Education  India Project #28320

Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India

by Sangli Mission Society
Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India
Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India
Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India
Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India
Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India
Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India
Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India
Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India
Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India
Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India
Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India
Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India
Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India
Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India


I am very thankful to present our fifteeteenth report of the project - Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India via GlobalGiving.

Aastha Kolhapur CBR

Training for CBR staff

In order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the staff, Aastha Kolhapur CBR conducted a training for 18 staff. The first half of the session was conducted by the project coordinator Ms Trupti Shinde who covered topics like the CBR matrix, ICF framework and functional rehabilitation, terms and types of body functions, etc. She also emphasized the importance of making groups of disabled people in the villages to address their issues. The second half of the training was conducted by Mr. Virsen Salokhe, took session on documentation, team work, reporting, personality development, etc.  He made the session effective by giving activities and open discussion engaging everyone by discussing their field experiences and cleared their doubts.

Celebration of international day of Person with Disabilities (PWDs)

International day of persons with disabilities was celebrated on 3rd December 2020 at the new working village, Nagaon. The chief guests for the program were Mr. Arun Mali  Sarpanch Nagaon village, Mr. Uttam Borchate  clerk grampanchayat, Mr. Harale social worker, Fr Roshan Varghese – Director, Social & Development Action and Railway Childline Kolhapur team. Since it was our new working village, we introduced them about CBR project and its various services. This meeting allowed them to discuss the issues of PWDs and the need of promoting inclusion.  It made the stakeholders to sensitize the issues of PWDs. By the end of the celebration the team of Railway Child line Kolhapur together with CBR team conducted a street play on the topic of “Apangatvavar Keli Maat (victory over disability)”.  The team promoted awareness of disability through placard, slogan and IEC material distribution. Apart from this, we also distributed supplementary food kits to 06 CWDs in our project.


Parents’ awareness meeting

Parents’ awareness meetings was conducted at Sajani village on 15 December 2020. The team discussed various topics such as disability and its types, importance of physiotherapy & speech therapy, govt. schemes for CWDs, prejudice on disability, school scholarship, government schemes and online process for Unique Disability Identity (UDID) Card and Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana (SGNY), formation and registration of DPO, etc. A total of 30 PWDs, CWDs and their parents participated the meeting.


Through the Saksham project, 15 new Self Help Groups (SHGs) have been formed in Sangli and Kolhapur districts during October-November 2020. A total of 181 women have newly joined in Self Help Groups (SHGs).  Total 101 Self Help Groups (SHGs) from Sangli and Kolhapur districts have completed their balance sheets with the help of Out Reach Workers (ORWs). They have conducted 06 cluster meetings in Sangli and Kolhapur districts between October and November. Through cluster meeting, we try to empower few of the members and they will monitor their SHGs and it will slowly reduce the burden of staff. The ORW of each tehsil provided training on maintenance of SHG registers for its members. A total of 36 register training have been conducted in 20 villages in the last quarter.

 Certificate distribution

The team have completed 02 batches of tailoring course in 02 villages such as Chinchani and Aasad of Sangli district. Course completion certificates have been distributed towards 20 participants. The team also started two new batches in Kharasing and Mohite Vadgaon of Sangli district.

 NIVARA- home for the flood affected

Inauguration of four houses constructed for flood affected people in Hatkanagale tehsil of Kolhapur district was done on 19th November 2020 at Halondi and on 29th November at Ichalkaranji. Fr Jerry Vallomkunnel MCBS blessed the newly built house for Ms Suchitra Dhanawade, a child with Disability at Halondi and Mr. Dhairyasheel Mane, Member of Parliament inaugurated three houses at Ichalkaranji. The beneficiaries are Mr Dhondisingh Raghunath Rajput, Mrs Malubai Parasuram Jaitalkar and Mrs Sunita Parasuram Jaitalkar. Mrs Alka Swami Mayor Ichalkaranji Muncipality, Mr Ravindra Mane Corporator together with Fr San Jose MCBS, Fr Joby Njallyil, Fr Tom, Fr Thomas, Fr Shaji, Fr. Lijo, Fr Sebastian, Fr. Subin, Fr Saji, Fr Roshan were present in the inaugural ceremony. We would like to thank contribution from Paramprasad  Charitable Trust, Ursuline Sisters Ratnagiri, Catholic Health Association of India and other benefactors who donated for the completion of dream house for the homeless.


CL Kolhapur organized different activities to create awareness and to identify child issues at different places in Kolhapur district during children week.

School Awareness

The team conducted school awareness program in 03 schools such as Kushire Ashram School, Nanasaheb Gadre Highschool,Torana Nagar,and Shri Ganesh Vidyalay Chikhali. A total of 590 children enthusiastically participated in the awareness program.

Mass Awareness

CL could reach 3800 people and 1500 children through conducting mass awareness at 04 different places. The awareness was based on social activities. CL used various IEC materials such as pamphlets, stickers and creative banners for the better understanding of people as well as children on the rights of children. Also, CL visited the stakeholders to discuss about the issues of children. The team could sensitize the people on child issues like begging, child labor and physical abuse.

Celebration of Childline Se Dosti Week

On the occasion of Children’s day on November 14, 2020, the team organized the program of childline se dosti for providing awareness about Childline 1098 toll free number. The team conducted various activities with the children like children party, open house, road show, activity for children at care home, come and play, etc.

Childline Sangli

Poshan Mah 2020

As a part of Poshan Mah (nutrition month) 2020 celebration, the team conducted home visits and provided information about protein rich diet required for children, importance of cereals and pulses, soya bean, milk in diet, role of fruits and vegetables to increase immunity and role of kitchen garden for the family. Childline also conducted Poshan thali competition and distributed vegetable seeds for kitchen garden.

Swacchata Abhiyan

Sangli Childline could reach 117 people through the awareness program on Swacchata Abhiyan. The program conducted in 05 areas such as Sanjaynagar, Ahilyanagar, Shalininagar, Bamnoli and Navin Vasahat. The team explained the importance of cleanliness for children through sessions, street play and demonstration.

Childline Se Dosti Week

Childline Sangli conducted CSD week from 14/11/2020 to 20/11/2020. CL invited District women and Child Development Department, DCPU, CWC and other stakeholders for the program. The team also conducted various competitions such as, drawing competition, essay competition, ‘rangoli’ competition, ‘mehandi’ competition, ‘sangeet khurchi’ competition and signature campaign. Through this program the team reached around 189 children and 114 adults.

Human Rights Day

Childline Sangli celebrated Human Rights Day on 10/12/2020 in government shelter home. 13 Children and 17 adults presented for this program. Child Welfare Committe Chairman and members guided the participants with valuable thoughts.

All of us know, we are going through an exceptional crisis and your timely support is a great solace for us. Thank you very much for supporting our activities. Let us be together. Please feel free to visit the page-

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Be a good Samaritan
Be a good Samaritan


I am very thankful to present our fourteenth report of the project - Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India via GlobalGiving.

COVID-19 cases in India may touch fifty lakhs within couple of days from now and our state Maharashtra has crossed 10 lakhs infections (September 13, 2020). In the areas where we work, the COVID-19 cases are on surge.

Our formal schools, special schools and some of the project activities have gone online. It seems few more months may take to reopen the schools though students and parents  are looking to come back to school campus asearly as possible.

I would like to bring into your notice, few of the activities we have done through different projects in the midst of the pandemic. Some of our staff dare to help the needy and vulnerable even if public exposure could be fatal to their health; but love supercedes everything.

Aastha CBR Kolhapur

Aastha Kolhapur has reached over 09 villages such as Herle, Halondi, Shiroli, Chokak, Bhendawade, Narande, Hatkanangale, Rukadi and Mangaon in Hatkanangale taluka of Kolhapur district to provide with food kits to 50 Children with Disabilities (CWDs) on the basis of their socio-economic condition. Awareness on COVID-19 was provided together with the distribution. We have conducted an advocacy meeting with Grampanchayt surpanch and Gramsevak of Narande village for asking about the sanctioning of the COVID response fund which is available for persons and children with disabilities. This distribution was with the help of Catholic Health Association of India and Liliane Fonds.

 Vihaan Care & Support

Vihaan project has distributed food kit towards 40 Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIVs) in Gadhinglaj tehsil of Kolhapur district and did home delivery of ART medicines to 310 PLHIVs. A total of 2551 PLHIVs received counseling support.

Railway Childline Kolhapur

The team RCL provided training on hand wash through videos and conducted an activity called ek mutthi dhanya (handful of rice), the team asked 140 children for collecting handful of rice to help the poor people in their village. Apart from that, they distributed food kits to 58 families and sanitary napkins to 11 adolescent girls. They provided various activities like art therapy, mud therapy, storytelling, dance and recreational games for the school going children.

 Aastha CBR Sangli

Distributed food kits to 107 people including migrants, CWDs, PWDs and economically backward people in various villages of Sangli Dt. like Bambawade, Belanki and Padmale. Due to the pandemic,  home delivery of pension was provided by the bank officers and Gram Panchayath representatives. Distributed masks, handkerchiefs and sanitizers to the children and person with disabilities through 5% fund at Savarde village and  at Kochi and Tung villages by the support of Gramsevak the 5% of fund was credited to the account of the disabled people.  

Saksham Program

The team Saksham conducted awareness to 245 SHGs about the pandemic and 235 SHGs about government schemes and programs. The team also provided counseling to 41 COVID-19 patients after completing their quarantine.

Awareness on COVID-19

We are using social media platforms to give awareness on COVID-19 via WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube, etc by sharing videos, pamphlets, images, write-ups, available schemes and provisions from the government, etc. We are providing this information mainly through the local language, Marathi for a better understanding. Also, we are always available for them through phone calls and based on the necessity, we are doing home visits too.

Sharing of Infrastructure

Alphonsa School Karanjoshi and Alphonsa School Ichalkaranji in Kolhapur district,  Anugraha Special School Khed in Ratnagiri district; Jeevdan Special School Zarap and Santhome Ayurveda Arogya Kendra in Sindhudurg district are given for the purpose of quarantine or medical purposes to help the COVID-19 response.

 Our special request-“small donation greater impact”

The September Little by Little Matching Campaign  starts from September 21 to 25 is a week-long campaign designed to celebrate the power of the small donation by matching donations up to $50 at 50%. I know it is a difficult time for everyone but there will be someone who wants to share their part like a widow’s mite in the time of adversity.

Thank you very one for your kind donations. During this pandemic, this is really our life source.

Please feel free to visit the page-

Know the virus...
Know the virus...
Well planned is half achieved
Well planned is half achieved
Handful of help
Handful of help
We are with you
We are with you
Better immunity, better result
Better immunity, better result
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I am very thankful to present our thirteenth report of the project - Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India via GlobalGiving.

World is going through a difficult situation and everyone is fighting to come out of it. COVID-19 cases in India may touch one lakh within a week time from now (17 May 2020). The first case of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Indian state of Maharashtra was confirmed on 9 March 2020. Morethan one-third of the total cases reported in India are from Maharashtra. Mumbai and Pune are among the hotspots in the country identified by the Government of India.Sangli Mission Society is working in this situation in different ways.

Food kit distribution

Every year scores of migrants move to Maharashtra from other states and people move within the state too for livelihood, finding job, small business, etc. The lockdown in India due to COVID-19 has impacted the livelihood especially of the migrant families who face many consequences due to loss of employment, lack of food and income. During this lockdown, Sangli Mission Society has found some migrant families who are suffering from this shut down in Sangli, Kolhapur and Ratnagiri districts of Maharashtra, India. The migrants belonged to different states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Goa, Karnataka, Rajasthan and various parts of Maharashtra.

Sangli Mission provided food kit as an immediate relief assistance to the people in distress in 10 villages such as Kupwad, Shirala, Dhavli, Kavathe Mahankal, Ghalwad, Kodoli, Bharane, Veral, Khavti.and Chiplun. The food kit included Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Tea Powder, Pulses, Poha, Biscuit, Oil, Salt, Bathing Soap, Washing Soap, etc. A total of 318 families got benefited through this distribution, such as 75 families in Dhavali, 30 families in Kupwad, 38 families in Kavathe Mahankal, 50 families in Shirala, in Sangli District; 63 families in Ghalwad, 05 families in Kodoli in Kolhapur District, 40 families in Chiplun and 17 families from Bharane, Veral and Khavati villages of Ratnagiri district.

Sharing of Infrastructure

Alphonsa School Karanjoshi is currently used as quarantine facility for people in Malkapur area in Kolhapur district and Sangli Mission Society has offered its institution premises especially schools including Santhome Ayurveda Arogya Kendra for quarantine or medical purposes to help the COVID-19 response.

COVID-19 awareness creation

Awareness on COVID-19 pandemic is given to Self Help Groups (SHGs), Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIVs) and students through phone call, conference call, quiz and social media. Alphonsa School Miraj has launched an online quiz program to make students aware about Novel Corona Virus and they are provided with e-certificates.

Social Media Engagement

Childline Kolhapur, Railway Childline Kolhapur, Childline Sangli, SMS Hitguj School Counseling program seized the opportunity to go online to help the children during lockdown with various activities. Hitguj School Counseling completed a child counseling and communication skills online training to 37 staff working in various programs. A workshop on Juvenile Justice Act also is conducted for Childline team to enhance their knowledge in dealing with children. Many of the staff have acquired one or more certificates on COVID-19 through online course participation. An online course was arranged by Hitguj on Life Skill Education for teachers, parents, counselors using online webinar and 98 teachers participated in it. We plan to conduct family counseling and youth counseling during this lockdown period.

Delivering Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) at doorstep

SMS Vihaan team took ART to 292 patients at their door step to help them to stay healthy and safe during the pandemic.

We are looking to make more interventions in this crisis and invite you too to be part of it, however all of us are affected or infected in some way or other.

Please feel free to visit the page-

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I am very thankful to present our twelfth report of the project - Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India via GlobalGiving. I am happy to present you different activities in the new year.

Maharashtra flood assistance

We are continuing with our little efforts to help the flood affected people with various projects and the people are slowly moving forward with hope with the help of people like you. To provide emotional support to flood-affected disabled children, their families and poor people towards improving the health and hygiene, economic support via livelihood and Improving life security to those who lost houses completely or partially in flood, SMS helped 926 people from 08 villages such as Halondi, Rui, Ingali, Ichalkaranji, Rajapur, Ghalwad, Shiroli and Bhendavade in association with CHAI- LF. People got benefited through various services such as aids and appliances (08 CWDs/PWDs from 04 villages), repairing & maintenance (12people 05 villages), Livelihood (17 people from 05 villages), Medical camps (555 people from 04 villages) and School Kits (179students from 05 villages).

In association with Caritas India, SMS helped 100 flood-affected people from 03 villages such as Dhavali, Junidhamani, and Bhamani-Nilaji, Sangli. To provide early recovery assistance to improve psychosocial support for the flood-affected ones 38 people got benefited for house repairing and to bring the flood-affected people towards sustainable livelihood 62 people got benefited with a livelihood. The project aimed to empower the flood-hit people to stay in safe homes and equip them with livelihood options so that the families come back to a normal life. House constructions for the poor and flood affected are progressing and I will be sending a seperate report on this later.

SWAVALAMBAN – Promotion of skill development & livelihood

 Initiated 02 tailoring batches; The team inaugurated tailoring batches at 02 villages such as Shirol and Jaysingpur in the period of Jan - March. A total of 39 women from three villages had taken admission for tailoring batch. Sangli Mission Society will be certifying the students after the completion of the tailoring course.

Community Based Rehabilitation Program- Kolhapur      

Advocacy Meeting: On the occasion of Indian Republic Day on January 26, 2020 CBR organized the advocacy meeting for PWD’s and CWD’s at Shiroli Village. The meeting was conducted with the presence of Sarpanch, Deputy Sarpanch, Gramsevak, members of Grampanchayat, villagers, PWD’s and CWD’s. During the meeting, Sangli Mission Society received an award named “Shiroli Ratna Puraskar” from Grampanchayat as a token of appreciation. The team also discussed a 5% reserve fund and 50% House Revenue concession of PWD’s and application submitted to the Grampanchayat.

DPO Meeting: The CBR team conducted DPO meetings at 03 villages such as Halondi, Hatkanangale and Shiroli. A total of 161 PWDs/ CWDs were enthusiastically participated. The team discussed issues and challenges facing by PWDs/ CWDs, rights, available schemes, etc.

SAKSHAM - Women Empowerment Program

New SHGs; Through the Saksham project, a total of 26 new Self Help Groups (SHGs) have been formed during January - February 2020 in Sangli and Kolhapur districts. A total of 390 women have newly joined in Self Help Groups (SHGs).  A group of women has begun a cloth shop as part of their empowerment and development.

Poor people linked with Govt. Scheme; Through the Samardhan project, a total of 41 poor people of the society enabled to link with various Govt. schemes such as Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana (SGY) and Shravanbal Vrudhapkal Yojana (SVY). Sangli Mission Society helped these peoples in various ways i.e. advocacy, guidance, documentation, submission, etc.

Micro – Insurance; In between Jan - Feb 2020, through the Adhar project, a total of 77 rural people has been linked with the micro-insurance policy. It is the policy that provides full payment plus bonus towards the policyholder after the completion of the term and if death happens it also pays death claim.

Sangli Mission Society participated in Mumbai Marathon 2020 consecutively for the fourth time. This is a crowd funding platform and it gives visibility to the organization.

Thank you very much for all your assistance. We remember each of you for your valuable support.


Please feel free to visit the page-

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I am very thankful to present our eleventh report of the project - Rehabilitate 250 disabled children in India via GlobalGiving. Following are some of the glimpses from the field.

Through Saksham program, 33 new Self Help Groups (SHGs) have been formed in between Oct. 2019 to Nov. 2019 in Sangli and Kolhapur districts. Total 660 women have newly joined in the SHGs to empower their lives. We also conducted 04 plastic eradication awareness programs  with the collaboration of SHGs . The awareness was in the form of rally and more than 5000 people participated.

On the occasion of World AIDS Day (WAD) on Dec. 01, in collaboration with CPR District Hospital Kolhapur, Indira Gandhi Memorial (IGM) Hospital and Dist. Sub Hospital, Gadhinglaj we organized awareness programs in Ichalkaranji and Gadhinglaj. The day was celebrated with various activities like poster exhibition, distribution of Information Education and Communication (IEC) material, awareness discussions, etc.

World Disability Day Celebration

We celebrated World Disability Day on Dec. 03 in two working villages; Herle and Shiroli in Hatkanangale tehsil of Kolhapur district. In Herle village 12 CWDs, 29 PWDs and good number of school children, teachers and public participated. In Shiroli village 42 CWDs, 48 PWDs, their families and children from Shiroli primary school enthusiastically participated in the rally. The main aim of the rally was to provide awareness among people for the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities. The students were carrying the placards and shouted slogans related to the rights of people with disability. The Childline team of SMS enacted a street play related to child abuse and role of childline in such situations. We distributed Wheelchair, caliper, splint and hearing aids for the selected CWDs of new working village, Shiroli. We also honored a CWD, who got the first prize for shot put competition in district-level.

Sangli Mission Society has done flood relief work in collaboration with several organizations, NGOs and the community people. We were able to give our helping hands to people of 40 villages in Kolhapur and Sangli districts. We were able to provide the flood affected with food kits, educational kit, hygiene kit, household articles, etc. to the needy. We will be sending you a report of flood in the next report.

Following is a real story from the grassrrot…

“My name is Sandeep, 32-year-old, physically challenged person (70%), living in Kolhapur. I have completed my graduation in BA. As I grew, my curiosity towards the cause of disability also budded in my mind. But I wasn’t sure that how my parents will accept the question about the disability. One day my mother told me that the root cause of my disability is the result of their unawareness towards proper vaccination. At the time of polio vaccination I was feeling feverish but my parents weren’t aware that vaccination at the time of fever will leads to disability. I am accepting my current physical situation and I don’t want to blame or curse my parents for my disability.

In 2013 my application for Sanjay Gandhi Yojana got sanctioned, and I am getting Rs.600/- per month. I had to go to Kolhapur District Central Cooperative Bank, for receiving the particular amount. But whenever I go, I used to face lot of challenges for this. But I didn’t take any initiative to solve the issue. In 2018 I attended a meeting conducted by Sangli Mission society in my village. The meeting was about something called Grassroot Comics, at that time I was new to this concept. But team made us understand that it is a platform for discussing our (PWDs) issues through comics. They told us to think about the issues we are facing. The issue came to my mind was that, the cash counter or any other counters of the bank are built in a particular height which I was struggling to attain. So in order to fill the transaction forms and completing other process I was always seeking others help and I felt so bad about depending on others for my transactions.

SMS conducted a dissemination of all the grassroot comics in the village as well as in bank. SMS arranged an advocacy meeting with respective people to discuss about each issues and that made a twist in my life as well as all the other disabled’s life. Bank manager got sensitized about the issue facing by disabled people through the dissemination of grassroot comics and advocacy meeting. As a solution to this issue the manager appointed a Peon for helping people with disability. I am so happy that through this platform, I was able to express my issue and today it is benefitting the Persons with Disabilities”.

Wish you all Merry Christmas and propsperous New Year...

Please feel free to visit the page-

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