Nov 20, 2019

Next Rescue for Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor

In the Daintree
In the Daintree

With the successful rescue of Lot 30 Cape Tribulation Rd, we have expanded a critical wildlife corridor.

Every time we're successful in rescuing a rainforest property that means more habitat and protection for local flora and fauna. 

Remember, the Daintree is the most ancient of the world's rainforests. It is Australia's largest rainforest and most biodiverse. And it's magnificent. Everything we do together helps to protect and ensure this rainforest continues to thrive.

Next Rescue – Lot 27 Cape Tribulation Rd

Rare and endangered species like the Southern Cassowary and the Spectacled Flying-fox are found here, amidst ancient and primitive flowering plants. 

Conservation work in the Daintree supports this ancient forest ecosystem that has been evolving longer than any other in the world – by tens of millions of years – and is Australia’s largest and most biodiverse. 

With the help of Rainforest Rescuers – people like you – we’ve rescued 2 priceless rainforest properties in the last year, significantly protecting pristine habitat for Nature and achieving a strong win for biodiversity. In addition to Lot 15 Thornton Peak Drive, Lot 30 Cape Tribulation Rd was successfully rescued because of people like you who recognise the power and importance of conservation.

We are successful together.

Wildlife Corridors Protect and Connect 

Lot 27 Cape Tribulation Rd, like Lot 30, borders the National Park and is adjacent to the Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor – we know this area well. Because of the connectivity to the National Park and World Heritage Area, and with a lack of protection on several of the properties still outside of the refuge, this property is high priority for rescue and protection. We have it on good authroity that Lot 27 will likely qualify for inclusion into this protected corridor and is a real win for Nature, as well as for everyone who stands for conservation.

This dense, intact rainforest conjures up images of an ancient world, before subdivisions and development became a threat to Nature and our common future. Thick leaf litter, rich and humid air carrying the scent of flowers and mulch, the sounds of Wompoo pigeons calling to their mates and parrots screeching captivate the senses. Massive trees, twisting vines, a diversity of fungus, insects and beautiful butterflies – massive, vivid blue Ulysses butterflies – and more, inspire us to protect this haven for Nature. Cassowary droppings show this is a regular path on their foraging journeys through this habitat shared with other endangered and threatened species, like the Musky Rat-Kangaroo and the Spectacled Fruit Bat. Its location, dynamic structure and biodiversity make it an ideal candidate for nature refuge status and Wildlife Corridor inclusion. It scores very high on our ecological assessment and needs your help to protect it.

This property is most definitely at risk of development and is currently on the open market with a big FOR SALE sign on it.

The real heroes behind these stories of successful conservation outcomes are our supporters – you and others like you who you know that this strategy works. Your contributions directly rescue and protect Nature in Australia’s largest, most biodiverse rainforest.

Your generous gift makes a real and important difference that benefits threatened habitat, water catchment and wildlife.

This property is our next step on this journey of conservation and protection. We will keep rescuing rainforest, block by block, and protect it forever, but only with your help.

Rainforest Rescue is committed to Protecting Rainforests Forever! 

Together we're making it happen. 

Thank you!

Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog - Allen Sheather
Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog - Allen Sheather
Dillenia Fruit - Allen Sheather
Dillenia Fruit - Allen Sheather
Sep 3, 2019

Cassowaries Benefitting as Another Property Rescued!

Image (c) Martin Stringer
Image (c) Martin Stringer

By rescuing and regenerating the unprotected Daintree lowlands, the benefits for the endangered Cassowary continue to roll in thanks to your support!

Lot 30, Cape Tribulation Rd in the Daintree rainforest WILL be rescued! We made our goal thanks to YOU and we are now moving into the process of conveyancing. You support has meant that we have just one more property left to rescue in order to fill out this whole lower Daintree’s Cape Kimberley Wildlife Corridor which is prime cassowary habitat! This also brings the tally up to 34 Rainforest Rescue protected properties –and more to come. You make this possible and continue to increase the safety for the Cassowary’s population numbers.

The crew in the Daintree are regularly encouraged by frequent Cassowary sightings and the latest visit from a Cassowary has come from our new Nursery Manager, Marine (as pictured)!

Marine looks after the Rainforest Rescue Native Seed Nursery and at the moment she is tenderly caring for 139 different rainforest species and 10,000 seedlings! Many of which are important  food sources for the Cassowary.

Marine says: “I saw a Cassowary not long ago just wandering around the Nursery!” The propagation of seedlings, to then be planted to restore damaged rainforest, is incredibly important to bring back and secure the Cassowary’s habitat.

Here is a video from our Tree Planting this year, where over 100 volunteers helped to regenerate a stripped sugar cane field, south of the Daintree river, where a Cassowary had been seen recently for the first time in over forty years – proof YOUR support is expanding and protecting the Cassowary’s vital habitat.

Thank you so very, very much – the Cassowary continues to benefit strongly from your ongoing support.


Aug 29, 2019

Thank you! Lot 46 Loan Paid Off!

Lot 46 looking back towards the Great Barrier Reef
Lot 46 looking back towards the Great Barrier Reef

A Vision Realized …

In August 2010 the Rainforest Rescue Board of Directors decided to take a risk and purchase a degraded property in the Low Land Daintree Rainforest – Lot 46 Cape Tribulation Road. In order to do this, a large financial commitment was made, in the form of a bank loan, and an epic restoration project was launched.

We have all read stories about transformations; of land, of people, and of places. The best transformation stories offer a truly uplifting end result. Lot 46 is just such a story - a time-lapse adventure packed with passion, humanity, education, science, intelligence, and a whole lot of hard work.

Most of our longer-term donors will remember us telling the sad history of abuse of this property; from clearing for agriculture and the growing of Oil Palms to being used as a dumping ground for waste. The 26.7-hectare property was purchased by Rainforest Rescue in 2010 and sits at the base of Thornton’s Peak, the highest point in the Daintree lowland rainforest. Some of you will definitely remember that it’s an important ecological crossover as it forms part of the Coopers Creek catchment and is a ‘habitat zone’ for important fauna.

Since 2010 extensive revegetation has been undertaken, with thousands of rainforest plants sourced from Rainforest Rescue’s Daintree Rainforest Plant Nursery. Revegetation works have been carried out by our Daintree Land Manager, hundreds of volunteers, supporters and various staff over the years.

We’ve shared bits and pieces of the incredible transformation of this property over the past 10 years with pride and excitement. We always hoped that this enthusiasm would ignite your passion for rainforest restoration and inspire you to join us as rainforest rescuers. We believe it’s up to all of us to make a difference.

Now we can happily report that finally after years of hard work, sweat and tears, lot 46 is now fully restored and secured! Thanks to you and hundreds of other committed supporters, the loan that was taken out to secure Lot 46 has now been paid in full! A huge restoration and rescue success story that would never have been possible without your support and the support of hundreds of individuals who believed in this project.

We are incredibly proud of this project and we know that you are with us. It couldn’t have happened without supporters as passionate as we were. Together, we’ve nurtured and realized this jewel in the crown success story.

Next Steps – Not quite there: To finalize the process, we will need further support in order to strip all development rights from Lot 46 and ultimately apply for Nature Reserve Status. Once we achieve this, Lot 46, will proudly stand as part of the undeveloped lower Daintree Rainforest, becoming a significant habitat corridor for wildlife and biodiversity – Rainforest Protected Forever.

Rainforest Rescue supporter planting on Lot 46
Rainforest Rescue supporter planting on Lot 46
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