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 Health  Liberia Project #17956

Prevent the spread of Ebola in West Point, Liberia

by West Point Women for Health and Development Org.
Prevent the spread of Ebola in West Point, Liberia
Ebola orphans and male caretaker
Ebola orphans and male caretaker

The month of July to September being in the rainy season, was somewhat difficult for the counselors to do regular visitation but still have to carryout the visitation task due to the importance attached to this kind of work. Most of the victims families did relayed on the visitation from the counselors to find comfort. They have been used to these visitations from the counselors.

The counselors used to do visitation 5 days in a week from Monday to Friday but WPW cut the days to 2 days a week, Wednesday and Friday due to lack of adequate funding. These counselors and social workers have work voluntarily for the past months now and are still carrying out their duty with diligence unwavering due to the encouragement given by WPWHDO for them to continue helping the victims’ family.

Many of the victims’ families are relaxed and getting confident to meet life’s challenge only some of the families and orphans are really in need of assistance like; school fees, clothing, and uniforms for school and lunch at school. Some of the kids don’t have the opportunity to attend at the only government public school so they have to enroll in private schools in order to continue their education. The West Point Women for Health and Development Organization is making sure the orphans get help and small support from other organizations taking the approach of helping orphans but it is on a minimal scale not all of the orphans are given the needed support but we find their caretakers keep coming back to us with complaint of less support for these children.

Our ardent hope is that WPW be able to get the support and help from our donors on Globalgiving even though we may not be able to post our project reports on Globalgiving websites as the others due to technical inability on our part but we find ourselves really doing the work in the community which is visible that when you would visit West Point-Liberia and do fact finding survey, you’ll find out that the women organization (WPWHDO) is really working , the office of the commissioner of the township of West Point can attest to it. We’re here to help and are committed to it, only that we need all of the support that is required to help those that are really in need of the help we can give.
Our gratitude to all of our donors on Globalgiving who are helping us help humanity. THANKS A MILLION!!!

Outreach workers receiving daily lunch payment
Outreach workers receiving daily lunch payment
GG sponsored counselors & outreach workers
GG sponsored counselors & outreach workers

The West Point Women for Health and Development Organization (WPWHDO) continued with the Ebola response in another way, the psychosocial support to survivors and victims families in the Township of West Point starting from zone 401- 407 helping the entire victims and survivors know that someone cares, even though we couldn’t give them their entire needs.

At some point in time, 3 of the orphans received school fees for a semester and 2 others who were in dying needs received a whole year school fees from funds provided by Globalgiving enabling them avoid future school fees embarrassment.
Another thing WPWHDO did was to keep photo dairy and data base for all of the survivors, victims and orphans who came to the Women’s Center for help, we helped link all of them to other organizations for help through the data we collected on them in the community.

These people are still our problem; they come to us when they have other issues within their neighborhood. There‘re the issue of dispute resolution, education on proper hygiene and the danger of violence in the community especially Gender Based Violence.
The counselors goes into the community twice a week to do visitation and periodic check on how the victim families and orphans are doing especially looking at the new lifting of Ebola head in the Margibi County belt. The counselors are acting as outreachers now sensitizing people to keep safe and that Ebola is not over yet. To know that our awareness is taking effect in the community, there are many people who are seen putting their hand washing buckets back outside.
WPWHDO is still in the vanguard to stop the spread of Ebola in West Point and Liberia, we kindly ask our donors on Globalgiving and the Globalgiving family to continue remembering and helping us fundraise so as to help us help humanity.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you our donors who help us stop the spread of Ebola in West Point and surroundings even though the fight is not over yet though Liberia has been declare Ebola free on May 9, 2015.


Beneficiary who lost husband & son receives help
Beneficiary who lost husband & son receives help
Outreach workers in a meeting
Outreach workers in a meeting

Ebola became one of the scaring words in the Township of West Point and, all in all, the psychological effect it had on all Liberian both at home and abroad. The West Point community is engulfed with its own problem of sanitation, hygiene and congestion with people living in close shelter conditions, in deplorable state, maybe this way of life can be attributed to people looking for greener pasture in the urban areas and West Point being very close to the capital has become an ideal place where nationals of other West African countries and people who leave the rural areas of Liberia come to settle for easy access to Monrovia the capital.

With all of the reasons above, West Point is a place where you find poor sanitation most especially on the beach, this is why there were many deaths within a short period of time in the Township of West, and in other words, the environment was suitable for Ebola. So here’s how the community experienced more deaths from the killer disease.      

The Ebola Virus Disease killed more than 183 persons in West Point and halted many activities particularly the livelihood of the community including school’s activities. Love ones left behind by Ebola, have to go through psychological trauma that needed immediate attention, this is where WPWHDO with support from Globalgiving came in to provide both, the outreach work and counseling. The psychosocial counseling aspects was done by 10 trained counselors hired by WPWHDO to help stabilize these victims children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands and wife and other relatives conditions while carrying out the outreach work. WPWHDO hired 50 outreachers and their 5 team leaders who went about sensitizing people in West Point and Central Monrovia telling the people to keep safe and continue hand washing while avoiding touching other people because Ebola is spread by bodily contact from someone who may be sick from the virus and no one person can know the other person’s status but encourages people to take all precautionary measures, we also give out sanitary kits for household and family use.

The outreachers comprises of 36 females and 18 males going out in the field. These outreachers were provided with 1.USD for lunch per day, every day, they were also given 2 sets of T-Shirts and PPEs individually. 

There came a day, a hot and busy day in January this year, we just saw the police coming into our center along with other people from the community. When they entered the building, came upstairs and came straight to my desk and said madam we have a problem we want the women’s center to help us, I asked, what is it? The head of the police delegation started telling us that a man was carry by the Ebola ambulance but asked us to enter his bed room along with his nine years old daughter to find all his business money and bring it to the women’s center and he asked that we bring his daughter to the human rights women (this is how we’re commonly called by people in the community) to take care of her, he don’t want his daughter to live with any of his relatives residing in Liberia this is why we’re here for, here is the money can we count it here? We told them yes and they started counting and count all of the money and came up with a figure when they in turn gave the money to us, we counted the money too in front of everyone presence and put the money in WPWHDO safe. The total amount including Liberian and United States dollars was $802.00USD.

We accepted the little girl because the situation was too moving, the little girl was crying and there weren’t any relatives around to take the girl in, she needed attention at the moment. We later asked about the girl’s mother, we were told that the girls mother abandoned here when she was 2 months old and didn’t know her whereabouts ok, there’s another thing, the girl needed someone to stay with, we then asked one of our member named Esther to take the girl in which she did. The girl is with her up till now.  Later on the next day, the girl’s half brother from the father side came to us.

The money left behind by their father was later distributed among the two with the elder brother taking 25% of the amount leaving the sister with 75% of the total amount to take care of their school expenses for 2015.

The little girl’s name is --- but was affectionately called by her father, Chelsea Queen, according to neighbors, he used to love the Chelsea international football club and because he never wanted to forget the idea, he nicknamed his daughter Chelsea Queen, who just recently lost her biological mother to an unknown illness in April 2015 according to her relatives who later learned that Chelsea Queen was with us. Chelsea Queen is now an orphan who needs all the care she deserves to grow into a sound womanhood, there are many Chelsea Queens out there who were made orphans due to the killer Ebola virus disease snatching their parents away. 

WPWHDO is finding ways to have her put in a boarding or mission school so as to prepare her for a brighter future. We don’t want to raise her in West Point.

We started the Second Ebola intervention project January 1st, and ended the project April 31st, 2015. WPWHDO bought 2 sets of t-shirts for each of the 55 outreach workers, a pair of boots for each, a rain suit for each give 1 instructional booklet, a writing pad and a plastic folder for each of the workers, we also provided  2 hand sanitizers, nose & mouth masks, plastic gloves (durable & disposable) for each of the outreach workers.

Our intention for this outreach work was, we wanted the message of people taking all precautionary actions against Ebola are taken into consideration. We know we did just that because looking at the present pronouncement by the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring Liberia Ebola free is a milestone by all of us including you the donors and us the fighters. The only problem present here is the psychosocial aspect, how to help those who lost many love ones to Ebola, these people are faced with inner burdens they cannot handle unless with the help of constant visitation and counseling to make them know that there are people who care even though they’ve lost important people in their lives.

Even though the awareness aspect of the West Point Women for Health and Development Organization (WPWHDO) Ebola Response within the project is over, the psychosocial aspect is still ongoing. The 10 counselors do periodic visit to survivors and victims family members to see how they doing. We’re doing this intervention for 2 months (May & June 2015. WPWHDO hopes to continue helping these victims’ family members through visitation and if we can, help the children with some school materials and little fees. Note: not all of the orphans are been given help in this direction.

Our heartfelt thanks go to our kind donors out there who sees the need to help the West Point Women help humanity and to Globalgiving who continue to fundraise for us!


Team and leader poses for photograph
Team and leader poses for photograph
Chelsea poses for photo
Chelsea poses for photo
Ebola orphans and victims family members
Ebola orphans and victims family members
Grace, the Team leaders, and Nelly in a meeting
Grace, the Team leaders, and Nelly in a meeting

The West Point Intensive Ebola Outreach Project started in the month of September with skeleton staffs who comprises of 1 Executive Director, 2 Volunteer Coordinators and 1 Office Assistant, during this time, the outreachers were recruited and given their protective gears for outreach readiness. The outreachers started work on October 1, 2014, with anti-Ebola awareness and have been active since without any serious constraint. Since the outreaching started, the seven teams had gone into the seven zones of West Point carrying out awareness and giving out the sanitary kits which includes; Water guard, detergents, some tablets (Paracetamol, vitamin C and vitamin B Complex, chlorine or Clorox to every households head in a house.

The outreachers have to take time to explain the danger of Ebola to community dwellers due to the denial by many, some ask questions about how Ebola is being transmitted and how Ebola really got into Liberia, and the teams will take their time to explain on how the first case entered Liberia. Up to now some of the residents don’t really know the signs and symptoms of Ebola and sometimes mistaken these signs to cholera and malaria. Some of the people will argue and deny that Ebola really exist but there are some who accept the fact that Ebola really exist and that it is in Liberia and has actually entered West Point.

The outreachers are doing much when it comes to sensitizing the people on how to keep safe. The WPIEO Project provides lunch for the outreachers’ everyday since the month of October 2014 up to now until the end of the project in December 2014.

The volunteer coordinators recruited the 70 outreachers and are following up on their day to day activities in the field. The VC have to visit the seven zones on a daily basis to ascertain field activities carryout by the outreachers, the distribution of sanitary kits and essential medicines for first aid use. How those items are been distributed and if they are really reaching the targeted beneficiaries in the community.

Protective items provided for the entire project team by West Point Women project are; Rubber boots (1 pair provided for each one on the project), Rain suits ( 2 pairs for each member on the project), T-Shirts ( everyone received 2 each, a white and yellow ) Rubber gloves ( everyone were given a pair of durable rubber gloves for longer used along with white disposable gloves at times when going into the community ), Goggles ( all outreachers and team leaders received a goggle each ), Nose and mouth masks ( the outreachers and team leaders were issue nose and mouth mask to last for the  month ), we’ll only be issuing nose and mouth mask along with disposable gloves until the end of project.

Since the outreaching starts in September, the West Point Women Intensive Ebola project purchased the following items for the project used:

  1. T-Shirts ---------------------------------------174 pieces
  2. Rain suits -------------------------------------174 pieces
  3. Rubber boots ----------------------------------90 pieces
  4. Durable gloves ---------------------------------90 pieces
  5. Disposable gloves -------------------------------7 packs
  6. Nose & mouth mask --------------------------16 packs
  7. Detergents --------------------------------------80 cartons
  8. Disposable Gloves -------------------------------5 packs
  9. Soap for Project staffs hand washing---------2 cartons
  10. Oil paints for building----------------------------8 gallons
  11. Water Guard ------------------------------------170 cartons
  12. Sitting chairs--------------------------------------33 pieces
  13.  Snacks / crackers -------------------------------91 cartons
  14. Juice ------------------------------------------------49 cartons
  15. Water sack ----------------------------------------111 sacks
  16.  Paracetamol -------------------------------------24 cans
  17.  Vitamin B Complex ----------------------------54 cans
  18.  Gasoline ------------------------------------------109 gallons
  19. Transportation ----------------------------------15 times
  20. Scratch cards ------------------------------------58 pieces

This listing also includes things purchased in September, October and the beginning of November 2014.

WPW paid four (4) staffs (an Executive Director, 2 Volunteer Coordinators and an Office Assistant) for 2 months, the months of September and October and November 2014.

Our gratitude to you and our many donors who have given us their support in helping to stop Ebola in West Point and Liberia, we pledge our commitment to doing our best with the confidence impose in us to run this project along with other sisters organizations working with us to help the community of West Point.

The Outreachers going out for the first time
The Outreachers going out for the first time
Project team discussing and strategizing
Project team discussing and strategizing
Some team members pose for a photo
Some team members pose for a photo
Outreachers in the field sensitizing community
Outreachers in the field sensitizing community
Posing for photo while in the field
Posing for photo while in the field

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