A Conversation With Jaime Camil

Award-winning actor Jaime Camil tells you why he is a fan of GlobalGiving and how he is raising money for our Coronavirus Relief Fund.


Q: Why did you start giving to and fundraising for GlobalGiving?

A: I got to know GlobalGiving through my brother’s Inova project. Inova is a beautiful nonprofit that helps bring education and technology to very poor areas in Mexico. And so my brother brought GlobalGiving to my attention. He was like, “Hey, there’s a beautiful, super reputable nonprofit, and they vet all the other nonprofit organizations out there to make sure they’re legit.” And he explained to me very briefly what GlobalGiving was, but the bottom line was that I first went to GlobalGiving to help my brother out with his project. And then, I dove into the GlobalGiving website, became more knowledgeable about what you guys do, and I wanted to be a more active part of GlobalGiving.

Q: Tell us a little bit more about the work you’re doing with Cameo and how that came about?

A: I usually have fans who ask me for videos. I just record them and send them, and I don’t have a problem with that. Cameo wanted me to join them for many years now but—I don’t know—it wasn’t something that I wanted to do. But then I saw an actress doing something like, “I’m going to join Cameo and record messages to tell people to stay home, and 100% of my profits will go to…something.” I believe profits were going to another Coronavrius relief fund. I’m like, that’s perfect! So I joined Cameo. My profits—100%—are going to GlobalGiving’s worldwide Coronavirus Relief Fund. I joined Cameo, and I record these videos with whatever they request me to record, birthdays or pep talks or other things, and 100% of my profits go to your fund.

Q: There are so many organizations that are doing really important work right now to raise money for supporting those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Why did you decide to partner with GlobalGiving specifically?

A: I’ve been associated with GlobalGiving for many years, and I trust the organization completely. I know funds will go to where they are supposed to go. And I love the fact that GlobalGiving explains why people should give money instead of substance. That’s important for people to understand because they might want to donate 100,000 cans of beans, but if you send 100,000 cans of beans to an organization that already has 300,000 cans of beans, the beans will go to waste… I love how Global Giving receives the funds and then evaluates the needs of their various vetted nonprofit organizations to decide how best to allocate the funds.

I feel very comfortable dealing with GlobalGiving. I know that I’m not being conned and that I’m in good hands. I know I’m dealing with a very respected and reputable organization that will make good use of my funds…When the Mexico earthquake hit, there were a lot of nonprofits out there that were saying countries and cities recover from natural disasters over many years, not only while the news is trending and getting newscast ratings. The impact of news on donors has a limit after a couple of weeks, that gets old, and people forget about the disaster. So I pledged to give $20 every single day for around two months. And the reason I decided to use the GlobalGiving Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund is that GlobalGiving has vetted its nonprofit partners on many levels.

Q: We know times are uncertain for many people out there, but do you have any highlights to share from your fundraising experience so far?

A: Yeah definitely! I have raised $13,648. I’ve done 185 Cameos. I have a five-star review, thank you very much. I also post about my donations because I want to be super transparent about the money I receive and the money I donate.

Q: Do you have a message for the GlobalGiving community? You know, to our donors and to our nonprofit partners working to respond to COVID-19?

A: Well, you’re in the right hands. I’ve been associated with GlobalGiving for many, many years and I trust them and all of their nonprofit partners. You’re in the best hands possible. Follow their lead when it comes to the project that they think needs to be supported, and you’ll be on the right track.

Learn more about GlobalGiving’s highly-vetted nonprofit partners and their projects all around the world.


Featured Photo by Lionel Deluy. Grooming by Emma Willis.

Featured Photo: Jaime Camil shares why he is a fan of GlobalGiving by Lionel Deluy

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