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Education for Blind Chinese Orphans

by Bethel Foundation Limited
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Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Education for Blind Chinese Orphans
Barista star Li Ying!
Barista star Li Ying!

2019 is already here! 
It's hard to believe that another year is already here. Since 2002, we have been committed to serving this unique, but amazing population so desperately in need. It has been amazing to see how some of our oldest children have gone on to accomplish some amazing, and ground breaking things. One great example is Li Ying (Bridget). In February, one of our first students Li Ying, became the first blind barista in Beijing at the restaurant Miam Miam. Bethel's partnership with Flo Restaurant Group involves comprehensive blind and VI training and they are committed to hiring more blind and visually impaired employees in their restaurants as they continue to expand. Li Ying has come such a long way and we are very proud of her. 

Project Renovations
After a month of renovations in late December - January, Bethel moved into our new location in Doudian, Beijing City. In the preschool we now care for 11 orphans and 11 scholarship students. When totalling all of our projects, Bethel currently provides services for more than 60 children throughout China.

Recently, Allie and Fang traveled to Jingdezhen and met with the local orphanage director to set the foundations for a future Bethel center there.
While there, they also met with a representative from Amnesty International who pledged to raise funds for the project. The future center will consist of two teachers and educate about 8 children within the orphanage. Some of the children will be blind, while others have vision and have been diagnosed with autism. The orphanage would like to model the rest of their education program based on Bethel's future center with the hope that all of the children in the orphanage will benefit from Bethel's influence. 

Denis Lam C-MER Eye Hospital
Regarding health care, Bethel recently established a new partnership with the Denis Lam C-MER Eye Hospital in Beijing. They have agreed to provide free eye exams to orphans and will provide discounted rates for surgeries/allow us to apply to their charity fund for surgery funding.

Beijing Women's Networ
Another aspect of Bethel's mission is to have a positive social impact in the VI community. Thankfully, Bethel is the official 2019 charity partner of the Beijing Women's Network. Our Country Director, Susan will be the speaker at one of their spotlight dinners with 100 women from Beijing in attendance. 

The examples above are all doors that have been opened because of you. With your support, we have the ability to directly care for children in need, providing a safe and loving environment. It is you that help our children grow to live a dignified life in their path towards independence, while being a positive voice for the community. From all of us at Bethel, thank you. 


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A note from Guillaume, our founder:

Dear friends of Bethel

Delphine and I first wish to thank you for supporting this cause that is close to our hearts. We were 25 when we started Bethel in China and started to learn Mandarin. It has been an adventure for sure! If you have ever tried to do anything in China, you must learn to be flexible, to adapt quickly and be ready for anything. All in all, whatever the landlords, village chiefs or government threw at us we have always moved forward, and for one good reason: the children we care for are worth it. As the old saying goes "when life throws lemons at you, make lemonade", the Chinese would probably say "when life throws dough at you, make jiaozi (dumplings)"! In the last 15 years we have had to move our larger site several times. During this period, we also broadened our scope of operations from "exclusively" caring for visually impaired (VI) orphans to also train other institutions in this field. A milestone was the publication of a manual we made from scratch in Mandarin, which was the first in China of its kind. We also started an online community for families with VI children. We advocate for these VI children in the Chinese society via national TV ads and printed ads which were published in trains and airplanes. We also advocate for our children to be adopted, which is the best gift of all. We have widened our target population to include not only VI orphans but also Vi children with families, many of whom are from poor families. We included these children in our preschool and have seen families move from hundreds of miles away just so that their child could have an education at Bethel. We have opened satellite centers in Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Jiaozuo and plan to open several more in 2019. 

In the beginning of 2018, Bethel China became officially registered in China. This is a good step, but came with its own set of challenges. Just recently, the government asked that most children in Beijing be returned to their local orphanages. I am so thankful that 10 years ago we planned for that day and started to open satellite centers in local orphanages. We knew this day would come so we were prepared. It remains a challenge as some children have specific medical/educational needs and some of them come from orphanages where we don't have a project. We are working hard to either start projects there or partner with existing organization who can help us in the mean time. Another effect of the registration is that the government wants Bethel to relocate our school. So we had to move again and found an amazing building in the city which has been approved by the government and we have signed a 10 year lease last week! We need to find $3,000 per month for the rent.

Finishing 2018, we were able to provide care for 52 children throughout four provinces. We were able to host a special simulcast conference on Turst Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) to other NGO's in China, to help them better care fore children that deal with trauma. Six of our children were matched to amazing families and were adopted.

We are looking forward to 2019 and thankful for all that was accomplished in 2018, thanks to you. 

From all of us from the Bethel team we'd like to send you our best in the new year. 
Delphine & Guillaume


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Fall Updates!

As Fall is underway we want to send our warm greetings from all of us from Bethel! These last few months have been quite busy with some exciting moments and news to share with you.

As of this week, Bethel's centers are supporting 61 children (25 in Dou Dian, 20 in Zhengzhou, 10 in Jiaozuo, and 6 in Nanjing). This year, we've had five wonderful adoptions, with three adoptions currently pending. 

At our Dou Dian project site, Bethel recently accepted two new children, Ming Zhi and Xin Qin. Ming Zhi is a handsome 5 years old boy. His dietary habit was not great before arriving to Bethel. He cannot walk and talk. We do know that he loves to be hugged, and we will give him the best care possible. Xin Qin is a beautiful seven year old, who loves to smile and is very curious. 

Medically, one of our boys, Qiu Shi, was having extreme difficulties breathing through his nose and needed medical intervention. This past quarter, he went through multiple surgeries and now we are happy to say that he can now breathe through his nose with freedom. 


Bethel Camp

Several weeks ago, Bethel invited 10 visually impaired children from all over the country and 10 children from the United States and China to take part in a summer camp retreat at Bethel.

For this event, Bethel invited a professional teacher for the visually impaired from the United States (The professor, Haley, is visually impaired and travels with Tasha, her seeing eye dog), and an American family with four children.

The theme of the camp was to use both nature and sport as learning tools to positively promote good social and educational skills. During the camp, the children created books by using natural materials, learned traditional Chinese Tai Chi, and went on an educational field trip to Bayer. The camp was culminated by an ultimate challenge of having the children all work together to build a birds nest, to feel the deep connection between humanity and nature thorugh the added benefit of teamwork. 

With overwhelming positive feedback, Bethel will look to expand on the camp's success and bring it back next year. 



In the past quarter, Bethel researched and marked out either Nanchang or Baotou SWI (Social Welfare Institute) to set up the next Bethel satellite center. Bethel is in the process of approaching these two SWIs for future satellite projects. 

In mid October, Bethel will have a meeting with the officials of Guangzhou Can Lian which serves individuals with BVI (Blind and Visual Impairments). It is to discuss a project with Bethel's help to establish a BVI Early Intervention program in Guangzhou. It will involve teacher trainings, curriculum production, special teaching equipment purchase and setups. The follow up consultancy from Bethel may also be applied in the discussion. 


Special Visitors

Our Bethel children and staff had the amazing opportunity to welcome the Beijing Sinobo Guoan Football Club (or Soccer, depending on where in the world you might be reading this from :). Everyone from the team was very nice and good to our children, spending quality time with them. We were even lucky enough to get onto National Chinese TV with them. Thanks Beijing Sinobo Guoan Football Club!


Thank You

I'd like to send a special thanks to you for taking the time to read our update. Our school, foster care, camps, outreach trainings, medical surgeries- none of this would be possible without your valuable support. We wish that you could personally visit our projects and see what we do first hand, but if not, we hope that these updates show you how your gracious support goes so far. We currently still have several needs, such as sponsors for our new children. We truly appreciate your support and blessings. 

Sending our blessings,




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Children's Day!
Children's Day!

A letter from the Founders: 

Dear friends of Bethel China,

I am amazed at the work Bethel China is doing. Delphine and I moved out of China in 2012 and as founders it felt like we were saying good-bye to our daughter in front of the college's dorm (I hate those scenes in movies). At first it was difficult because for 11 years I was the go-to guy to solve problems and set the vision for the foreseeable future. I learned how to let go and let the local team courageously shape the future of Bethel China into what it is today. 

The environment for NGOs in China is ever changing and Bethel has had to reinvent itself a few times. However, at the heart of what we do will always be children who see differently. Delphine and I are so proud of every staff in China and are always so touched when a child who was adopted from Bethel write to us to let us know they graduated from college or are signing the lease on their first apartment. 

Recently Bethel has been contacted by Airbus so they can collaborate on how to make planes more visual impairment friendly. What an honor to see that after 15 years of working in this field, Bethel can influence global issues relating to people with visual impairments.

We are forever grateful for your support in allowing us to be a voice for those who have none.      

Guillaume & Delphine

Children's Day Celebration!

June 1st is International Children's day and we at Bethel like to use this day as an opportunity to celebrate with our children, staff and volunteers. This year the 1st conveniently fell on a Friday so everyone put the school books away and spent this special day with music, games, some special food and of course laughter! If you look close you will see our new development manager Allie taking training classes to be Rocky!

Shenzhen Trainings

Over the last quarter, Bethel has been conducting 2-day outreach trainings in Shenzhen. These trainings are are focused towards parents raising their Blind or Visually Impaired child through different workshops ranging from practical orientation and mobility trainings to education based curriculum. Once completed, Bethel provides follow up materials and support to the families. Through these outreach trainings and seminars we find that often times, Bethel is the first support system that families have. 

Other News

So far in 2018, Bethel has had five adoptions, with three adoptions currently matched. As Guillaume mentioned above, Bethel partnered with Airbus to help them engineer new aircrafts that are VI friendly. In the second half of the year we are launching a second outreach project called: Bethel Education and Rehabilitation Program for Youths with Visual Impairments. The program will be the first of its kind in China to provide rehab services to youth who have congenital or acquired blindness. The quarterly trainings based in Beijing will provide teenagers in need the opportunity to be taught by professionals the necessary skills utilized in everyday life. 

As always, Bethel can only provide these services thanks to your support. We've attached Bethel's 2018 Organizational Profile where you can read more about the services you are helping us to provide. We still are in need of support for 2018 and any donation helps. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this. From all of us at Bethel, we send you our blessings and hope you have a great summer! 

Founders, Guillaume and Delphine Gauvain
Founders, Guillaume and Delphine Gauvain


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2018 Update

So far in 2018, Bethel’s main project site located in Fangshan is providing services for 29 children. At present there are 25 orphans from 11 orphanages, and 4 children that come from families. Our children receive a loving home, full medical care, and a complete range of educational classes and therapies specializing in blind and visual impairments. Some of the specialized classes these children receive include directional walking training, English and Chinese Braille, Fine and gross motor skills, and sensory training. The Fangshan site is also used for our Outreach program to reach both parents, teachers and caregivers whom are raising children with blindness and visual impairments. At Bethel’s satellite project sites, our Zheng Zhou project currently supports 18 blind or visually impaired children, our Jiao Zuo center supports 10 children and our Nanjing center supports 8 children. In total, Bethel is currently providing direct services to 65 children.



Already this year, Noah and Jane were adopted (photos of children attached). We wish both of them the warmest of blessings and look forward to seeing their growth. Two new children, Zoey and Chris came to Fangshan shortly after and are currently in need of sponsors. If you know anyone that could help support Zoey and Chris please email us at info @


Medical Van

By supporting our children’s medical care, we often have to transport our children to and from doctors and specialists. Because of this, Bethel must have reliable and safe transportation. With high mileage on our van, Bethel was gracious to receive a new van in February, sponsored by Gulf for Good. 


Organizational Profile

For your convenience, I’ve attached Bethel’s 2018 organizational profile. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write to me. I’d like to hear your feedback on our new profile. 


Thank You

Alas, I’d like to take this moment to thank you for your continued, gracious support. You are helping children, whom we believe are among the most vulnerable populations in this world. 


Thank you for your time and support.


Sending my best,



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