10 Adorable Animals Guaranteed To Make You Grin

With over 200 animal projects on GlobalGiving, it’s impossible to rank the top 10 cutest animals—but these photos are guaranteed to make you grin!


1. Meet Pippa, a little red spaniel who found happiness.

cute animal photos

Once an orphan who was scared and defensive, today Pippa is doing great in her new forever home thanks to Best Friends Animal Society and her patient adoptive parents, Hollye and Henri.

2. Wonder what this baby orangutan is thinking …

cute animal photos

Sumatran Orangutan Society protects endangered great apes like this one through advocacy, education, and habitat restoration. The nonprofit champions local people as guardians of rainforests.

3. Aww—these tiny baby bats are all tucked in for bed.

cute animal photos

Sydney Wildlife ensures these snuggly ones will learn to fly and eventually survive in the wild. The nonprofit focuses on saving native animals in Australia, including these baby bats, called grey-headed flying foxes.

4. Check out Lucky and Chhouk taking a morning swim.

cute animal photos

This father son duo were rescued and rehabilitated by Wildlife Alliance. The nonprofit combats deforestation, animal extinction, and climate change in the southeast Asian tropics.

5. This parrot looks like she’s ready to party.

Cute Animal Photos

Meet Connie, a female white front parrot. Belize Bird Rescue freed her from an abusive home. She lived in a cage where she could barely move and had too little to eat and drink. Connie’s most definitive feature: her playful spirit. She often used her water cup as a hat!

6. These furry friends are ready for their forever home.

cute animal photos

The Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon ensures cats are cared for and adopted into welcoming families. Since 1995, they have also spayed and neutered 90,000 felines.

7. Aren’t unlikely best friends the best?

cute animal photos

At the Hoedspiut Endangered Species Center, David (the dog) and Esme (the rhino) spend all day together. David takes his job, protecting young Esme from intruders or other threats, very seriously.

8. This baby mouse lemur from Madagascar fits in your palm.

cute animal photos

SEED Madagascar protects the homes of mouse lemurs from rapid deforestation. The nonprofit calls mouse lemurs a “flagship species,” for their ability to spark interest in conversation and ecotourism.

9. This life-saving rat needed to refuel after a training session.

cute animal photos

APOPO’s army of HeroRATs detect landmines and tuberculosis using their super sense of smell. Currently, HeroRATs can be found on the job in Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola, and Cambodia.

10. And this teeny tiny turtle is given a safe home to grow up.

cute animal photos

The Oregon Zoo Foundation gives these baby turtles a safe home until they are large enough to survive on their own. This is a Western pond turtle. They’re endangered and need all the help they can get.

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