Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution

by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT Foundation)
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution
Emergency Response: Coronavirus Aid Distribution

Our respected donors across the globe,

I hope this letter finds you, your family members, your loves ones are doing very well at this uncertain time. 

It was almost four months ago when our last updates on the Covid-19 aid distribution in Indonesia. I kindly inform you that, since July, 2020 Indonesia has been facing the second wave of Covid-19 and put the country on 21st place (Nov 10th) and shows that total cases 444,348, new cases  3,779, deaths 14,761, recovered 375,741. This uncertain time is affecting us on the aid distribution as well, semi lock-down, social distance have been applied in Indonesia and the humanitarian assistance for the needy can not be stopped.  

The Covid-19 is really affecting on the economic sector in Indoenesia as developing countries in South East Asia. The poverty rate in Indonesia increased in March 2020 to 9.78% from 9.41% in September 2019, primarily in urban areas. An additional 1.63 million people fell into poverty, returning the poverty rate close to the September 2018 level (9.82%). The Government predicts the poverty rate to reach around 10.6% in 2020 with an estimated additional 4 million people falling below the poverty line. The World Bank projected the poverty rate to increase to 10.7% (mild scenario) or increase to 11.6% (severe scenario).

Rising unemployment among formal and informal workers has led reduced purchasing power. A World Bank mobile survey in May 2020 reported that 38% of respondent households consumed less than previously due to lack of financial resources.

Moreover, East Java, Indonesia's second most populous province, surpassed Jakarta as the nation's COVID-19 epicenter on June 26th, 2020  with the highest record of confirmed cases and deaths. The province has a cumulative total of 11,482 cases, 866 deaths and 3,891 recovered cases as of Monday morning. It also has the second highest case-fatality rate (CFR) – the percentage of deaths among confirmed cases -- at 7.5 percent, higher than the national CFR of 5.1 percent. 

To continue on the Covid-19 aid distribution in Indonesia. ACT Foundation has been delivered food package into several cities in Indonesia and for the first round the aid distribution is for families who can not fulfill their basic need (food package) in Surabaya, East Java Province that surpassed Jakarta as the nation's Covid-19 epicenter. The beneficiaries are (a) families who are living under "the highway road bridge" which is very common place in Indonesia for unfortunate families to live in, their daily activities are pick the recyle-garbages up from the trash bin; (b) dissable people  and (c) widows, the food package will last up to for two weeks, for 624 families members. The beneficiaries were very happy to receive the aid distribution from the GlobalGiving donors and the food package as basic need is very important for their daily life.

Thank you very much for your sincere help, continues support and please stay safe and healthy. 


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Dear our respected donors across the globe,

Once again I am reaching you out in a row to kindly inform you that our ground team have been reported that the Covid-19 aid distribution have been distributed in North-Sulawesi, Indonesia. 

Our trip was started from Makassar on Monday May 25th 2020, the capital city of South Sulawesi. Our trip was taken by road cross and takes approximately 1900 KMs or at least 3-4 (three to four) days to get the destination. During the social distancing and Large Scale Social Restriction system, ACT’s team must preparing some official documents that shows the Non-reactive Rapid Test Result and The Healthness Circumstance Result. Besides that, ACT team must have their ID Card and supporting attribute about organization. There are more than 24 (twenty four) regencies and there are more than 10 (ten) COVID-19 checkpoints that spread in each of border regions, start from Palopo City, until we get the destination area on May 27th 2020 at 9 PM

On May 27th 2020, our team arranged a forum group discussion with the headman of the Binuanga village and local volunteers. We discussed about our purpose, and also how to provide all the basic needs that we will distribute to all the victims of the floods that was spread in 4 (four) different villages. Officially there are 7 (seven) affected villages, but only 4 (four) that get the most effect, not only in materials sector but also in economic sector, even in this pandemic of COVID-19. These 4(four) villages are Binuanga, Biontong Satu, Tanjung Laboa and Saleo Village.

In Binuanga Villages there are 4 (four) sub-villages, Sub Villages #1 consist of 26 Families or 127 people, Sub Villages #2 consist of 20 families or 98 people, Sub-villages #3 consist of 18 families or 86 people, and Sub-villages #4 consist of 28 families or 155 people, amount of all 92 families or 466 people.

On May 28th 2020, we started our main activities with providing the basic needs such as 2220 Kgs of rice, 444 litres of cooking oil, 222 Kgs of sugar, 444 cans of canned fish, 222 packs of tea that was provided by local vendor. After packaging we started to distributed in two villages, Binuanga and Biontong Satu Village. The next day we distributed the food packages appeals in next two villages, Tanjung Laboa and Saleo Village.

On May 30th 2020, we started our trip to go back to our home, and arrived on June 2nd 2020 at 3 AM. In our trip we have to face the COVID-19 Checkpoints again, but we do not get the obstacles like before, because we could show our documentation that proved we have already done our implementation of humanity program in North Bolaang Mangondow Regency.

The flash floods that happened in North Bolaang Mangondow has taken away the joy and happiness of the villagers, the sadness has not finished yet, they must faced the pandemic of COVID-19. But they do not have another choice, they have to struggle in this situation. When ACT’s team arrived in these villages, all the villagers very happy and they said “we still have brothers and sisters that remember us”

These 222 Food Packages at least could help them to struggle in this situation. They hope we will do the next project in their villages shuch as empowering program in order to help their continuity.

Mrs. Yanti  is one of the villagers who lives in Binuanga Villages of North Bolaang Mangondow Regency. Her house is one of the most affected, her kitchen was swept away by the flash flood. She told us about Her husband that used to work in Manado, the Capital City in North Sulawesi as a driver in a company, when his work finished, he spent his time to be an online driver. After the disaster in their village, he must go home and looked after his family that was affected by the flash floods. While their life was not properly yet, the Pandemic of COVID-19 came to Indonesia, that pushed him to stay at home, and his company ask him to retired in case of economic reason. Besides that, Large Scale Social Restriction system pushed him cannot go anywhere. So he didn’t have another choice that he must stay in his villages and looked for a part time job to provide his family needs. So Mrs Yanti and his husband work in their neighbour’s farm to struggle.

The project has been distributed in time. Thanks to the great collaboration of all parties on the ground,  especially to the village government who was very cooperative in the project. One last thing to our generous donors across the globe. Your help is amazing and incredible for Indonesian community.

Warm regards,

Mohamad F. Amrullah


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    Dear our respected donors across the globe,

    I hope this letter finds you, your family are doing very well. Hopefully the uncertain time would end as soon as possible.
    Today, I am back to deliver the updates from the ground team who delivered the coronavirus aid  distribution for affected comunities in Indonesia.  

    June 1st, 2020 ACT Foundation West Java Branch has distributed total of 125 food aid for the elderly in densely populated areas in the Sengol Gang, Burangrang sub district, Lengkong District, Bandung City. At the same day the ACT Foundation Team West Java Branch also distributed 97 food packages aid to residents in flood-affected areas in Parung Halang, Bandung Regency.

    The majority beneficiaries are residents who working as street vendors (food seller on the street) and most of their livelihoods / income are affected by the impact of Covid 19. Meanwhile, ACT Foundation ground team also distributed food aid to communities who affected by flood that occurred in April 2020 in Parung Halang Bandung West Java. The majority of their livelihoods are farmers, pedicab drivers, and factory workers who got laid off from the factory. The implementation program has proceeded smoothly, the local authorities and the village head as a community leader have been involved to help the distribution.

    During the Covid 19 pandemic, the government released the policy that the resident must stay at home. Unfortunately, there is no aid distribution from the government twhich is needed by inhabitants. Free food assistance that delivered by GlobalGiving donots are very important for the community and they felt very happy and certainly grateful because it can help ease the burden of what they are experiencing at the moment. All of them are expecting that the Covid 19 pandemic will end soon and get a solution to restore the community's condition even better.

    Finally, thank you very much for your generous support and it is very helpful for Indonesian community. Please stay safe and healthy. 

    Warm regards,

    Mohamad F. Amrullah

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    Dear our respected donors across the globe,

    I kindly reach you again to update our humanitarian assistance, especially COVID-19 Aid Distribution in Indonesia. As I informed you previously that all 34 provinces in Indonesia are facing COVID-19 and there are about 2,5 million new unemployment since early March 2020, various workers from the informal sectors also experienced a decline or even no income at all. A number of companies have terminated their employment, the vulnerable families are hoping our hands to pursue their daily life such as food aid as basic need. 

    On May 29, 2020, ACT team prepared food packages that would distribute to 2 locations in Jakarta. Food package preparation carried out at the ACT Foundation warehouse in Gunung Sindur, Bogor. Then, the following day, ACT team distributed 200 food packages to 200 families in RW 5 Kel. Chinese Bidara, Kec. Jatinegara East Jakarta. After the aid distribution was completed, the team resumed the distribution of assistance to 60 families in Rawa Buaya Village, Cengkareg District, West Jakarta. The aid was distributed to widows, the elderly and disadvantaged families affected by the co-19 pandemic.

    The two implementation locations are densely populated locations with a lower middle income economy. Most people are daily workers who get paid daily. When conditions such as the pandemic COVID-19, people have difficulty meet their daily needs because they have to stay at home to obey government regulation (lock-down). The distribution of food packages runs smoothly with the help of all parties. Food package assistance is given to those who really need it, such as widows, the elderly and disadvantaged families.

    Tini (58) is one of the beneficiaries of Food Aid assistance from GlobalGiving donors in the Bidara China region, Jatinegara District, East Jakarta. Before pandemic Covid-19, a-58-year-old widow work as a-cake-seller in the Jatinegara market. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, Tini stopped selling the cake. In addition because there are restrictions on activity, Tini said she was afraid of being exposed to the Corona virus. To meet her daily needs, Tini only relies on food supplies from the aid that comes.

    Joko (65) works as a collector of used goods. After his wife died a few month ago, Joko was left alone in a small crib in the Rawa Buaya area, Cengkareng District, West Jakarta. Joko expressed his gratitude for the assistance of the Food Aid package from GlobalGiving distributed through ACT Foundation. Rice and a number of staples aid is enough to help guarantee their needs for the next one month.

    Indeed, thank you very much for your kindness and sincere help for Indonesian community, your help are amazing and incredible for us. Please stay safe and healthy.

    Warm regards,


    Mohamad F. Amrullah 

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    Dear our respected donors across the globe,

    I am reaching you out today kindly to updates on our humanitarian assistance, especially COVID-19 Aid Distribution in Indonesia. In Indonesia, all 34 provinces are facing COVID-19 and it is very sad that until now there is no vaccine have not been invented yet. During the COVID-19 circumstances in Indonesia ACT Foundation keep humanitarian mission continue to support unfortunate people or communities who have been affected  by COVID-19 and the fund have been ditributed to 3 provinces in Indonesia are Jakarta, West Java and North Sulawesi. 

    Today, I will inform the aid distribution on cooked meals / hot meals that we distributed in Jakarta. The Hot Meals Project implemented on 24th until 28th of May 2020, in 6 different locations in Jakarta. The total of Hot Meals set distributed was 3,000 packages.

    On the 24th of May 2020 in the morning, the team has begun cooking and prepared the first 2,000 packages of hot meals in ACT’s central kitchen in Megamendung, Bogor. At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the team was divided into 4 groups to distribute the hot meals packages in 4 different locations. The first location was Fatmawati Hospital in South Jakarta, which is also one of the referral hospital for Covid-19 cases. 500 packages were distributed in the hospital area dedicated for the medical staffs, the hospital crews and the family of the patients.

    The second location was in RSPI (Hospital for infectious disease) Sulianti Saroso. The hot meals set distributed were also 500 packages. Those were given to the medical staffs, hospital crews and the family of the patient who visited at that time.The third location was Kampung Muka in Jakarta Utara. The hot meals set distributed were 500 packages. Kampung Muka is one of the crowd areas with low per capita income. The hot meals packages were distributed to affected people by the Covid-19. The last distribution spot was Kemang Utara. There were 500 hot meals packages distributed to the neighborhoods that were also affected by the Covid-19.

    On the 26 th and 28th of May 2020, the implementation of this program was continued in Cipinang, South Jakarta and in Tomang, West Jakarta. The hot meals sets were cooked beforehand in the same place, in ACT’s Central Kitchen in Megamendung, Bogor. The hot meals packages were then distributed in Cipinang and Tomang. Those were delivered to the people, who couldn’t afford their daily life, while most of them are irregular daily workers. This pandemic has worsened their life because they have got no income.

    As of Friday (17/06), 41.431 Covid-19 positive cases were found in Indonesia. 16.243 people were recovered and the remaining 2.276 people died. To cope with the massive spread of corona outbreaks, the government urged people to carry out activities such as work, school and worship at home. As a result, economic activity is disrupted. Various shopping centers have been closed because people’s income has dropped dramatically. Various workers from the informal sectors also experienced an income decline or even no income at all. A number of companies have terminated their employment (FLE). Indonesia's Ministry of Manpower (Kemenaker) said that as of Thursday (04/16) there were 1.5 million people lost their jobs due to the Corona outbreak.

    The Covid-19 pandemic has unfolded the dilemma for everyone, particularly for they who have irregular income to afford their daily needs. The people who are only daily workers had to experience the worse scenario. With this hot meals distribution program, at least they could be helped a bit. The hot meals were dedicated not only to the medical staffs), but also to them, who were in needs while affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Sumari (67), collected junks and sell them for life. Nowadays in this Covid-19 pandemic, there were not many junks left, because people’s activities were restricted. She then could only hang her hope up to the neighbor’s help, because the money she had weren’t much enough to buy the rice and the side dishes for her daily life. This iftar program has at least helped her, because she didn’t have to worry what she would eat next.

    Anton is an online motorcyle taxi (ojek) driver. His income decreased because of the covid-19 pandemic. It was normal for him to get Rp. 200.000,- a day, but sadly in this pandemic he could only get maximum Rp. 30.000.

    Finally, Thank you very much for your amazing support that benefit to Indonesian people.

    Warm regards,

    Mohamad F. Amrullah

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