4 New Year’s Resolutions for Novice Environmentalists

As you reflect on how to be an even better planet protector in the new year, here are four doable new years resolutions for aspiring environmentalists. Collectively, small changes can be a powerful force to heal our climate.


With 2021 coming to a close, there is so much to reflect on and consider for the new year to come. While it may not have been easy, we commend you for giving this year your best self—you did great! Every act to make the world a better place counts, especially when it comes to caring for our planet. Now is the season of “New Year’s Resolutions” where we can really start to plot out what will make 2022 even better, and for some of us it’s centered around being a better environmentalist.

So if you’re looking to enhance your support for climate action around the world, here are four simple new year’s resolutions you should explore:

    1. Eat less meat.

    It is widely known that meat production has a large carbon footprint. Yet for millions of people who love animals or care about the climate crisis, the idea of giving up meat feels overwhelming and impossible.

    Luckily, most lasting habit changes happen slowly over time. You don’t even have to go vegan to reduce your dietary carbon footprint. You can start small by choosing one or multiple days a week to skip meat. This year you can start by practicing Meatless Monday or become a weekday vegetarian.

    2. Invest your retirement savings in planet-friendly funds.

    Most investment funds include stocks in major fossil fuel companies, which means that even for the most climate conscious, your retirement fund may be contributing to the climate crisis.

    That’s why a growing trend in the climate movement is being more intentional in your retirement strategy and putting your dollars to work through planet-friendly investments.

    Depending on your investment portfolio, this can take some work. But that’s why it makes for a great new year’s goal: You have a whole year to do it, and can break it into small steps to get there over the next 12 months.

    3. Volunteer for local planet + animal friendly initiatives.

    From neighborhood cleanups to animal shelters, there are lots of ways to use your time to make an impact. You can start small by picking up litter on your walks around your neighborhood.

    Or if you’ve already made a habit of these small things, consider making a bigger commitment to volunteer for an animal welfare organization near you. These commitments generally only require a few hours a month, but make a huge impact on the organization and animals you help.

    4. Support causes that help animals and the planet.

    Finally, you can use your voice, time, and wallet to support and promote causes that help animals and the planet. This is a valuable time to think about what is important to you. Then find projects to support that align with what you deem important. Explore current nonprofit projects for climate action and for animal welfare.

    For the animal lovers and environmentalists in your life, you can share the joy of giving by donating in their honor or by getting them a GlobalGiving Gift Card to support an animal or planet-centric project of their choice.

vThe Gift of Conservation

Get a head start on your animal + planet welfare-based new year’s resolutions by supporting Climate Action projects you’re bound to love.


Featured Photo: Save the Rainforest: Protect Jaguars and Wildlife by Action Change

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