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Hurricane Irma Relief:

What’s Happening and How to Help

With winds in excess of 180 mph, Hurricane Irma has had a destructive path in the Caribbean and the United States. Each of the projects below will support Hurricane Irma relief efforts led by GlobalGiving’s vetted nonprofit partners. You can donate directly to a specific project, or you can give to GlobalGiving’s Hurricane Irma Relief Fund.

Donations to GlobalGiving’s Hurricane Irma Relief Fund will be divided among our vetted nonprofit partners on this list relative to where the need is greatest. This list of responding organizations and their recovery projects will continue to grow as our partners in the affected areas have the capacity to post projects and updates.

We believe organizations that are deeply rooted in local communities are often in the best position to provide long-term support for disaster victims. By funding the relief efforts of locally driven organizations, donations to GlobalGiving’s Hurricane Irma Relief Fund have the potential to build stronger disaster-response capacity so that our nonprofit partners in the affected areas are better equipped to face future disasters. Read more about our approach to disaster relief here.

Hurricane Irma Relief and Recovery Projects by GlobalGiving’s Vetted Partners

Rebuild a School for 120 Students in Puerto Rico
40% of high school students in Puerto Rico are out of school. NUESTRA ESCUELA successfully serves this population since the year 2000 with over 1500 graduates. Our primary function is to support socio-economically disadvantaged youth who for various reasons drop out of school. To continue providing these students an alternative model of education that grants them a high school diploma in a healthy and proper environment, we must rebuild our school premises in Caguas, Puerto Rico.
Changing the Lives of At-Risk Youth in St. Croix
It's obvious to many at-risk youth in St. Croix that their future prospects are bleak. They're living in poverty, doing poorly in school, and lack positive role models and the tools to make good decisions. Add in the impact of Hurricane Maria one year later many children are still dealing with the trauma of losing their homes, possessions, schools, and, often, the family's source of income and things look even bleaker. It's no wonder so many of these youth give up and turn to risky behaviors.
Students in Need of Basic School Supplies.
Antigua and Barbuda Students Association-USA for the 2019-2020 School Year is collecting school supplies. When families face decisions, such as keeping their lights on or their children's bellies full, it means their children's backpacks remain empty.Every school year, these students bear the burden of knowing their families cannot provide the required classroom supplies. If preparation is the key to success, think of the difference it can make for these children to have the classroom tools.
Nonprofit Consortium of St. Croix (USVI)
The Nonprofit Consortium actively convenes 40+ organizations in health & human services, environment & climate change, and education to collaborate in 1) programs; 2) fundraising efforts, and 3) organizational capacity building. This project will be critical in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, as it will convene both front-line service providers and secondary impact service organizations. This level of strategic coordination is vital to the re-building of the island after the storm.
Help Children in Puerto Rico
Hurricane Maria has devastated Puerto Rico. This fund will provide diapers at no cost to our partner agencies, who are recovering and rebuilding. When we think about disaster recovery, we tend to think about hunger, homelessness, and clean water. Diapers are an overlooked, yet crucial, basic need. All babies deserve to be clean, dry, and healthy.
St. Croix Long-Term Recovery Group
The St. Croix Long-Term Recovery Group (LTRG) is a cooperative body that is made up of representatives from faith-based, non-profit, government, business and other organizations working within St. Croix to assist individuals and families as they recover from Hurricane Maria. The goal of the LTRG is to unite recovery resources with community needs in order to ensure that even the most vulnerable in the community recover from the disaster.
Enable an encounter with a rare Pterocarpus Forest
The project greatly expands the open-air classroom role of an extremely rare 51-acre Pterocarpus Swamp Forest at Palmas in Humacao through the creation of an app that provides information to visitors about the Forest's functions, flora and fauna, and the slow process of recovery from Hurricane Maria, as they meander along the 3/4-mile, elevated boardwalk that winds its way through the Forest interior. The project also provides new interpretative signage within the Forest's facilities.
Rebuilding St. Thomas, USVI
The St. Thomas Recovery Team (STRT) is the long-term recovery group of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. STRT is made up of non-profit organizations focused on rebuilding and repairing owner-occupied homes that were damaged or destroyed during Hurricanes Irma & Maria in 2017, as well as 2019 Hurricane Dorian. STRT works to ensure that the most vulnerable among Virgin Islanders can safely return to their homes as quickly as possible.
VI Children's Museum Hurricane Recovery
The Virgin Islands Children's Museum is recovering from the loss of its original home and exhibits due to hurricanes Irma and Maria, and though now rebuilt and serving the community, is still suffering the instability of financial burdens incurred as a consequence of the hurricanes.
Caribbean Hurricane Relief
All Hands and Hearts arrived on the ground in the Caribbean shortly after Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated many islands. Since then, we've run productive recovery programs in St. Thomas, St. John, Tortola, Dominica, and Puerto Rico to provide relief to the thousands still suffering. Currently, our teams are continuing to work in Puerto Rico - completing response and recovery work by rebuilding homes and infrastructure in communities that have not received critical assistance.
Rebuilding a Safe Haven for Future Crises
Intercambios has an opportunity to emerge from the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria stronger than ever. By transforming our headquarters into a safe space to offer lifesaving care and emergency relief, Intercambios will ensure that the most vulnerable people in Puerto Rico, including people who use drugs, people with HIV, and people who face other health disparities, can access urgent assistance now and never face another crisis alone.
Hurricane Irma Relief Fund
Hurricane Irma was one of the strongest storms ever measured in the Atlantic and caused catastrophic damage across the Caribbean. This fund will provide relief to survivors in the form of emergency supplies like food, water, and medicine in addition to longer-term recovery assistance to help residents recover and rebuild. All donations to this fund will exclusively support any necessary relief and recovery efforts from this storm in the U.S. and the Caribbean.
Building Forward - Hurricane Recovery in USVI
The Community Foundation of the Virgin will serve as a catalyst for initiatives promoting environmental and marine recovery from Hurricanes Irma and Maria, as well as resilience to future weather disasters.
St. John,USVI - Long Term Recovery: Home Construct
After hurricanes Irma & Maria, our team developed a rebuild program for St. John. The program facilitates construction solutions, focusing maximum impact on the under-served in our community. This includes the senior roofing initiative, adding required structural reinforcements, AND making homes habitable. We are already dedicated to reintroducing thirty displaced seniors safely back into their homes before the impending hurricane season. Our setback now is funding for materials & skilled labor.
Emergency Response to Hurricane Irma and Maria
International Medical Corps disaster response experts in the Caribbean and Florida are providing much-needed assistance and identifying pressing needs in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. Hurricane Maria was the third massive hurricane to hit the Caribbean this year and continued the destruction where Irma left off, further destroying homes, crops, and livelihoods, and leaving thousands without access to electricity, clean water, and communication lines.
Barbuda Resilience Fund
September 2017 Hurricane Irma ravaged the Caribbean island of Barbuda causing total devastation as the majority of homes and infrastructure were destroyed. ICF is working with local leadership to advance sustainable development efforts and grow local capacity. This next phase will support 12 community lead projects that continue to advance and strengthen the community of Barbuda. These projects include reparation of critical water sources, youth engagement, food security, small business support
Rebuilding Strong Communities in Puerto Rico
This project plans to rebuild homes and strengthen local economy in the town of Loiza, Puerto Rico, severely impacted by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Taller Salud, a Puerto Rican feminist grassroots organization focuses its work on helping 10 women leaders thrive to ensure Loiza's communities gain long term capacity and strength.
Help bring St. John residents home.
Hundreds of homes on St. John, USVI were partially or completely destroyed by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. HUD estimates up to 74% of low/middle income residential structures on the island were damaged. Our Resilient Housing Initiative seeks to rebuild homes belonging to seniors, families, and persons with a disability or illness who have received little to no recovery funds. We employ local businesses and residents to get the job done. Help us bring St. John's residents home by donating today.
St. Croix Foundation CARE Fund
The CARE Fund seeks to cultivate national philanthropic partnerships to support our hurricane recovery and resiliency strategy. As a community-centric nonprofit serving disproportionately poor, under-served American residents, St. Croix Foundation is leading our community through recovery, grounded by our commitment to social equity.
Revitalizing Children's Activities
This project will support interim and ongoing activities for our children, as well as transportation to and from activities on our small islands, and start-up of a new interim local facility and a Bookmobile. These are needed because all public facilities in Coral Bay available before the storms for activities were completely destroyed in Hurricane Irma, as were the basketball court, and parks and open space vegetation. Physical restoration is beginning and will take years.
Hurricane Maria-From tarps to roofs in Puerto Rico
When Irma & Maria hit Puerto Rico, poor and vulnerable neighborhoods were among the most affected. In the 8 communities along the Caño Martín Peña, winners of the World Habitat Awards,~1,000 families lost the roofs to their homes and a safe place to sleep. Temporary tarps already have filtrations, leading to mold related diseases. Roofs for the Caño, a community-based project, will help ~12 families in dire conditions return to normalcy by transitioning from tarps to permanent, resilient roofs.
HEAL VICCC Recovery Project
Heritage Education Arts Legacy (HEAL) Virgin Islands Caribbean Cultural Center (VICCC) Recovery Project integrates discussions, interactive workshops, culturally-sensitive trauma counseling, replacement of collections and new media resources that strengthen and provide opportunities for restoring comprehensive multi-cultural resources and cultural heritage tradition programs that teach and instill mastery of sustainable disaster recovery and preparedness methods.
Let's give 100 families in Puerto Rico a safe home
Puerto Rico Rises plans to help 300 families to re-build their home after the damages caused by Hurricane Maria. Almost 14 months after the disaster there are thousands of american citizens leaving in extreme conditions. Our program will supply the building material to families that do not qualify for financial help. We are also impacting the economy by helping citizens that lost their way of living because of the hurricanes by hiring them to perform some of the construction labor.
Provide a Year of Medicine to 50 Virgin Islanders
This project helps those with chronic illnesses in the US Virgin Islands which are still in recovery from the unprecedented 2017 hurricanes. Medical infrastructure remains compromised, so it is critical to keep islanders at the lowest level of care for their chronic health issues. Compliance with prescribed medications is an essential part of community health. No person should have to choose between basic needs like food and shelter and the medication they need to stay healthy and productive.
Restore Equity in Education for St. Croix Children
Since the destructive hurricanes of 2017, children in St. Croix bear the burden of limited resources, closed schools, and slow recovery. Our school supports 100 students in social-justice, environmental, creative arts, and academics. This project ensures the poorest in STX can access early childhood education; builds additional classrooms and space for critical support services; provide ample books and materials to children as well as support to traumatized families with high chronic stress.
Lutheran Disaster Response - US Virgin Islands
This project is a volunteer rebuilding program constructing and repairing homes for survivors of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. We purchase building materials, tools, and basic supplies for volunteers who construct roofs, walls, and hurricane-safe fixtures for individuals who cannot afford repairs on their own. We give priority to older people living on low, fixed incomes who do not have property insurance and did not receive enough assistance after the storms.
Hurricane Irma Emergency Response Fund
CARE has established the Hurricane Irma Emergency Response Fund, with a $1 million initial goal to support our humanitarian response and work with partners to provide immediate relief and longer-term rehabilitation in the most affected areas. Your gift will help us address the needs of the most vulnerable families.
Help Deliver Donated Product to Those in Need
Delivering Good is working diligently around the clock with the fashion, home and children's industries to secure donations of new merchandise for the adults, children and families impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. We are currently taking donations of product as well as cash, which will help transport the merchandise to community partners, on the ground who will distribute it to people in need over the next several weeks and months.
Help Virgin Islands Farmers Recover from Disaster
This project will collect data from farmers across the United States Virgin Islands to inform the recovery process and direct essential resources to meet farmers' long term recovery needs. This process will compensate farmers for their participation to direct support to farmers. The Farm Disaster Protocols and disaster relief and recovery kit provides a target level of emergency response in the wake of disaster as well as creates tools that can aid in preparation and mitigation pre-disaster
St. Thomas Rescue Headquarters
This project will build a permanent headquarters for St. Thomas Rescue, Inc. A permanent facility will allow the squad to decrease response times to residents and visitors and allow the training of a revitalized junior rescue squad. The hurricanes of 2017 left the squad without a homebase of operations due to the complete destruction of the former home.
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