is EUR 3700 with nearly a thousand Euros more to cover accommodation, living and travel costs. Before launching the fundraiser Ivana had already saved up money for accommodation and travel to Barcelona. The campaign, which was supported by “Trotoara” helped her raise just over EUR 2500, which helped for most of her tuition fee. With the plan to get a job whilst in Spain to cater for the rest of her needs, the Bulgarian pianist came closer to making her dream come true.



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Deyan Yankov
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