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Inauguration of Women Health Centre
Inauguration of Women Health Centre

Both campaigns (1) Save Sight Ahmedabad; (2) Cataract Free Sabarkantha are making excellent progress. Some of the comments of the sponsors of CFS are given below:

1. Comments of Architect of Cataract Free Sabarkantha Campaign

"10th Week without any break, EYE Check up work is going on well in Vatrak. This facility is improving by collective postive action by BPA, Vatrak Hospital Staff and SVCT local leaders. During Sathamba Camp, we had a meeting  with local people and they were happy about the services"

"Vatrak Hospital and Blind People Association with Support from Samata Vikas Charitable Trust, will open Vision in Vatrak Hospital on 1st June'2014. Vision Centre will have facility of EYE Check up , Glasses for near sight correction and patients having cataract will be taken to Bareja Hospital for surgery and bring them back to Vatrak.
This will help to reduce backlog of Cataract related eye correction in the area . Vatrak Hospital will send Mobile Van in nearby areas to educate rural people for eye check up and other facilities available at the site. 

BPA has understood the need for extending such facility in area and they are putting fa Vision Centre  in Vatrak Hospital . This initiative is also a part of 50th Year - Golden Jubilee years of Vatrak Hospital."

2. Comments donor who initiated the CFS Camapign

"We feel blessed that we have family that cares for less privileged in the society. The first camp in Sathamba was supported by my sister, daughter/ son-in law and son/ daughter in law. The second camp was supported by my son and daughter-in law. At a minimum my family will continue to support at least one eye camp every year for next few years.

All the credit should go to BPA which provided us a platform to help needy in our birth place and for running an excellent. financially transparent organization."

3. Comments of  residence of Gabat, a great supporter and moitivator of CFS Campaign

"Over the past four years, SVCT has made substantial progress in partnership with BPA towards our goal of promoting Cataract-free Sabarkantha, and we have an unique opportunity to take a significant new step to expand BPA’s services to help eye patients even further."

4. Comments of  moving spirit behind the CFS Campaign

"We are all happy to learn people's interest in Vatrak and eye center for our brothers and sisters of that area. We are there to support and serve. Your contribution will add a needed dimension to thhis campaign."

The statistical report of performance of the project during the last 3 months is given below:

Statistical report of Blind People’s Association-Bareja Hospital for the year – 2014

(April 2014- June - 2014)

S.N   Name of the procedure  Number of Surgeries

1       Cataract                                    3240

2       AGS (Glaucoma)                            9

3       Chelezion                                      11

4        Keratoplasty                                   1

5        Posterior Capsular Opacity    342

6        Ptryrisium                                     51

7        Squint                                              0

          Total                                         3654  (Three Thousand Six Hundred Fifty-four only)

During  the period, April to June, 2014 a total number of 3654 patients had undergone surgery at Eye Hospital, a unit of Blind People Association, Bareja. During this period, outeach programs were organized in remote locations of Gujarat where 7895 patients were provided treatment at their doorstep and out of them 1856 patients were identified as those with cataract and 1008 have undergone surgeries at Bareja hospital.    

A Mega eye checkup camp was organized at Sathamba with the support of Samata Vikash Charitable Trust and at Isanpur, Narol Bakri Mandi, Vatva with the support of a Benevolent Trust.  Eye checkup camps were also conducted with the support Hitachi and Help Age india also.

One new Vision center was started at Delhi Chakla with the support a donor in addition to the existing one at Vatrak whchc was started with the support from Samata Vikash Charitable Trust.  

The Women Health Care center started at the hospital premises with the support from Shri Vitthalbhai Gatorbhai Patel and a Psychiatric unit with the support from a lady donor. 

The Chairpersons of Heart Foundation & Research Institute continued supporting the pathology, general OPD and meal services at the hospital. The Government of Gujarat also came forward to extend support to the hospital through District Blindness Control Society under the National Program on Control of Blindness.

BREAKING NEWS: The concept of establishing Vision Centres all across Sabarkantha & Aravali Districts makes further progress. The Annpurna Trust of Modasa, district head quarter of Aravali District has decided to invite Bareja Eye Hsopital to establish a well equipped Vision Centre at Modasa. This Centre will be inagurated on 14th September, the All India Flag Day for the Blind at Modasa.

Outreach Camp in Progress
Outreach Camp in Progress
Neeruben can the world her around her again
Neeruben can the world her around her again
Fardiaben is full of joy after eye surgery
Fardiaben is full of joy after eye surgery
Salmaben is now the happiest person
Salmaben is now the happiest person
Paniben thanks all the donors for her support
Paniben thanks all the donors for her support
Mathurbahi expressing joy after eye s
Mathurbahi expressing joy after eye s

Landmark Achievement: The Project went for a mega expansion of its geographical coverage by establishing 3 Vision Centers.

1.  Vision Centre 1 at Varsoda The Trustees of Varundavan Dham, Varsoda approached the hospital to establish a Vision Centre at Varsoda, Varsoda – Badpuda Road near Mahudi. Thanks to efforts of Mr. Kanjibhai Chaudhary, Chairperson of the Vikas Trust that this centre Vision Centre has been established 85 Kms. away from the hospital. It will provide health care services to the patients from Mansa Taluka of district Gandhinagar.

 2. Vision Centre 2 at Delhi Darwaja, Ahmedabad: This Vision Centre has been established in the Laskari General Hospital, Delhi Darwana, near Dariapur. This Centre has been established with the support of Mr. Bhanubhai, a leading philanthropist who also runs the company that produces Omani Inter-ocular Lense. Laskari hospital was established almost 100 years before to cater to the health needs of poor patients from the walled city area of Ahmedabad. As lot of patients coming to this hospital has eye ailments, the Trustees of the Hospital approached the project to establish this vision centre.

 3. Vision Centre 3: Vatrak: As reported earlier, the project and the Samata Vikas Charitable Trust (SVCT) have taken challenge of rendering Sabarkantha District as a Cataract Free District. To expedite the process further and achieve this target, The SVCT has decided to establish the SVCT VISION CENTER at the Shri K K SHAH Sabarkantha Arogaya Mandal , Vatrak with effect from 1st June, 2014. The Project will receive support from local community of Sabarkantha District and Non-Resident Indian settles in the USA. Mr. Ramesh Shah, Mr. Rasik Shah and Mr. Vijay Shah, all from district of Sabarkantha are coordinating the work. Mr. P K Lahiri, Ex-Chief Secretary of Government of Gujarat and now the Chairperson of Vatrak Hospital has extended his full support to this initiative.


Statistical report of Blind People’s Association-Bareja Hospital for the year – 2014

(January 2014-March - 2014)

S.N   Name of the procedure    Number of Surgeries

1          Cataract                                             2487

2          AGS (Glaucoma)                                    7

3          Chelezion                                               21

4          Keratoplasty                                            0

5          Posterior Capsular Opacity (PCO)  257

6         Ptryrisium                                                47

7         Squint                                                        2

                       Total                                        2821


During   January 2014 to March 2014 a total number of 2821 (including 2487 for cataract surgeries) patients were operated at the eye hospital, a unit of Blind People Association, Bareja.  During this period, 51 outreach programs were organized in remote locations of Gujarat where 5483 patients were provided treatment at their doorstep and out of them 1742 patients were identified as having cataract and 970 had undergone surgeries at Bareja hospital.    

Mega eye checkup camp was  organized at Modasa, Vadagam, Gabat with the support of Samata Vikash Trust and at Isanpur with the support of Areez Khambata Benevolent Trust.


Galiben is the happiest person after eye surgery
Galiben is the happiest person after eye surgery
Yusufbhai can see the world clearly after surgery
Yusufbhai can see the world clearly after surgery
Another eye camp in progress
Another eye camp in progress
Another camp in progress
Another camp in progress
Function to Falicitate Volunteers
Function to Falicitate Volunteers

After successful launching of Save Sight Ahmedabad Campaign, the Project has launched an innovative campaign "Cataract Free Sabarkantha" campaign. This campaign shall focus upon bringing down prevalence of cataract in the district to the extent of 100 per 100,000 population which is accepted parameter as "Cataract Free Region". In other words, the campaign would ensure organizing eye camps in the whole district within a period of one year and performing eye surgeries of all those patients requiring the same. Very intensive efforts would be made to identify each and every person requiring eye check up.

The whole story begin with an enquiry from Mr. Rasik Shah and Mrs Kusum Shah Rasik residing in the USA. He desired to support an eye camp to be organized on 27th January, 2011 at Sathamba in the tribal distict of Sabarkantha. This camp was organized under the banner of MANAV SEVA MANDAL, SATHAMBA".  A very successful camp as the Project identified 92 persons and organized performing of surgery at Bareja. The success of this eye camp motivated Shah couple to become volunteers of our project and motivate other Non Resident Indians residing in the USA to extend support to this initiative.

Motivated from Shah couple, Mr Rasik Shah of Gabat, now residing in New York and his family members came forward to support a similar camp at Gabat, another village in Sabarkantha village which has sent a large number of NRIs to the USA. The success of this camp motivated Mr. Ramesh Shah, Mr. Vijay Shah and many other residents of Gabat to come forward and support this initiative.  With the success of a few camps in the district, the members decided to launch the campaign "Cataract Free Sabarkantha". To promote this campaign in a systematic manner, the group has formed a public charitable organization names as "Samata Vikas Charitable Trust".

All these volunteers and supporters organized a major camp on 12th January, 2014 which was attended by Mr. Ramesh Shah, all volunteers of earlier 12 camps, a large number of NRIs. The whole program was coordinated by Mr. Vijay Shah, a moving spirit behind the campaign. The Blind People's Association was represented by Dr. Bhushan Punani, Executive Director; Ms Nandini Rawal, Project Director; Mr. Dharmednra Jena, Manager, Bareja Eye Hospital and whole team of hospital. The SVCT also released the Annual Report for the year 2013 highlighting achievements of this campaign.

All the volunteers of 12 teams were honoured publically. During the function, it was pointed out the "Cataract Free Sabarkantha" should now be upgraded as "Cataract Free Gujarat". Most members present in the function appreciated the idea and desired to upgrade the campaign after target of "Cataract Free Sabarkantha"has been achieved.

Now, we request all those persons in supporting such innovative campaign to extent helping hand and donate US $ 30 through Global Giving for sponsoring each eye surgery.

Camp in Progress
Camp in Progress
A tremendous confidence after cataract surgery
A tremendous confidence after cataract surgery

1. Joy of Giving Week: Every year, 2nd to 8th October is celebrated as "Joy of Giving" week to promote sense of giving among the citizens. This event has been getting tremendous response from the developmental NGOs, Corporate and Donor Community. The N H Eye Hospital which has been implementing Seeing-is-Believing" promote Joy of Giving Sight during this week. The Project would launch this concept on 3rd October by organizing a mega camp as per following details:

Apart from various other activities, the Blind People's Association is running an eye hospital at Bareja for providing comprehensive services of eye health at completely free of cost or affordable cost.

As per estimates of National Program on Control of Blindness, 32 million people need to be operated to restored their vision. As per estimates of BPA, the backlog of eye surgeries in Ahmedabad alone is 20,000 surgeries. The BPA and Areez Khmbatta Benevolent Trust with the support of Cama Motors has launched a campaign "Save Sight Ahmedabad" with a target of performing 20,000 eye surgeries in the next 5 years. 

As a part of this campaign, "Joy of Giving Sight" shall be celebrated on 5th October by organizing a mega eye surgeries camp for the poor slum dwellers of Ahmedabad. Last year, BPA promoted "Joy of Giving Sight" for 300 persons.

We invite all the volunteers, members of community and corporate to join us on this occasion

Time: October 2, 2013 from 9am to 2pm
Location: Bakra Mandi
Street: Ranip
City/Town: Ahmedabad
Website or Map:
Phone: Mobile 09898456171, 09327547205
Event Type: awareness, volunteering
Organized By: Mr. Dharmendra Jena, Manager, Navalbhai Hiraba Eye Hospital, Bareja, Phone- 09898456171, 09327547205

Details of this event are available on URL:

2. Success of Cataract Free Sabarkantha: A group of volunteers led by Mr. Vijay Shah of Ahmedabad, Mr. Ramesh Shah of USA and Mr. Rasik Shah of USA have decided to promote the concept of Cataract Free Sabarkantha. The group is organizing eye camps on every Sunday in different villages to identify cases for eye surgeries. Response so far is fantastic and in every camp, more than 100 persons requiring eye surgeries are identified. One of the main supporters of the campaign has made the following observation:

Dear All,
We appreciate everyone's feelings to work for this noble work. Leadership of this work is with Friends of USA- Shri Rasikbhai P Shah, Shri Rameshbhai P Shah and Shri Rasikbhai M Shah.
In India, we are managing Camp planning, coordination with BPA, local team, communication , Local Camp fund requirement . As we are extending to more places, there will be a challenge to manage our fund commitment . Its local or USA/outside.  Let each one help by some contribution from self/ from friends.
So far, we are reached only few friends of USA , as well local brothers and sisters.  We are sure to manage required fund to meet our mission Cataract Free Sabarkantha, we look for strong support from INDIA based our leaders to spread message and be part of this noble work and help us to assure fund commitment.

Vijay Shah

3. Expansion of Infrastructure: One retired teacher, Ms Vasantiben has extended support of US $ 65,000, Dr. Nitin Shah has extened support of US $ 40,000 and Life Insurance Corporation of India has also extended support of US $ 40,000 to construct additional 2 floors of the building to enhance capacity of the hospital from 50 beds to 100 beds. With this expansion, the project would be able to double its capacity for conducting eye surgeries. The exansion shall be completed by 3rd November, 2013.

Thanks to donors of GlobalGiving that this project is progressing very well. We request all the donors to extend their further support for enabling us to achieve our target of 15,000 surgeries every year.

Back to field after surgery
Back to field after surgery
Once again doing normal routine
Once again doing normal routine
Now supporting the family
Now supporting the family
Great example for the community
Great example for the community
Launchof Cataract Free Sabarkantha - 23 June 2013
Launchof Cataract Free Sabarkantha - 23 June 2013

After successful launching of "Cataract Free Ahmedabad" which has now been renamed as "Save Sight Ahmedabad" campaign, Navalbhai Hiraba Eye Hospital now launches "Cataract Free Sabarkantha" campaign. It is being launched jointly by the hospital as well as Vivekananda Samata Vikash Trust. The first eye screening camp is being organized at Vadagam, tribal area of Sabarkantha district in Gujarat on 23trd June, 2013

The Department of Health, Government of Gujarat is providing assistance of Rs. 700 (US $ 12) for each patient to be operated for catact surgeries under the campaign. The hospital steel requires contribution of US $ 17 for each surgeries. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Vijay Shah who belongs to Sabarkantha district is an expert in SAP, local donors are coming forward to support the launching of the campaign.

The Non-Resident Indian settled in USA who originally belong to Sabarkantha District have come forward to support the campaign. This campaign is being supported by Mr. Rashikbhai P Shah, Mr. Rasikbhai M Shah, Mahendrakumar D Shah, Ramesh Shah and Narendra R Shah and villagers of Vadagam.

As our target is reach the whole district of Sabarkantha, we request our donors, supporters and well wishers to exend helpind hand to enable us to achieve our target of making Sabarkantha, a tribal district of Gujarat as "Cataract Free". You are welcome to send you contributions through GlobalGiving and inform us that these contributions are for "Cataract Free Sabarkantha"

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