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What's the Open Challenge? 

The Open Challenge is a great opportunity to join the GlobalGiving community. During this first campaign you expose your donors to online fundraising and using the GlobalGiving platform. You get to learn all about GlobalGiving's great features and get to know the GlobalGiving Team. Not only that, but it is an excellent opportunity to grow your base of supporters through a unique campaign atmosphere. 

How does it work? 

The Open Challenge happens during a specific period of time. During that time, participating organizations must raise at least $5,000 total from a minimum of 40 different donors in order to secure a permanent fundraising spot on the GlobalGiving platform. Organizations will reach out to their donors and contacts in order to reach those thresholds and GlobalGiving is here to help with trainings and advice! 

Organizations that raise the most funds or have the most donors will also get additional bonus prizes!

What are the other benefits to becoming a GlobalGiving partner?

GlobalGiving has a full list of features and benefits available here, but below are some key features of our platform. 

      • Donor Management Tools: When fundraising online, donor relationships are crucial. GlobalGiving provides you with many tools to update your donors and build those relationships. Through the donation manager you are able to see all of your donations in real-time and send personalized thank you emails immediately. The project reports you write are emailed to all of your donors at a time you choose and are posted to your project page for future donors to read. We even offer donors options to fundraise directly for your project through fundraiser pages. For example, if one of your donors is running a marathon or getting married, they can use GlobalGiving tools to create personalized pages for them to raise funds for you!
      • US donor tax deductibility: All donations made through GlobalGiving are tax deductible for US taxpayers, even if your organization is based outside of the US. We handle all tax receipts for donors and provide them with annual receipts. 
      • Corporate partnerships: Each year, GlobalGiving works with 60+ companies around the world to help them with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. This means that our nonprofit partners benefit from corporate philanthropy by being on our site. We also manage cause marketing campaigns for companies, resulting in more than $500,000 in funds going to our partners through different campaigns. 
      • Fundraising training and resources: GlobalGiving offers many training opportunities for you to learn more about online fundraising and how to be successful on GlobalGiving. We have one-on-one support to provide suggestions and advice for your fundraising. Also, you can check out our online toolkit which includes videos and worksheets to help you plan a strategy. 

How do I sign up? 

To join an Open Challenge and be a partner of GlobalGiving, you must be registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States or be registered as a not-for-profit entity in another country. 

You first complete the application and submit the document to GlobalGiving through our platform. Our next deadline to submit applications is January 31, 2016 but we accept applications at any time! Your application with GlobalGiving will be valid for two full years. 

Start your application!

If we receive you submission on or before January 31st, you will hear from us no later than February 27, 2016 with your approval.

Is GlobalGiving providing any extra funds for organizations?

GlobalGiving does provide several opportunities for organizations to win Bonus prizes or matching funds during the Open Challenge. 

      1. Most Funds Raised Prizes: At the conclusion of the Challenge, the project with the most funds raised during the Challenge will receive $3,000. The organization with the second most funds raised will receive $2,000 and the organization with the third most funds raised will receive $1,000. 
      2. Most Unique Donors Prize: At the conclusion of the Challenge, the project with the most unique donors during the Open Challenge will receive $2,000. 
      3. Bonus Day: During the Open Challenge, GlobalGiving will have one Bonus Day during which GlobalGiving will be matching online donations between $25 and $1,000. Final details to be determined.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

What are the requirements to being a GlobalGiving partner? 

      • The organization must be a registered 501(c)3 if in the US or a registered nonprofit in another country
      • The organization must be able to update donors through an online project report at least every three months on the projects it lists on the GlobalGiving platform
      • The organization's staff must be able to communicate with the GlobalGiving staff in English
      • The organization does not discriminate in selecting it's beneficiaries or staff
      • The organization must satisfy GlobalGiving's application requirements
      • The organization acknowledges that their ongoing listing on GlobalGiving's platform is dependent on completion of the Open Challenge

What are the steps to becoming a GlobalGiving partner?

      1. Complete the online application and be approved by GlobalGiving's staff
      2. Post a project for the Open Challenge
      3. Complete the Open Challenge by raising $5,000 from 40 unique donors. 

What are the dates and deadlines I need to know? 

January 31, 2016 -- Application submission deadline 
February 27, 2016 -- You will be notified by our staff of your application approval 
March 10, 2016 -- Project submission deadline
March 14, 2016 -- Open Challenge Begins
March 25, 2016 -- Open Challenge Ends
End of April 2016 -- Funds are disbursed to organizations

How do I send in my project for the Challenge? 

GlobalGiving has an online project entry system which includes options to upload photos, include a video, and write up the description of your project. You can start collecting the information right away and then enter it into the project entry system when you are ready. GlobalGiving does not accept project proposals via email. 

We also have online tips and advice on how to make your project page compelling to donors: 

Watch a short tutorial video on project posting
Step-by-step screenshots on how to post your project
Tips for a Great Project

How does the fundraising work? 

In order to reach the goals of the Open Challenge, you must reach out to individuals that are in your networks to ask them to give money to your project through GlobalGiving. These can be colleagues, friends, family, volunteers, board members, etc. GlobalGiving is here to help you set up a strategy and provide support but we are not promoting your project to donors. Also, GlobalGiving is not able to provide you with contact information for potential donors. 

If you are looking for some tools and recommendations for mapping your current network and expanding to new donors, check out these video tutorials. 

For a full list of the available fundraising help tutorials and resources for the Open Challenge, take a look through our Fundraising Toolkit.

How can donors give to my project through GlobalGiving in the Challenge? 

GlobalGiving accepts donations made in the following ways: 

      • Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and JCB cards are all accepted, including bank-issued credit cards under those names
      • Debit Card: GlobalGiving does accept debit card donations for the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. As a note, international debit cards may need to be registered at their local banks in order to be used on GlobalGiving. If your donor is having trouble giving, please have them contact their bank. 
      • PayPal: Donors can use PayPal from any country in order to make a donation through GlobalGiving. It is the easiest way to donate through GlobalGiving! 
      • Check: GlobalGiving accepts check donations for your project as long as they are received by our office on or before March 23rd. Checks should be made out to GlobalGiving Foundation and include your project ID number in the memo line. They should be mailed to GlobalGiving's office in order to arrive by March 23rd. International checks must be at least $100 USD, US checks must be $10 or more.
      • Wire transfer: Donors can make donations via wire transfer. GlobalGiving is not able to cover the cost of the transfer which can range from $30-$50 or more. We only recommend this option if the donation is larger and it is the only way to donate for that donor. 

Does GlobalGiving charge a fee? 

GlobalGiving does not have an application or a membership fee. GlobalGiving does have a transaction fee of 15% which is primarily used to support the programs we offer to our partners free of charge. That means for each donation made to your project, 85% will go to the project, 3% will be use for credit card fees, 2% will be used for GlobalGiving administrative costs, and the remaining 10% will go directly into programs that GlobalGiving offers for our partners. 

Donors will be informed of this fee during checkout and will also have the option to cover the fee for you. 50% of donors have historically covered the fee and so the effective fee for our partners is actually around 9%. That means that on average, our partners receive 91% of the funds they raise on our site. To learn more click here or call our office at (202) 232-5784. 

What if I need more information or have questions?

For additional information about the Open Challenge or fundraising through the GlobalGiving platform, you can contact Sonja Lehner and her team at

For additional information about the application requirements or your application status, contact our Partner Services Team.


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