Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment

by Kawempe Home Care
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Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment
Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment
Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment
Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment
Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment
Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment
Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment
Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment
Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment
Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment
Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment
Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment
Help Poor Children with Cancer to Access Treatment

To know that you helped change someone's life circumstances for the better is a reward

Charles is 4 years old and the second youngest of six children. His father is a mechanic and his mother runs a small-scale business. In November 2019 Charles started complaining of body aches, weakness in his legs and arms. He was also anemic and was taken to the local hospital and had a blood transfusion. His condition got worse and in February 2020 he was referred to the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) for assessment.  Charles was diagnosed with cancer of the blood (leukemia).

He was referred to New Hope Children’s hostel for psychosocial support and his elder sister who was in Senior 6, became his caregiver at the hostel. Charles had to undergo weekly intense cancer treatment, however his father wanted him to go back home as he did not think that the cancer was curable.

However,Charles made great improvements in his condition and he is now stable and has monthly treatment for his cancer.

His parents were very happy with his progress and were grateful for the support New Hope Children’s Hostel provided his children during this difficult time. Charles still has a way to go but he and his family are not alone.

It was hoped that 2022 would be a year when the world would shake off Covid19 and a sense of ‘normality’ would return. How wrong we were. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families that are caught up the Ukraine war and the continuing unrest in many parts of the world.

Many not-for-profit groups rely even more now on individuals to help keep their projects operating.GlobalGivinghas given many projects like ours support through their campaigns throughout the year.

Thank you to our donors who support what we do for children with cancer who like Charles are mainly from poor rural areas and unless they get support they cannot afford for their children to access treatment.

For the period January- March 2022, the New Hope Children’s hostel received US$608in donationsand this was mainly due to our6 regular donors who give monthly contributions.

How the funds were used

This quarter the funds were used for fuel to transport the children to the hospital for their treatment, medicines for pain and symptom control and cleaning materials and detergents.

This quarter 82 children and their caregivers were cared for at the hostel. We are pleased to report that 2 children completed their treatment session and were allowed home until their next appointment.
Sadly 10 children passed away during this time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families.


Our reward is seeing children with cancer have a chance to enjoy a future.

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Thank you for your wonderful support through GlobalGiving. This quarter (Oct- Dec 2021), the New Hope Children’s hostel received 24 donations, totalling US$1,878.

This support was crucial during a very difficult time with the lockdowns due to Covid19 which required innovative solutions to ensure that our children and our other patients were able to continue their treatment. Our staff and volunteers have been amazing. Treatment for serious illnesses such as cancer,cannot be put on hold.

This is why we are so passionate about helping children with cancer

This is a good news story about a fight that Muhamed is winning.

Muhamed is 18 years old and recently he achieved in his final A level studies, 3 A’s, a distinction two in general paper and ICT. This achievement ranked him as one of the top students in Uganda. What is even more incredible is that this young man has been fighting cancer since he was in Primary 6, and was undergoing treatment during this time. 

‘I have 7 brothers and 6 sisters. I first noticed pain in my right ankle in 2013, which I managed with painkillers. I sought medical carefor the pain but it continued to get worse so I finally went into hospital. My mother sold charcoal in order for me to get further treatment and also borrowed some money from friends to meet the costs of staying at the hospital. It was confirmed I had liposarcoma cancer.’

Muhamed’s treatment was unsuccessful and in 2021 he was referred to the  Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI). He arrived with some books and clothes and the first night he slept on the verandah and the next day he was referred to New Hope Children’s Hostel.

My mother stayed with me at the hostel during my chemotherapy. I was able to study for my exams in the nurses’ room. Once I had a great improvement in my leg my mother requested to go home as she was the bread winner and needed to care for my siblings.

I am very grateful for all the support I have been given not only from the New Hope hostel but also my school and the staff. There are still challenges ahead but I am grateful that I now have a future.’

Muhamed’s dream of becoming a telecommunications engineer is becoming a reality as he has been accepted to do civil engineering at Makerere University and on a government scholarship.

He has also completed his cancer treatment and now will undergo routine medical reviews every two months.What an amazing young man.

Your contribution has helped to make a difference.

How the funds were used

This quarter the funds were again directed to providing food for the children and their caregivers and fuel for transport with the price sky rocketing and having to double the number of trips due to restriction on numbers allowed to travel together.

Your Support during 2021 has enabled 156 children and their caregivers to be cared for at the hostel. We are pleased to report that 27 children completed their treatment session and were allowed home until their next appointment.

Sadly 47 children passed away during this time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their families.


Thank you for supporting our children and giving them a fighting chance to beat this terrible illness.

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Picture of Annet
Picture of Annet

Thank you for your wonderful support through GlobalGiving. This quarter (July- Sept 2021), the New Hope Children’s hostel received 19 donations, totalling US$1,366.

This support has enabled us to keep our doors open and continue to provide these disadvantaged rural families with access to cancer treatment for their children, so the children have a fighting chance to beat this terrible illness.


This is how your support makes a difference.


Annet is 5 years old andwas diagnosed with lymphenode cancer in 2019.  She lives with her 2 siblings and her parents, who try and support the family through small scale farming.


It was a terrible time and I felt helpless, having just given birth to our third child and my husband had to go to Rwanda to take care of his sick mother.” her mother says. 

“Annet was malnourished and at the hostel with the nourishing food she was given, she gained weight. I am very grateful my daughter is now recovering. If we hadn’t had the support of the hostel, we could not afford for her to have had the care and treatment, my little girl would have died.”

The good news is that Annet, is still having treatment but is well on the road to recovery.



How the funds were used

This quarter the funds were mainly directed to providing food for the children and their caregivers because during the Covid19 lockdown it was difficult for supporters to provide in kind donations such as food. Also, the price of fuel and the limited number of people allowed in the van to travel to the hospital for treatment, meant we had higher transport costs.  

96children and their caregivers were cared for at the hostel

5 children completed their treatment session and were allowed home until their next appointment.

Sadly 20 children passed away during this time.


The key to giving these children a fighting chance is early diagnosis of their cancer and access to treatment. Your support is providing more children with this path to recovery.

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This Report is to highlight the enormous benefit of the relationship with GlobalGiving and our wonderful donors that has enabled us to raise funds to continue to help children with cancer in Uganda access to oncology treatment. We are extremely grateful for your support for the children with cancer who are doing it tough.


In Uganda over 3,000 children annually get cancer with only 50% surviving.

In 2016, Kawempe Home Care (KHC) opened the New Hope Children’s Hostel (NHCH) to provide a home for the poor and vulnerable children with cancer whilst getting treatment from the Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI). The programsupports vulnerable children with cancer from the rural areas who are under treatment or are undergoing diagnostic investigations for their cancer.

Since inception, the New Hope Children’s Hostel has cared for 629 children of whom 172 completed treatments, sadly 180 passed away, and 12 are receiving palliative care and 202 are still on treatment.

Ochom tells his story on the journey he has had to make.

I am 17years old and from Kumi District in Eastern Uganda. I am the only child from my mother but I have half brothers and sisters. My parents are peasant farmers and struggle to support the family.  In February 2019, I noticed a small but painless lump on my left chin, which gradually increased in size, causing neck pain and headaches. I took pain killers which didn’t help much. My parents took me to a clinic in Kumi, where I was treated and later sent to Kumi hospital and was operated on due the enlargement of the tumor.

I felt better and was discharged. However, a few months later the lump re-occurred. I had to go back to the hospital for a second operation. A small tissue was removed and sent to Mulago National Hospital for examination.

The results showed thatI was suffering from cancer of the Lymohnodes. I can’t express how hopeless I felt at that time.  I did not know if my father could or would pay my medical bills.’

In November 2019, Ochom was referred to UCIand his step mother accompanied him and he began receiving chemotherapy. She stayed with him for his first cycle and then left him there after the husband ordered them both to return claiming that cancer was incurable and they were wasting time and resources at UCI.

I decided to stay at UCI so as I could continue with the cancer treatment as if I went back home,I would not have medical support. I had no money for food or accommodation and relied on good Samaritans to help me.I felt desperate and alone until one day a social worker at UCI referred me to New Hope Children’s Hostel.

How New Hope Hostel helped Ochom to look forward to a future.

Ochom was provided at the hostel with meals, medicines, accommodation, emotional support, care and he also could relate with the other children who were in a similar situation to him. He finished his chemotherapyand radiotherapytreatment and he will have a review in a months’ time. The hostel also provided him with transport to go home to see his family.

There is still a long way to go for Ochom but New Hope and UCI are committed to helping him to receive his full treatment.

How Your Contribution Has Helped

KHC and the children who have benefitted from your support, say thank you.

During our 12-month relationship with GlobalGiving, KHC received over US$12,522 in donations from 92 donors.These funds have enabled KHC, during a very difficult time worldwide with Covid19, to continue to provide assistance to those amazing children.

How the Funds Were Used.

55% on food for the children and caregivers

18% on transport to and from UCI for treatment

10% on additional medicines for the children

12% Personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning and washing materials

5% on transport home for the families after treatment.

Without this support the New Hope Children’s hostel would have found it very difficult to continue to provide this service. Your contribution has made a difference and we are extremely grateful for your support.


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Dear friend of New Hope Children’s Hostel at Kawempe Home Care,

 Warm greetings to you all, we hope you’re are having a healthier year with your families and friends.

Kawempe Home Care continues to deliver quality healthcare to people living with HIV, TB, Cancer and other health related issues through community based holistic care models, and thanks to you all for making this possible. Amidst all strangles of health issues, political and other factors, Kawempe Hope care is still committed to service and ‘moved by love’ as our statement of faith goes. So many wonderful stories come up each day to inspire and keep us in great service. In this report, we are excited to share with you a story of one of the children battling cancer in our care hoping that you will be inspired too.

Slage is one of the beneficiaries of your support through GlobalGiving since we joined the platform in June 2020. She is 9 years old from a family of five, and her family lives in Mbale District in the Eastern part of Uganda. Slage’s mother noticed that her child was not well in March 2019 when she started complaining about the body weakness, and had on and off fevers with body swelling. She was taken to different health centers in their district but no accurate diagnosis was given and treatment attempts remained unsuccessful. Her mother was distress, felt anxiety and helplessness during that time because she could not understand her child’s health status, and had no financial support from family especially her polygamous husband. Slage’s mother was courageous enough to gather some money from her religious community for transport to Kampala to seek treatment from a National Referral Hospital in November 2019 with suspicion of cancer from one of the hospitals she visited. Slage was able to reach Uganda Cancer Institute at Mulago National Referral Hospital where several tests were carried out and was diagnosed with Wilms’s Tumor(cancer of the kidney). She was very ill, with on and off fevers and had lost so much weight. Slage was admitted for five days and later referred to New Hope Children’s Hostel at Kawempe Home Care. This hostel supports poor children diagnosed with cancer from far regions of Uganda to start and complete their treatment by offering food, accommodation, transport to and from hospital, counseling, play and music therapies among others. At Uganda Cancer Institute her affected kidney was removed, and underwent both chemotherapy and radiotherapy as treatment while she stayed at New Hope Children’s Hostel. Slage and her mother were able to find friends at the hostel who shared a lot like laughter, hospital experience which gave them a big relief of the burden they had before. It is always hard for such families with poor financial status like Slage’s to survive in the city because of the high cost of food, accommodation, prescribed medicines and more. This family was supported with all these expenses at the hostel and they are grateful. Slage has stayed at the hostel until she completed her treatment cycles. She has started coming to hospital for her quarterly reviews and her family is grateful. “A home like environment at New Hope Children’s Hostel helped to quicken my child’s healing process because she was able to play with her fellow children, get all the medicines prescribed by the Uganda Cancer Institute and she was given transport to go back home after her treatment cycles, to me this is a great support to my family” Slage’s mother narrates.

Our dream is to see many more children supported, however much difficulties they may find that come along with the cancer treatment, we want to give them hope where it is almost lost. Our support of 3 meals a day, transport to and from hospital and rent for accommodation to the 30 children and their care takers is much needed. Slage still needs transport for her quarterly hospital reviews and this is still a burden to her mother who has no income and was abandoned by her husband.

We are so grateful to all our donors through GlobaGiving who with your kind donations have supported 152 children like Slage since we joined this platform in June 2020. Your participation in the campaigns has helped us raise $10,838 from 123 donations giving us hope of hitting our goal of $45,000 by end of 2023 Little by Little campaign is underway in March and we counting on your support, please join us!

There is a lot more to see how your support, our work and achievements are making a difference. Please go to News on our website, and social media: and

We thank you so much for your continued support.

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