Healthy smile for 1500 Rural Children and Orphans

by Dentalcare Foundation
Healthy smile for 1500 Rural Children and Orphans
Healthy smile for 1500 Rural Children and Orphans
Healthy smile for 1500 Rural Children and Orphans
Healthy smile for 1500 Rural Children and Orphans
Healthy smile for 1500 Rural Children and Orphans
Healthy smile for 1500 Rural Children and Orphans
Healthy smile for 1500 Rural Children and Orphans
Healthy smile for 1500 Rural Children and Orphans
Healthy smile for 1500 Rural Children and Orphans
Healthy smile for 1500 Rural Children and Orphans
Healthy smile for 1500 Rural Children and Orphans
Healthy smile for 1500 Rural Children and Orphans
Healthy smile for 1500 Rural Children and Orphans
Healthy smile for 1500 Rural Children and Orphans


2020 was a life changing year all over the world, as an organization we felt the impact of the dynamic and changing times as a result of the pandemic, however with your gift we were still able to reach out and touch lives. 

In December 2020 we were able to visit the Students in Igede community primary schools to talk to them about acting on mouth health. We also shared free eco friendly toothbrushes and copies of the oral health book, the Girl Who Found Her Smile. With your generous gift, we are able to reach more children daily. Over the next few months we are working on reaching to more community rural schools and kick starting the Ekiti State Oral Health Competition. Scaling our impact is one of the goals for 2021 and we will be working with school educators to do that. Thank you for your generous gift, with you we are able to do more. 

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Teledental kiosk under construction
Teledental kiosk under construction

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools around the globe to adjust their lesson plans and prioritize online learning. We as an organization that reaches out also to school children is currently thinking of ways to bring oral health education online by partnering with online schools and classrooms. Our current project is developing a telehealth kiosk that will serve the health needs of those who currently have no access to dental clinics. 

This innovative teledental and digital health care platform will provide rural communities with access to quality oral healthcare services from around the world whenever needed and in the most efficient manner, leveraging technology. Rather than scheduling an appointment at a doctor's office or making their way to the local dental center, patients simply walk into a telemedicine kiosk to communicate with a dental care provider and get an almost instant feedback encompassing issues ranging from tooth ache, swollen gums, coughs and colds to follow-ups after a dental surgery.

Our pilot project is kicking off in Igede community of Ekiti State thanks to donations, solidarity grant(AFHE) and micromini grants gotten from our precious donors and community. With your donations we have been able to create more solutions to fostering quality oral healthcare in rural communities. 

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Dear Friends,

I want to start by thanking all of you for your continuous support of our organization and communities during this tumultuous time. COVID-19 has led to unprecedented changes to our projects and our organization at large.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the future has never felt so unpredictable. These are challenging times for us all, and we hope you’re in good spirits and health! Right now, we’re doing everything possible to survive as an organization and to sustain daily operations and provide services to our community. While there’s a lot of uncertainty, we know that we need to adapt fast to our changing reality. Now, more than ever, our community needs us. And we need you. At this time, we have made the difficult decision to close down all organization activities, postpone all outreaches and projects, as well as the Ekiti Dental Art Competition and events related to the organization that involves large gatherings, until further notice.

Your commitment to Dentalcare Foundation is critical – particularly now. Because of COVID-19 postponements, there will be more rural kids waiting to be served than ever before. Your help today will bring hope and joy to wish kids in your community. We will continue to keep you informed as we learn more about the impact of the Pandemic on the communities we serve– and how you can shine a light of hope for them during this time.

In these challenging times, we are all navigating through uncertainty for ourselves, our loved ones and our community. We hope you are staying healthy and safe. Especially during this uncertain time, we are sincerely grateful for you- our community of supporters. On behalf of the children and families we serve, thank you for your support. Together, we can give the brightest of smiles to children in need.

Best regards,



PS: We are sharing some pictures of our oral health walk before the lockdown.

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Our upcoming project: Ekiti Dental Art Competition

Summary of Planning

This is described as one of the projects the organization would embark on in 2020 and the breakdown structure for the project is given below.

Objective is to get kids and parents to think on oral health and fan to flame creativity.

The competition is divided into three categories
Smile Art

The categories are opened to secondary schools both public and private schools.

The tentative theme of the essay is MY SMILE MY PRIDE.

Private and public schools pick up a form for any categories at various centers

Different Prizes would be given to the students and the schools that produced the students.

The competition is opened to all local government in Ekiti state

Certificates would be printed for every participant.

Advert placement for the competition would be done via these
Social media platforms

There would be judges for the competition and the judges would be renowned personalities. The panel of judges would be a total of 6 i.e. 2 for each category.

Applicants are to submit every presentation online and this is properly screened by Dental care Foundation delegates before collating and submitting for the final competition .Members of the organization were informed to leverage on relationships.

The completion is expected to produce 9 winners in total i.e 1st 2nd 3rd in all categories

The finalists are expected to defend their presentations on the day of the competition
The competition is opened for all.

The participants are shortlisted to 10 participants each in the three categories = 30 participants in all.

The 10 Participants each in all categories are then shortlisted to 5 participants = 15 participants for all competition.
The prize
1st prize - #100,000 $300
2nd prize-#50,000 $150
3rd prize-#20,000 $60

Estimate of school award for winners school $100 + Dental Kit and Posters.

Venue – Still in plan

The following places were suggested for publicity
Progress FM
Voice FM

Honorarium for the judges (6 Judges)
#20,000 ($60) + hamper worth 10,000 ($ 30) x 6 judges = #180,000 ($500)

Proposed date – May 28th 2020

Letters would be written to schools and organizations for sponsorship
Members are to leverage on people to sponsor a child and the sponsors are told about the benefit for sponsoring a child
A flyer would be design for sponsorship

The open and close date for the sale of form ?

The location for pickup of forms and its submission has not been specified. The following places were suggested; Banks, restaurants.

Planning is still ongoing and due reports will be sent to donors about this.

How you can be a part of it:


Donate Funds

Donate gift items to winners

Register as a Judge or reviewer

Volunteer at the main event.

We encourage you to be a part of spreading oral health awareness in rural communities.


Thank you for your previous donation, we want you to know it is making a difference in the life of so many children in rural communities.  


Dentalcare Foundation Team

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A boy in the community with his eco friendly tooth
A boy in the community with his eco friendly tooth


The aim of project Healthy Mouth Healthy Kids is to provide oral health education and improved access to oral healthcare services for children in rural, remote and some urban slum communities.

Benefits to these communities include:

  • Provision of mobile dental clinics to rural communities;
  • Oral health delivery to the doorsteps of the people
  • Provision of free oral health screening, prevention, education and referral for basic health services to the underserved population
  • Capacity development of the local health workforce.



The burdens of oral health diseases are high in low income communities. Sensing that health is one of the most important components of a person’s life, there is a need to improve and cater for free oral health care for vulnerable children in rural areas. Survey shows that 92% of children resident in villages in rural areas of Nigeria have never visited a dentist despite the prevalence of dental caries due to poor oral hygiene, majority of them are even ignorant of oral health generally. Access to adequate oral healthcare is an issue in rural areas because most of the families cannot afford to pay for a proper dental care neither have they been enlightened about their oral health. Less than 20% of the rural populations in Ekiti have access to a dentist or a dental facility. A total of 446 registered dental clinics presently provide oral health care services across Nigeria. About 50% of these providers in the southern zones belong to the private sector, and about 50% of private providers are based in Lagos State alone. The majority of dental facilities are located in cities and towns because access to social amenities such as electricity and potable water is easier in urban areas. Only 20% of dentists in both the private and public sectors work in rural areas, where more than half of the population resides. Ekiti has 5% of those 20% working in rural areas because Ekiti state is up high in the league of the poorest state in Nigeria, making it as the 4th as at 19th February 2019.The GDP of the state is put at US$2,848 which means the professionals don’t get paid well so they go to cities that can provide a better living standard. Majority of those rural dwellers cannot afford to go to the cities to access adequate oral healthcare neither can they pay the out of pocket costs for this services due to poverty. The mobile dental camp clinic is aimed at bringing quality healthcare to these completely ignored underdeveloped areas, and to make significant difference in the lives of so many children, to see them smile with happiness in their hearts. To create a brighter future for them by giving them access to oral healthcare, free from the pain of oral health diseases.




  • To provide oral healthcare services and awareness in a community where the basic access to oral health service is lacking
  • Increase access to oral healthcare in an underserved area: The primary objective of this project is to bring oral healthcare into a community with limited access, specifically to children who are vulnerable.
  • To ensure curative health care: To prescribe and dispense medicines and referral to hospital for other cases when necessary.
  • Distribute free oral healthcare kits(Toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss) to children in each community.
  • To provide oral health education for community rural dwellers
  • Integrating patients into existing social and health care systems through referral



The target groups for the project are vulnerable population and the financially disadvantaged of the selected communities. The primary benefit of this project will be children living in rural areas Ekiti State is the PILOT STATE and project is planned to be replicated in different States, of Nigeria




It is proposed to run a 1 day dental camp in each community for children who due to poverty cannot approach regular doctors. Social worker associated with the project will reach out to selected communities and other stakeholders. Besides providing dental consultancy the medicines/drug will be made available free to beneficiaries.

The following methods will be adopted for the Mobile Dental Camp:

  • Planning Meeting and Recruitment of Mobile Health Workers
  • Advocacy Visit to Local Health Facilities, Community Leaders and relevant stakeholders to ensure adequate support and effective mobilization during the outreach. This activity will enhance referral; consolidate sustainability and continuity of oral healthcare services at the community level
  • Publicity, Mobilization and media engagement
  • free Oral HealthCare Services Delivery in community, this includes:
  • Diagnosis, Treatment and Support for Chronic Oral Disease Management
  • Oral Cancer screening and awareness
  • Referrals and follow-up
  • Outreach Evaluation and Reporting











Project name: Healthy Mouth, Healthy Kids 2.0

Location: Aba Egbira community, Ilokun Community. Ado-Ekiti

Date:29th August 2019 900am -4.00pm

Number of children reached: reached:97



  1. Dr Adekemi AdeniyanExecutive Director/Project Lead
  2. Dr. Ajibare Ayodeji     Member
  3. Mrs Ajibare Oluwaseun          Treasurer
  4. Miss Oghodo Doris     Administrative Officer
  5. Dr. Abodunde Seun     Member
  6. Mr Uche Ibe                Member
  7. Miss Bolatito Sarumi  Member
  8. Miss Adelabu Adenike            Member
  9. Dr Ayokunle Makanjuola Member


  1. Miss Ugbodaga Mayowa
  2. Barrister. Ajayi Bukola
  3. Miss Udoh Joy
  4. Miss Ndukwe Joy
  5. Miss Keji Oloidi
  6. Miss Folake Omotunde



The project targeted the most impoverished children in rural areas of Ekiti State. These include orphans, vulnerable, children, street children. The project will provide free dental treatments and dental kits(toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss) to children between age 2 and 17 in five rural communities by establishing a mobile dental camp clinic in the community where basic dental treatments like scaling and polishing, dental fillings and extraction would be carried out.

In the rural areas, many children are unable to access the most basic of oral health instruction/care and the need for oral health care is overwhelming. The burdens of oral health diseases are high in rural communities of Ekiti due to poverty and lack of access to dental facilities and 92% of children resident in villages in rural areas of Nigeria have never visited a dentist despite the prevalence of dental caries due to poor oral hygiene, many of these children end up missing school due to dental pain. No child deserves to miss school simply because they cannot afford oral health care or don’t have access to a dentist, yet we see many bright potentials every day in the rural areas of Ekiti miss school due to dental pain, many of which never recover from the academic tailspin. This could be my child; this could be your child, these are great minds destined to shape the future.





The event which was earlier scheduled to begin by 9:00am, eventually kick started at 12:00pm because targeted children and parent were at school and farms respectively. After the proper setting up by team members and volunteers, the event started with registration of kids present as well as a dance competition which was done to entertain the children. After the dance competition, gifts were presented to the winners of the competition.


There was a general oral health education by Dr Abodunde who is a dentist. He spoke to the children present on the importance of oral health. This lasted for twenty minutes, the team then proceeded to oral health examination and screening which was carried out by 3 licensed dentists and those who needed further treatment were scheduled for it and referrals also done. Basic treatments carried out were done after a consent form was signed by their parents.


After the examination, a tooth brushing competition was organized for the children, this was to show the extent to which they were able to assimilate what they were taught, as well as an art competition, which involved drawing a toothbrush and a toothpaste. The winners of the competition were presented with gifts which comprises of customized Dentalcare Foundation school bags, water bottles, note books and pencils, because we believe in education as much as we believe in health.


At the end of the outreach, parents of the kids present expressed their appreciation to the organization and stating that they have never been privileged to such event, and they look forward to more outreach from the organization. Video interviews and surveys were documented.


The Founder and Executive Director Dr Adekemi Adeniyan appreciated volunteers and team members and presented a certificate of participation to appreciate and recognize their efforts during the outreach.


The outreach ended by 4:48pm, after which the team set down and headed to their various homes.


Project Outcomes:

Total Children Reached: 97

Toothbrushes Distributed:97

Onsite Treatment provided: 2

Referred Cases: 27

Future Scheduled Treatments: 32


The team is scheduled to go into the community in the next three months for further monitoring and evaluation.

A mother during examination of her first child
A mother during examination of her first child
toothbrushing competition
toothbrushing competition
Children seated awaiting oral health examination
Children seated awaiting oral health examination
Some of our volunteers
Some of our volunteers
Mother and child coming for examination
Mother and child coming for examination
Dr Adekemi Adeniyan and Abdul during examination
Dr Adekemi Adeniyan and Abdul during examination
volunteers and team members
volunteers and team members
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