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After years of funding NGOs in India for animal welfare projects, Dharamsala Animal Rescue will be building our own clinic!! After pulling funding from the Himalayan Nature Society last year due to poor management, there has been a gap in the care for the street animals of lower Dharamsala. DAR has just purchased land for the site of the new project!!! It is a nice peaceful area and we are looking forward to getting started. Now we need to raise funds to build the new clinic!

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

This new clinic will focus on getting the hundreds of street dogs in lower Dharamsala spay/neutered and vaccinated for rabies. It will also provide rescue for injured and sick animal on the street. We also will be providing education programs for the community on adoption, training, rabies awareness and compassion.

How will this project solve this problem?

We can't help the animals if we do not have a hospital! We intend to start with a small structure consisting of a prep room and sterile operation theatre. We are working with existing NGOs and our Board of Directors veterinarian advisors to put proper protocol and process in place to ensure the best care possible for our patients.

Potential Long Term Impact

By opening a clinic in lower Dharamsala, we will directly impact the health of the animals and communities. The statistics show that 1 person dies every half hour of rabies. 95% of the time it is from a dog bite. By implementing our spay/neuter vaccination program we can humanely lower the population of the street dogs and lower the rate of rabies. By showing compassion to the sick and injured animals we serve as a model for the community as a place for help.

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Help Street Dogs in Dharamsala and Save Lives!
Dharamsala Animal Rescue was founded in order to humanely help stray dogs and protect the people of Dharamsala from rabies. There are thousands of homeless dogs living on the streets of Dharamsala, many of them sick, injured, or starving and they need your help to live a better life and to help lower these scary statistics: In India, 40,000 people per year die of this disease. 95% of the time the rabies is from a dog bite. Most of these deaths are among children who are impoverished. project reportread updates from the field


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Deb Jarrett

san francisco, California United States

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