Travel The World Through These 10 Amazing Photos

Does quarantine have you feeling restless? Us too! Travel the globe—without ever leaving your room—with these breathtaking photos from the GlobalGiving 2019 Photo Contest.


Check out these amazing nonprofit photos from the winners of the 2019 Photo Contest! As you take your time scrolling, you will also learn more about the critical work of our nonprofit partners—from caring for babies in Colombia to educating children in Cambodia.

1. Raising girl power to the next level.

Three girls smiling together in a classroom

Adolescent girls in Kenya often face discrimination, early marriage, and few opportunities for secondary education. By participating in Raising Futures Kenya’s counseling and job training programs, young women get the mental and emotional support they need to thrive and are able to work to gain their financial independence. Learn more.

2. Protecting the Patagonia Parks, one llama at a time.

A llama standing on a mountain

Chile is home to 41 national parks, but without the proper care and protection, they may soon vanish—leaving countless incredible animals without a home. That’s why Corporación Amigos de los Parques de la Patagonia is leading a public education campaign to make sure the beautiful biodiversity of Patagonia continues to flourish. Learn more.

3. Step One: Eat Breakfast. Step Two: Change Lives.

Several children washing bowls together

In a rural area of Cambodia that faces severe economic challenges, many children must travel two hours to a state school—but thanks to Globalteer and its community partners, the only commute these kids need to make is from the dishwashing sink to the classroom after breakfast! Through quality education, free health care, and nutritious meals, this life-changing partner ensures that children are able to receive an education in their home villages, increasing their opportunities for self-sufficiency and helping them break free from the cycle of poverty. Learn more.

4. These babies are growing up with the support they need to thrive.

A baby in a high-chair, smiling at the camera. Amazing nonprofit photos

In Cartagena, Colombia, babies born to teen mothers often face many challenges in their development. Young mothers also often lack support from family members, which makes bonding with their child more difficult. Fundacion Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar is on a mission to provide critical care for both the babies and their mothers, including medical assessments, daily lunches and snacks, and parenting workshops. Learn more.

5. Families lean on each other as they rebuild their communities together.

a woman smiling and holding a baby. amazing nonprofit photos

After the massive 2015 earthquake in Nepal, Tewa was quick to focus on solutions that put community members and their local knowledge front and center. Tewa is helping communities overcome the added challenges of the COVID-19 crisis by supporting women’s organizations in 14 severely-affected districts and mobilizing communities to use their skills in supporting pregnant and postnatal women, people with physical disabilities, and indigenous people. Learn more.

6. These girls are gaining confidence through an awesome sport.

two girls in helmets, smiling and holding their skateboards

For children in the Dominican Republic who participate in the free SuTrA – Support Trust Abroad e. V. skating courses, it’s about more than learning to flip, slide, and gingersnap (yes, that is a real skateboarding trick). Throughout the course of the program, children learn how to work together and gain confidence while forming lasting friendships. Learn more.

7. Nothing will slow down this sloth family in Suriname!

Two sloths hanging in a tree

When urban sprawl started affecting local wildlife around Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, the Green Heritage Fund Suriname found a way to make sure these creatures were cared for in natural surroundings with professional care. Since 2015, the Green Heritage Fund Suriname has rescued more than 450 sloths and anteaters! Learn more.

8. Community support has no age limit.

Photo of a smiling woman that is elderly

In Albania, 34% of the population lives on less than $5.50 a day. The Nehemiah Gateway USA team is providing relief by giving assistance to the elderly in rural areas, in the form of food, medicine, counseling, and more. Learn more.

9. All children need a safe place to play.

A person blowing bubbles with two small children

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the family often undergoes immense stress trying to find accommodations as they travel for treatments. Charitable Foundation Zaporuka makes sure children and their families have a safe place to come home to and unwind, at no cost to them, during the months they receive treatment. Learn more.

10. Say hello to the grandmothers caring for those who need it most.

A smiling grandmother, sitting in front of her shop

The Nyaka AIDS Orphan Project offers skills training, access to credit through a microfinance program, and income-generating activities for grandmothers who act as guardians of children who lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. Often caring for more than 12 children, the grandmothers participate in a monthly meet-up to share parenting tips and support one another. Learn more.

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