Give David a chance to bike to school again!

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David is an active and energetic 7th grader who loves to ride his bike even riding it to school everyday, one day on his way home, his bycicle's brakes failed and he crashed into a wall, shattering his leg, he did not get the proper medical attention and he had to get his leg amputated. We want to give David the change to ride his bike to school again by giving him a new leg!

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

David is a 16 year old young man from the montainous town of Barrancabermeja in Santanderm Colombia. He loves biking, he rode his bike everywhere, any time his mother send him to the store, everytime he went to a friend's house, he was even pretty good with some tricks! But one day when he was riding his bike from school the bike's brakes failed and he crash into a wall shattering his leg. Now David can't ride his bike anymore, he barely goes out and his mother is worried he is getting depressed

How will this project solve this problem?

With your help Mahavir Kmina will provide David with a new leg, and any other he needs when he grows up and his body changes. The new leg will allow him to ride his bike again, even do his old tricks and more importantly ride to school everyday! This new leg will not only give David the opportunity to live a normal life and continue walking towards his dreams, but will help him get his self-esteem back and recover his independence and happiness.

Potential Long Term Impact

Makavir Kmina provides prostheses to 250 amputees per year. This project will provide in a one-year period, prostheses to 20 children and youth between 1 and 25 years old who have suffered lower limb amputation allowing them to become independent in their daily life activities. This is important because they will have the opportunity to return to school, college or work, thus improving their living conditions and those of the people around them.

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This project has been retired and is no longer accepting donations.



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Project Leader

Juan Rodrigo Mejia

Executive Director
Itagui, Antioquia Colombia

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