Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families

by Bahini Educare Foundation
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families
Empower Feed Educate Single mother headed families

This family has been admitted in December of 2016. They stem from a remote village in Myagdi.

Beneficiaries age at the time of admittance :
Mother Name withheld for privacy aged 29  
Rita (Name Changed), 16 years old (Daughter)
Raj (Name Changed)  1 and half year old (Son)
Rajita (Name Changed) Newly born (Daughter)

Name withheld for privacy’s parents owned a small farm and she received primary education at the local Government school. At the age of 18 her parents arranged a marriage to Lal (Name Changed), 20, a farmer’s son from the neighboring village. The following year, Rita (Name Changed), their first daughter was born followed by another a year later. Life with the in-laws became increasingly difficult for them and they decided to migrate to Pokhara, where Lal (Name Changed) found a job as a construction worker and with his regular income their life was improving.

After the birth of the first son, Lal (Name Changed) decided to migrate to Saudi-Arabia where he worked for several years.

Lal(Name Changed) managed to make regular transfers for the support of his family and he was able to save money to buy land in his village. In Nepal “Land is wealth” and all who are going abroad to earn money are aspiring to buy land and build a house.

When returning to Nepal six years later he was very sick and frail and he was diagnosed with cancer. Over the next two years he received treatment for his cancer and all their savings were spent to pay for the medical costs and the Hospitals. Their land too had to be sold and this in the hope that his life could be saved.

It is not unusual in Nepal that people are losing all their property to pay for Hospitals and medical treatment when sick, and this is leading to a “New Rural-Poverty” in Nepal.

In the year 2015, one year after his second son was born, Lal (Name Changed) passed away leaving his pregnant wife, and four children in a desperate situation.

They had lost everything and the mother had no other choice but begging for food to feed her children.

In the year 2016, Name withheld for privacy came to know about “BEF” and she applied for support, and in December this family was supported by our organization.

Rita (Name Changed), the oldest daughter after finishing her education was referred to our partner “LP4Y” where she received three months vocational and empowerment training. After successful completion of her training she found a job as a teacher. She currently is living with her family and she helps in supporting her mother and her siblings.

Eight year old Raj (Name Changed) and six year old Rajita (Name Changed) are both attending Government school and they are receiving all the care and benefits that “BEF” is providing for the “EduCare-Families”.

The mother too is doing considerably well and the whole family is happy and thriving!

This family, once desperate and on the brink of disaster is now living a decent life in safety and dignity!

“It’s simple, it’s simply BEF “

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Single mother:    (Name Withheld for privacy), Aged 26

Daughters:          Rita (Name Changed), Aged 8
                             Sita (Name Changed), Aged 4
                             Ram (Name Changed), Aged 3                       

Narrative: (Name Withheld for privacy) stems from a village west of Kathmandu. Her parents owned a small farm and at the age of six she joined a Government School up to grade eight. (Name Withheld for privacy) got married at the age of 16 to Santosh aged 19.

It was love-marriage which is still unusual in Nepal where the parents are choosing a bride for their son. The parents didn’t agree and accordingly the young couple didn’t move to the groom’s house as the tradition holds. They moved to the town where Santosh was working as a Caterpillar operator. He made a fairly good living and he was a kind and caring husband and father. (Name Withheld for privacy) told us, life was good and we were a happy family.

One year after the birth of the youngest daughter, the 29 year old father died on the construction site where he was working. Heart failure was the official cause of death. The 26 year old mother of three was devastated and until this day she has still not processed the tragic loss of her husband. Bereft of the only bread earner and without any protection or support this family found them self on the brink of disaster.

I had to be strong, said (Name Withheld for privacy) because there was no one to help me and I have to take care of my three daughters.

She decided to move to Pokhara where it was easier to find work for her.

She ended up in a make shift shanti in a slum on the suburbs of Pokhara and she found work as a domestic helper in the house of a merchant.

The slums are a breeding ground for alcoholics, drugs, violence, rape and prostitution. Young women and under aged girls are often coerced or tricked into prostitution and it is here that the organized human traffickers are looking for their prey.

(Name Withheld for privacy) came to know about “BEF” who occasionally is conducting aid programs in the slums and she applied for support.

Given her situation, the vulnerability of this family and the high risk of abuse and exploitation we decided to take this family under our wings.

We talked to the landlord of her workplace and he agreed to provide them with a room on his premises.

With our support and (Name Withheld for privacy)’s earnings the family is now living a life in safety and dignity, they regained hope and all are thriving and in good health.

The two older girls have been admitted to school respectively into grade II and kinder garden. Both are very well mannered and diligent students.

The yearly expenses to support and care for this family of four amounts to around € 1.400,-

For them, the support of “BEF” is making all the difference!

It’s simple, it’s “Simply BEF”!

Sincerely yours

Surendra & the TEAM

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Dear friends, partners and benefactors,

In our aim to make all of you more inclusive of our work, we decided to establish frequent monthly reports about our "Educare-Families".
We hope that you are appreciative of our new initiative to create more "inclusiveness" and as always we are happy for your feed-back and your suggestions.
Sincerely yours,
Surendra & the TEAM
"Family of the month: February"

Nancy (Name Changed) family was admitted as our Educare Family on June 2019. Nancy (Name Changed), aged 32 lives with her only daughter Rita (Name Changed) now aged 12 in a rented room on the outskirts of Pokhara.

Nancy (Name Changed) was born with a disability, a partially paralyzed right arm and a deformation of her hand. She was lucky enough that her mother fed her and cared for her and this in a society where this is not always the case when children are born with a disability.

From early childhood Nancy (Name Changed) had to work, guarding goats, fetching firewood and fodder for the livestock. She never went to school and should remain illiterate like many other underprivileged girls of her generation.

In her twenties she was married of to an older man, a day laborer and a couple of years later she gave birth to a healthy baby-girl. As it happened her husband was an alcoholic and most of his daily wage was wasted on booze and in gambling. (The three evils, alcohol, gambling and violence are frequent among the poor, working-class people and they are wreaking havoc and bring disaster for too many families)!

At home he vented his anger and violence and fear and hunger became a frequent guest in the tiny makeshift-shanty they called their home!

In the year 2017, wrecked, indebted the desperate man committed suicide and for Nancy (Name Changed) and her little daughter things went from bad to worse.

Nancy (Name Changed) had no other choice but begging for food and they lived from the left-overs and the few pennies that people would give to them. It was a life in utter misery and despair!

It was at this stage, in July 2019, that these helpless and hopeless beings found their way to our organization and they were immediately admitted as a “BEF-EDUCARE-FAMILY”:

The impact by “BEF”:

Once their basic needs had been met with the provision of staple food, appropriate clothing and medical care this family gained hope and confidence immediately. The girl was admitted to school, she is now attending class V and she is a diligent, good student!

The mother, who was mentally unstable, was referred to our network-partner “Nepal-House” for psycho-therapy. (The NGO “NEPAL HOUSE” is providing psychotherapy for abused women and girls. 

After a couple of months of care and counselling Nancy (Name Changed) had gone through an amazing change, and this physically as well as mentally. We encouraged her to start a micro-business and a local donor provided the funds for a startup (approximately € 30,-). Now she is generating a small revenue by selling spices as a street vendor.

With her income and the support by “BEF”, they are living a decent life, in safety and dignity.

From a life in misery and despair to a life in dignity, safety and hope!

We are supporting this family of two for less than € 800,- per year!

Many more destitute single mothers are in desperate need of our “HELP”!

The solution is at hand, it’s so simple, it’s “ SIMPLY BEF”!

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Dear Friends and benefactors,

This family has been admitted on the 1st of May, 2015 and this is our “Bahini Educare Family” number 7. (Name withheld) now 27, and a mother of three, got married at the age of 13 years, which is not unusual in Nepal. They lived in a tiny house in a village, and (Name withheld) ´s husband was a hardworking and caring father. Albeit they were poor like almost 60% of Nepal’s population, they somehow managed to survive and cover their most basic needs. In the year 2014 (Name withheld)´s husband was killed while felling a tree. With the demise of the only bread earner, 20 years old (Name withheld) , her daughter (Name withheld)  7, her daughter (Name withheld)  4 and her son (Name withheld)  found themselves in dire straits. (Name withheld)  worked hard to feed her children but ends would never meet and all too often they would go to sleep with an empty stomach. In the year 2015, when a devastating earthquake struck Nepal, their small habitat was badly damaged and they were left without a place to live. They had no other choice but to move to the tiny house of their parents in another village, but given that her parents too were destitute day-laborers, they lived in constant food-insecurity and misery.

The young and hopeless (Name withheld)  was no longer able to cope, she became suicidal and threatened repeatedly that she would take her life along with her children; this is an act of despair that some single mothers who see no other way out are reverting to and one of the greatest tragedies in our society.

It was at this point that (Name withheld)  was referred to the “Bahini-Educare-Foundation” and in May 2015 this family was admitted as one of our “Educare-Families”. By now, January 2022, this family has been under the wings of the “BEF” for almost seven years and the whole family has seen dramatic positive changes. (Name withheld)  and her children are now living in a corrugated metal shack in a beautiful village and a safe and clean environment. The children are joining a nearby school and all are diligent and good students.
We are providing them staple food every month, clothes, medical care, education and counselling if needed so. We are not providing them any money and all family members have to help in the daily cores such as taking care of the orchard, fetch fodder for the goats and collecting firewood. All family members are happy and thriving, they supportive and caring and their faces are expressing gratitude and hope. 

We are able to achieve all this for one Euro a day for each family member and the result is truly amazing! These children didn’t end up in an orphanage, they were not forced into child-marriage, child-labor or unsafe migration, abuse and exploitation. These children are staying with their mother enjoying a family life in safety and dignity. With our approach we are preventing a lot of intolerable suffering and injustice and we are creating a minimum of dependence. This is a simple but unique new concept and thousands such single mothers and their children that are in similar conditions could find adequate help, provided that this “CONCEPT” will convince the international donor-community. Please consider and increase your support, recommend our work to other organization’s or support us in any other way. No one is more deserving of your support then these mothers and their children.


Thank you for your support!
Surendra & the TEAM 

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Dear Friends & generous souls,
Wishing you all a merry christmas and a very Happy New Year 2022. 


Pokhara, Nepal

Proposal for the year 2022


“In Nepal every year thousands of children and adolescences’ are trafficked to India, China and the Gulf-Countries for the purpose of exploitation, which includes exploiting the prostitution of others, sexual exploitation, forced labour, slavery and removal of organs.

In Nepal too the number of underage girls who are coerced into prostitution, rape, and domestic violence has seen a dramatic increase over the past decade. The “WHO” came to the shocking finding that suicide is the leading cause of death for women aged 15-49!”


UNICEF has declared gender-based discrimination, violence and abuses as emergency and we are at the forefront to fight this raging fire!

We work to save children’s lives and prevent them from being trafficked, exploited and abused! It is our declared objective to prevent and/or alleviate worst forms of violence and abuse like trafficking of girls and women for flesh-trade, bonded-labour, child-marriage, forced-prostitution and other forms of violence and abuse. We help them to meet their basic needs, to be safe and expand their opportunities to reach their full potential and this with a simple, down to earth approach and a unique, all-encompassing and low-cost strategy.

The problem!

In Nepal millions more fell into poverty during the years 2020/2021 because of the Covid-Pandemic induced recession. Poor people are living on two Dollars a day or less and they are literally living from the hand to the mouth. For many, a day without work means a day without food!

Hunger is the most poisoned sting that poverty can inflict on human beings and it is the root-cause for unbearable suffering. It entails an increasing number of suicides, rape, child-marriage, prostitution for many of the most vulnerable people in Nepal.

Who are we?

The “Bahini-Educare-Foundation” (BEF) is a small, low-budget grassroots organisation located in Pokhara, of Gandaki Province, Nepal.

This NGO was first established and registered in the Year 2014.


Our TEAM comprises two full-time employees and one part-time employee all of which are all-rounders. The Project-Manager, Mr. Surendra Pariyar is managing and organising all related tasks including logistics and deliveries. Besides being responsible for a detailed and transparent accounting, our accountant Miss Divya Timilsina is assisting in all tasks and related duties. Our nurse Miss Biddhya Bhandari is a part-time employee and she is in charge of health, hygiene and the implementation of our awareness programs. Should we be able to take sixty more beneficiaries on board in the year 2022, we will need an additional part-time driver for deliveries to our beneficiaries.

Who are our target groups”?

Our target-groups are the most vulnerable, “Destitute single Mothers, Widows, Grandmothers with dependent daughters” who are living under desperate conditions and are deprived of the most basic needs.

How are we helping?

We are helping our target groups where they are living, in the slums surrounding the city and in the villages.

We are providing for their basic needs and education, for them to live a life in safety, health and dignity.

What are we providing?

1)     Staple food to prevent food-insecurity.

2)     Appropriate clothes for each season.

3)     Anything required for a proper hygiene.

4)     Healthcare.

5)     Education.

6)     Vocational-training.

7)     Advice and protection whenever needed.

8)     Awareness programs.

What is making us different from other organisations?

We are supporting our target-groups where they are living, in their habitats in the villages or in the slums surrounding the city and we are only providing what is necessary to lift them out of a degrading and paralysing poverty. Thus, we are creating a minimum of dependency and we help them to become free of the vicious cycle of ignorance and poverty that has lasted for too many generations of girls and women in Nepal.

Our support is giving them the security and the hope to continue to struggle for a better life and face the day-to-day challenge with courage and determination.

What are the advantages of our approach?

1)     We don’t have to build expensive infrastructures to care for our beneficiaries

2)     Our beneficiaries are not institutionalized.

3)     We are operating with very low administration costs.

4)     The Mothers are not forced to give their children to “Children-Homes” because they are unable to provide for their basic needs and education.

5)     The children are not deprived of their mothers and they continue to live in a family and their social environment.

6)     Our approach is creating a minimum of dependency because all family members continue to face the challenge of their day-to-day reality.

7)     We are able to provide for one beneficiary in this way for “One EURO a day”! The average cost for a child in a children home is between four to eight Dollars per day.

8)     Our beneficiaries are not receiving any Money from us and they have to continue to work for their living.


According to statistics by “UNICEF” and “CWIN” every year between 8000 to 12000 Girls and young women are trafficked into to flesh-trade and other forms of slavery to countries like India, China and the Middle-East countries.

Some progress in this area had been achieved over the last decade but due to the Covid-Pandemic induced economic recession millions more fell into poverty. The most severely affected are destitute Widows/single Mothers/Grandmothers with dependent children. Without any family support and in absence of a social net they find themselves on the lowest rung of the social ladder and all too often deprived of their most basic human needs and rights.

For a number of reasons many husbands and fathers are dying and this due to accidents, diseases and natural disasters. Others are leaving their family to marry another woman; others again are wrecked by alcoholism or drugs.

This is leaving a huge number of Mothers without a bread earner and without protection.

The situation is even worse for mothers with dependent daughters only and many of them find themselves in a desperate situation. Poor people are living on two Dollars or less daily. Our target groups are day labourers’ and they live literally from the hand to the mouth. No work is synonymous to no food!

Hunger is the most poisoned sting that poverty can inflict on human beings and it is the root-cause for unbearable suffering. It entails worst forms of violence and discrimination like rape, prostitution, child-marriage, human-trafficking and other intolerable forms of violence on girls and women.

A statistic by the “WHO” is stating that the suicide rate of women in Nepal is among the highest worldwide and they came to the shocking finding that suicide is the leading cause of death for women aged 15-49. Statistics are flawed because suicide is illegal in Nepal and relatives will not disclose the real cause of death to avoid legal problems and the social stigma associated with it.

Our work:

Against this background the “BEF” is implementing an innovative and all-encompassing program based on provision of the basic needs, education, vocational training, communication and social mobilization for preventing human trafficking. Utter poverty and food-insecurity are the main reasons why families are agreeing that their underage children are migrating for livelihood and employment opportunity. This shows that sustainable livelihood options have to be facilitated targeting this age-group.

Since the year 2014 the “BEF” has been supporting 28 such single Mother headed families and the results are amazing.

“Objective verifiable results”:

1)     The incident of food-insecurity improved by 100%

2)     The incident of trafficking improved by 100%

3)     The incident of child marriage improved by 100%

4)     The incident of suicide improved by 100%

5)     The incident of rape improved by 100%

6)     The incident of health issues improved by 80%

7)     The incident of lack of education improved by 100%

8)     The incident of insufficient clothing improved by 100%

Our yearly budget:

Our current yearly budget amounts to a total of 38 000, -Euro per year.

With this budget we were able to provide for 78 beneficiaries in the above-described way. Not only is our approach unique, direct and efficient, but we are managing to do this in a very cost-effective way!

It is our aim to add twenty more such families in the year 2022, approximately sixty additional beneficiaries.

Please find attached the detailed budget for the year 2022 for a total of 138 beneficiaries and a number of additional awareness-programs.

According to surveys by the NGO AATWIN

(Unsafe migration & human trafficking in women and children in Nepal)

The following can be said about human trafficking in Nepal:

The purpose of human trafficking:

For the purpose of exploitation, this includes exploiting the prostitution of others, sexual exploitation, forced labour, slavery or similar practices and the removal of organs.

The act of trafficking:

Recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons.

How is it done?

Threat or use of force, coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or vulnerability, or giving a payment or benefit to a person in control of a victim. Decisions related to migration are primarily made by individuals by themselves or through decisions taken by the family. Therefore, there is a need to support these families and increase awareness about the risk associated with unsafe migration and human trafficking.

The survey showed a lack of knowledge or limited understanding about human trafficking. For this reason, it is important to increase awareness by facilitating education and awareness programmes in “Child-Trafficking” in particular, and this in communities and households prone to unsafe migration. Adolescents and children are still accepting to migrate unsafely despite their knowledge about associated risks due to push factors like poverty, forgoing education and unemployment.

What is making our work unique?

The combination of efficiency, simplicity, directness and cost efficiency is making our project unique in Nepal and maybe beyond!

We are absolutely convinced that our innovative approach is the right answer to the humanitarian emergencies and gender-based discriminations we are currently facing.

Since many years the international development and donor/agencies are looking for an alternative to conventional children’s homes and for new ways to achieve more sustainability and less dependency. Since the year 2014 we are implementing such an alternative and our beneficiaries are the living proofs that “Our alternative is working!”

Please support our work; no one is more deserving of our help than our extremely vulnerable and highly endangered “Target-Groups”!


Thank you for your interest in our work!

Surendra Pariyar & The “BEF-TEAM”

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