Teacher's salary & rent to educate gypsy children

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The 40 narikuravar children will be motivated to continue their high education. Coaching classes will be conducted by the teacher and the children will be trained in chapters and subjects in which they are weak. This will result in the children getting educated and thus the early marriages that happen in their community can be reduced.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Education is considered less important for the Nomadic Narikuravar children in Devarayaneri habitat of Trichirappalli, especially the girl children. The elders think that education will spoil the girls as it will expand their horizons of thinking and knowledge. Hence the girls are stopped from going to schools as soon as they attain puberty or as they cross their 8th standard. Among the boys, only a few go to high school. Children marry at an early age to ensure marriage within the community.

How will this project solve this problem?

The minimum basic requirement to run the main project, i.e the coaching class is the salary of the coaching class teacher and the rent. This will enable to conduct the coaching class to the narikurava children without hindrance.

Potential Long Term Impact

By improving the educational opportunities for the children and by developing their skills they are allowed to make decisions and influence community to change in key areas. In turn this will have a positive impact on the most profound issues of the community: lack of education and early marriages.

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Educate 40 narikurava (gypsy) children in India
The project will conduct coaching class for 3 years for 40 Nomadic Narikurava Gypsy children in Devarayaneri habitat, Trichirappalli who consider education unimportant. The elders who have not crossed 8th standard or illiterates could not/do not support the children in their studies. Hence children also drop out after 5th standard and get married before 18. The coaching class will motivate the children to continue their studies and thus prevent the children from the abuse of early marriages. project reportread updates from the field


New Life

Somarasampettai, Trichirappalli, India

Project Leader

Beatrice Vanaja

Chief Administrative Officer
Trichirappalli, TamilNadu India

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