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This project will improve the educational quality and infrastructure of the Ann & Ted Kheel Polytechnic School in Veron, an underserved community in eastern Dominican Republic, through the improvements of the computer lab, English learning program, teaching capacity and methodologies of the school teachers, as well as the expansion of the outdoor cafeteria and the construction of a small storage-unit building, among others. 562 students, 11 teachers and 138 young adults will be benefited


In the lab, there are not enough computers for a full class of students. In the English class, there is no natural English heard during lessons, there's not enough student textbooks, and very little diversity/variety in the lessons themselves. All the teachers' methods need to be modernized thru training courses. The school also suffers from an overcrowded cafeteria, and no space to store supplies.


The project will purchase 25 new desktop computers for the computer lab. It will also purchase a projector+screen for an improved lesson experience and repair current lab malfunctions. For the English class, student textbooks, listening CDs and class games will be purchased. To update the general teaching methodologies of all teachers, we will hire a expert professional to give training workshops. A small storage unit will be built and the outdoor cafeteria will be increased structurally.

Long-Term Impact

More computers will increase the number of students in the computer class, leading to a faster rate of computer knowledge dispersion and and better opportunities in the students' future. More effective English classes will increase the students' skill and improve their rate of knowledge absorption, also affecting the students' future. A storage unit will help organize and keep supplies secure. A bigger outdoor cafeteria space will end the current overcrowding during student break time.

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This project has provided additional documentation in a XLSX file (projdoc.xlsx).

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Location: Santo Domingo, no applicable - Dominican Republic
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Paul Beswick
Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic