Train 100 Young Women to Gain Skills in Kenya

by Community Focus Group (CFG) Vetted since 2017 Top Ranked Effective Nonprofit
Train 100 Young Women to Gain Skills in Kenya
Train 100 Young Women to Gain Skills in Kenya
Train 100 Young Women to Gain Skills in Kenya
Train 100 Young Women to Gain Skills in Kenya
Train 100 Young Women to Gain Skills in Kenya
Train 100 Young Women to Gain Skills in Kenya
Train 100 Young Women to Gain Skills in Kenya
Train 100 Young Women to Gain Skills in Kenya

Teenage pregnancy has been rising despite of the initiation of programs to help stop the occurrence of teenage pregnancy. What seems to have gone wrong is the lack of importance given to the social and emotional effects of teenage pregnancy. Being a teenage mum can bring along social repercussions that extend into adulthood. A large percentage of teen moms drop out of primary or high school Kenya. Dropping out of school to handle pregnancy or care for a newborn can prevent a teenage mum from learning the skills necessary for adulthood and obtaining a job. Without proper education, she will struggle even more to rise above an increasedrisk of poverty.Caring for a new baby requires a sacrifice of sleep, expenses, and time. For a teen mum who waspreviously engaged in social activities, it might be a shocking change to suddenly be unable to participate in many extracurricular activities. The amount of isolation that she feels can be diver stating especially from family members. Only a few of teenage mum have the opportunity to have emotional or financial assistance from their parents or relatives. In addition, some teen mums find themselves overwhelmed by their new lifestyle and will have to work to make new friends they have more in common with.Adolescents do not usually have a plan of getting pregnant when they engage in sexual behavior.It is their inability to make a note of the consequences of unplanned indulgence in sex that puts them at risk. It is after the teenager has realized that she is pregnant that she discovers the possible downsides to it at a tender age. The fact that most teenage girls are unaware of the process that pregnancy is, they end up not taking care of themselves and indulging in bad habits such as smoking and drinking to lay the depressed phase off.Below are stories of teenage mums (Sharon, Joan and Diana) whose lives have been transformed after 100 girls initiative.Sharon, Joan and Diana are teenage mothers who are between the ages of 15 and 18.They all comes from vulnerable families and they are partial orphans. Being teenage mums they all had a share of challenges and difficulties in their lives. As they narrated their stories Joan had worked in illicit brew den with her widowed mum to support their family, Diana joined her mum at a tender age farming land for people and sometimes not being compensated for the hard work doneor sometimes paid 1 dollar which is indeed exploitation. Sharon moved from one relative to another and worked as a domestic worker without being paid and faced a lot of abuse.The 100 girls initiative was an eye opener to the girls as most of them had no ideas of how much potential they exuded. The training was designed for 6 months of which they were to learn skills on hair dressing as business venture. They had no prior training or experience in this field of hairdressing and beauty and only one of them had a talent in braiding but had no professional training on hair dressing. At the orientation sessions at the Elegance Salon in Homabay County the young women had very low self esteem and lacked confidence and self-awareness. There was need to enhance their self esteem and confidence within themselves by encouraging group discussions to share their experiences and challenges as teen mothers.Success storiesAfter the training Sharon, Joan and Diana were taken through an internship for two months and after finishing the internship. Sharon went back to settle with her mother comfortably and found employment at one of her mother’s friend salon in their neighborhood and also she has began plaiting corn rows at home and supplying to nearby salon and clients. Diana gained employment at a nearby salon and she is paid in commission per client and sometimes she offers assistance to the salon where she did her internship if there are more clients to earn extra money. Joan has been fully absorbed at the Elegance salon after the training and internship as a permanent employee.To minimize the negative social impact, communication with a solid support system is essential for a teenage mum. If a teenager is experiencing the challenges of parenting, as a society is our responsibility to make sure she has access to a counselor and she has an economic support. In addition our communities should offer programs to enable teenage mums connect with each other, develop their skills and promote economic sustainability. It is also important for schools tohave programs that allow teenage mums an opportunity to complete their education if they wish to and avoid discrimination

Homabay teen mums
Homabay teen mums

Project Summary

Teenage pregnancy and subsequent motherhood presents a major challenge to a girl child who has no social support from family, friends and the community. Community Focus Group (CFG) believed in the future of these girls and developed a program to identify and empower the most vulnerable teen mothers in Kenya. As an organization we aim to offer these young mothers access to education and economic empowerment through training and skills building. Several of the young girls in Kenya have conceived as a result of rape or sexual violence among other circumstances. Community Focus Group agenda is to offer these girls a chance to rewrite their future free of judgment or condemnation. The goal of the project is to equip the young girls with skills and expertise to enable them to earn a living and change their live and support their children.

The project target is to reach out to 100 teen mothers per county faced with high rate of teen pregnancy below the age of 19 years. The skill development training include and not limited to tailoring, baking/cooking, beads work, basketry, beauty and hair dressing, entrepreneurship training (they are instructed also on how to develop a business plan, start a business and save money) and back to school program option (they are provided with adult education, formal and non-formal education).

Homabay County

Regionally, statistics are worrying. According to the latest demographic health survey, 19.2 per cent of girls aged between 15 and 19 in HomaBay County have had a live birth already, while 22.2 per cent within that bracket have begun child bearing. In addition, contraception uptake among women aged 15 to 49 in the county is below average, at 46.7 per cent. While people aged between 15 and 19 are sexually active, their level of contraception, even for disease preventing measures such as condom use, is the lowest, at below five per Cent.Homabay County is ranked 2nd nationally after Narok County on high rate of teenage pregnancies. According to chiefs and other law enforcers, poverty and passive parenting make it difficult to effectively tackle teenage pregnancies and punish the people responsible for them. “No matter how much you threaten the girls, they will never reveal who made them pregnant” according to the chief views and observation.


100 Girls project Homabay cohort

Community Focus Group embarked on skill development training of 4 girls in Homabay County. The process of selection was done on the basis of their background story and needs assessment done per individual. The girls were given orientation on the main agenda of the program and joined the training on the 1st of March 2018 at Elegance hair dressing salon and end in 31st August. The training time frame was 6 month and the girls were taken through a practical training on Hair braiding, retouch, styling, dread locks, corn row plaiting, Wash and set, pricing, customer Etiquette. After the training the top 2 girls will be given an internship position in the same salon for two month to sharpen their skills further.

Impact of the project

Self esteem and awareness

When the girls joined the program they had very low self esteem due to the challenges they have faced all their life according to their person stories. All of them came from a single parent family (widowed mothers) and they all dropped out of school after getting pregnant. Their mothers don’t have a stable income to support their families and they have lived in poverty and had to do anything (selling elicit brew, farming others peoples land etc) to put food on the table. The experiences made them to lose confidence and hope. This project has enabled them to believe in themselves again, enhanced their self esteem and has given them an opportunity to showcase their gift and talents of hair dressing.

Interpersonal and communication skills

Majority of them came with very poor interpersonal and communication skills due to their upbringing or having to deal with the judgmental and psychological aspect in the society as teenage mothers coming from a vulnerable background. The project has helped them to improve on their life and positive thinking skills, personality development skills, management skills, behavioral skills, including job and employability skills.

Skill development

All the girls had no prior experience in hair dressing. The six month training has given the girls transformation from unskilled, unemployed girls to potential employees or even future employers. Above all it has given them hope as a means to earn a living and support their children and siblings.



 Empowering girls and young women is not an ‘option’ for a modern society — it should have already happened a long time ago. This project has become an eye opener to young teenage mothers and their peers because it has given them hope and opportunity to explore their potential and become an example to their communities that their dreams are valid.

When you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a you educate a family (nation).Dr James Emmanuel Kwegy

Thank You So Much For your support! Please lets donate more to train 100 Girls! 

Homabay teen mums
Homabay teen mums
Homabay teen mums
Homabay teen mums
Homabay teen mums
Homabay teen mums
Homabay teen mums
Homabay teen mums

 The 100 girls training program has contributed a lot in the lives of teen mothers in Homabay county. The program’s main objective is to develop skills of teen mothers who have dropped out of school by imparting them with skills on hairdressing, tailoring, beauty, catering, basketry and jewelry making. The process and the training has brought a lot of impact in the lives of these teen mothers in a span of   months . The Homabay Cohorts Homabay recruited 4 participants at a hairdressing program which began on 1st of March at Elegance hair salon and their instructor is Ms Omolo the owner of the salon and a professional in hairdressing and beauty.

Majority of the teenage mothers joined the training with no experience in this field and only of the them had a talent in braiding but had no professional training on hair dressing. At the orientation sessions the young women had very low self esteem and lacked confidence and self-awareness. There was need to enhance their self esteem and confidence within themselves by encouraging group discussions to share their experiences and challenges as teen mothers. The training session begins at 9am to 5pm from Monday to Saturday and the hairdressing skills to learn include Customer care Etiquette Service pricing Wash and set Weaving Dread locks Cornrows braiding Plaiting Hair Treatment and Retouch The teen mothers have shown consistence and keenness in their learning process and work so far. The instructor has also highlighted there are at times she has allowed them to offer some services to customers directly to monitor their learning progress which has brought forth promising results.

Their self-esteem, self-awareness and confidence has improved impeccably in the long ran. In addition, they have improved their communications skills and expertise in hairdressing. One of the teen mothers said “I have become so good in cornrows braiding skill, these is just enough for me to supply to the local hair salons and beauty shops and earn a living for myself and my child”. One of the teen mothers however went for a maternity leave and she developed complications during delivery and had to undergo caesarean section. She gave birth to a baby boy who in 1 months’ time develop hydrocephalus and unfortunately the infant died after being referred to several hospitals and the condition couldn’t be treated.Indeed the 100girls program is working and bringing hope to teenage mothers.


Age :19 years old

Personal Goal
To work hard and become a great person in future to inspire other girls with the similar experience she has encountered.

Her story

Diana comes from a family of 7 and she is the second born child. Her mother is widow and her father passed on when she was very young. Her mother is the only soul bread winner and doesn’t have a stable formal employment to sustain the family. They depend on farming other people’s land during the planting season to earn a living to cater for their need which is seasonal. Diana has a two-year baby girl and she dropped out of school in class 7 when she was 16 years old. She was constantly repeating in school because of lack of school fees as most of the time she was been sent home because of school fess arrears. This explains why she was behind in terms of completing her education compared to her peers. Her journey has been tough and sad since she was taken in by the parents of her father’s daughter (who is was also a teenager) when she got pregnant. Due to constant frustration she left that place went back to her mother house after her daughter was 7months.It has been challenging for to raise her only daughter and it pushed her to join her mother in tilling other peoples land to fend for her daughter and sibling after she realized there is no other option left for her to pursue.
This program will help her gain skill for her to venture into her own business in future and earn an honest living for her child and help her younger siblings get education.

Sports especially playing football and running marathons.

This project targets young teen mother who have dropped out of school in different counties. The goal of the project is to equip the young girls with skills and expertise to enable to earn a living and change their live and support their children.

The project has not reached the targeted amount of funding a lot of support is needed and urgently. The second  phase of the project, 3 girls have been identified and in-cooperated in the project in Homabay county to pursue hair dressing training at elegance hair saloon in a period of 6 months.

The girls have had difficult experiences as teen mothers below are a summary of their stories. (The names have been change to protect their identities).This project has become an eye opener to them personally and their peers because these initiatives has given them hope and opportunity to explore their potential and become an example to their communities that their dreams are valid.

Susan was born in a family of 4 and she is the third born in the family. Her father passed on when she very young. She dropped out of school at the age of 11 after she got pregnant. The child passed on a month later after birth of which no explanation was given to her because she was young and experiencing post natal depression. She was later taken to her Aunt’s place to work as a house help since her mother is a widow and unemployed and could not support her and her sibling. Currently she is residing with her Aunt who has taken her in to work for her until she becomes stable and be independent.

Susan has embraced this initiative because it will give her an opportunity to build her skills and have bright future a head and become independent.

Personal Mission:                 

 To work hard, learn and improve her life, and be able to be support her siblings and mother

Hobbies:  Singing and dancing


Jane is born in a family of 6 and she is the 4th born child. Her mother is widow and unemployed living in the village, due to poverty her mother was pushed to enter into an illegal business of selling traditional illicit brew to support her family. Jane dropped out of school at the age of 13 years due to lack of school and later got pregnant at the age of 16 years. She was forced to join her mother’s business to earn a living and support her child.         She was later picked by one of her Aunt who felt she was not in a conducive environment as a girl child. Her Aunt took her in to avoid her being vulnerable to Gender based violence while working with her mum.

This initiative will help her gain skills to be to earn a living and support her child, become sustainable and help her mother.

Personal Mission:                 

 To acquire skills to enable her support her child and mum to have a great future.

Hobbies: Singing, sports and listening

Emily was born in a family of 5.She lost her father when she was very young and she has known her mother as the only bread winner all her life. Her mum leaves in the village and is a part time house help which cannot be enough to cater for their needs as a family. Currently she is 8 month pregnant and working as a house help to raise money for her coming baby while leaving with a relative.

This initiative has come as a blessing being that she loves hair dressing it will help her enhance her skills and become better and earn a living to support her child when he is born.

Personal Mission:                 

 To be successful in everything she does and become a great person in future.

Hobbies: Listening to music, hair dressing and watching African movies



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