Gifts With Purpose: 5 Reasons To Choose Meaningful Gifts This Holiday Season

A meaningful gift surpasses the generic or obligatory gift exchanges that often mark the holiday season. Intentional giving is fun and easy with the GlobalGiving Gift Card.


Good gift-giving is an art. It is an opportunity to truly consider the recipient’s values, passions, and inspirations in this world. With that in mind, you can find the gift that will make them feel oh so special!

Here are five reasons why the GlobalGiving Gift Card is a meaningful gift option for the 2023 holiday season.

    1. Give to make a difference.

    Our advice: Skip the standard gift card to that store they probably don’t shop at anymore. Instead, offer a gift card that will let them support a world-changing nonprofit with a mission that deeply resonates with them. GlobalGiving supports thousands of projects in 175+ countries, and your recipient will love finding a nonprofit working toward a cause that is close to their heart. Whether they’re passionate about gender equality, animal welfare, education, or anything in between—the GlobalGiving Gift Card grants them the freedom to give boundlessly and make an impact.

    2. Strengthen bonds with meaningful gifts.

    Intentional gift-giving is one of the love languages for a reason! This 2023 holiday season, center your gift around a cause they care about or an issue you have bonded over. You can accomplish this seamlessly by pairing the GlobalGiving Gift Card with a note along the lines of:

    • “For you to channel your love of nature into a restoration project of your choice.”
    • “I love how you love helping dogs. GlobalGiving features dozens of awesome nonprofits rescuing dogs. Pick one and donate with this gift card!”

    With the GlobalGiving Gift Card, you can help the giftee bring to fruition the change they wish to see in the world—what says “I see and understand you” quite like that?

    3. Gift the benefits of giving.

    With a GlobalGiving Gift Card, you create an opportunity for someone to donate when they may otherwise not be able to. It’s the perfect meaningful holiday gift idea for that person who has unmatched compassion and generosity but lacks the funds to donate as freely as they may like.

    Science shows that giving to causes is emotionally rewarding because humans may be hardwired for altruism. When you gift a GlobalGiving Gift Card, your recipient reaps all the benefits of giving—which benefits you, too, as the initial gift giver!

    4. Create a lasting experience.

    The holiday season may end in January, but the heart-bursting joy doesn’t have to stop there! The recipient of your GlobalGiving Gift Card will receive quarterly updates about the project they donate to—straight from the nonprofit leaders fueling impact and into their inbox.

    GlobalGiving’s nonprofit partners share beautiful stories and inspiring updates about their life-changing work. So this meaningful gift idea will send all the feelings of altruism flooding back to your recipient long after the holiday season ends.

    5. Create change, not waste!

    Let’s face it—the holiday season is an environmental nightmare. The effects of wrapping paper, disposable gifts, and fossil fuels to ship everything add up quickly for our planet. With a GlobalGiving eCard, you gift the experience of giving. It’s meaningful and one less thing to wrap in plastic. To go fully green this holiday season, simply choose the donation amount, and let them select the nonprofit that will receive it. Send the eCard straight to their inbox on the special day!

We could keep going with more reasons why the GlobalGiving Gift Card belongs on your 2023 holiday shopping list, but instead, we’ll let you kick off a beautiful holiday season of giving from the heart!

Give a meaningful gift that keeps on giving.


Featured Photo: GlobalGiving Gift Cards can be sent by mail or email. by Lisa Damico Portraits

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