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The Kamayura want to document and disseminate their most important ceremony, Kwaryp, happening in July 2014. Kwaryp has been highly misrepresented by mass media, which lead to reinforcing denigrating stereotypes. The Kamayura will regain control over their own image. This project will insulate Kamayura social and cultural institutions against the violent clash with non-indigenous influences already penetrating the village.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

The cultural pride of the Kamayura will be boosted, the community will be empowered by becoming the main actor in capturing and recording Kwaryp, an important and defining ritual for the Kamayura. Images are powerful learning tools and the Kamayura learn by observation, looking at what others do. By watching Kwaryp ceremonies and rites on screen any time they want, the young generations will benefit from a continuous learning process.

How will this project solve this problem?

The Kamayura want to start this project by recording Kwaryp, the most important celebration where the dead are celebrated for the last time, ending a one year ceremonial cycle of mourning. They need a computer, a video camera and an external memory drive to document and store all Kwaryp ceremonies. The material will be used in the village school, shared with visitors and other indigenous peoples. A few Kamayura already know how to use electronic equipment.

Potential Long Term Impact

The youth will be empowered and their interest and pride in their culture will grow. The knowledge about Kwaryp will be preserved and transmitted in two ways: the traditional one (learning by observation, during the ceremonies) and by using new technology. Videos will help the youth to learn about Kwaryp at any time, by watching the recordings.

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